Ebenezer Hearne Cemetery

Robertson County TX


An historic marker reads: "Located adjacent to the former mansion site of "Estate Place Plantation," owned by Ebenezer and Minerva Walker Hearne, this burial area contains graves of Ebenezer (1817 - 1860) and Minerva (1815 - ?) Hearne, their daughter Isophena Hearne Dunklin (1849 - 1874) and several children, names not recorded; a landmark of pioneer days when the Hearne families (1850's settlers) opened cotton plantations that prospered in the area. Home of Horatio Hearne, the brother of Ebenezer, stood three miles to the south. Memorial plaque donated by descendants of Ebenezer Hearne."

No tombstones remain at the site.

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DUNKLIN, ISOPHENA "PHENA" HEARNE, 7.6.1849 - 11.15.1875 (in Galveston, TX), d Ebenezer "Ebb" & Minerva Walker Hearne, h J. M. or Frank Dunklin, c Annie Dunklin (1872 - ?), Hearne Dunklin (1874 - ?)

HEARNE, EBENEZER "EBB", 2.17.1817 - 6.17.1869, s William & Nancy Miles Hearne, brother of Horatio Reardon Hearne, w Minerva Walker

* HEARNE, HORATIO REARDON, 11.27.1818 - 6.22.1896, b Montgomery Co, AL, s William & Nancy Miles Hearne, brother of Ebenezer "Ebb" Hearne, w Priscilla Hearne (a cousin)

HEARNE, MINERVA WALKER, 1815 - ?, b AL, h Ebenezer "Ebb" Hearne, c William (1840 - 1890), Millie (1841 - ?), Mary (1841 - 1879), Ida (1842 - ?), Mittie (1846 - 1883), Isophena "Phena" Dunklin (1849 - 1875), Ida (1861 - ?)

* HEARNE, PRISCILLA HEARNE, 6.2.1820 - 10.21.1893, b TX, d Selby or Stephen & Elizabeth Ransom Hearne, h Horatio Reardon Hearne (a cousin), m 1.27.1842, Caddo Parish, LA, c several children, but only two lived to maturity, Alabama H. Adams (10.16.1846 - ?), Betty Warren Aldredge (12.22.1854 - ?), grandchildren George E. Aldredge, H. R. Alredge, Sawnie R. Aldredge

HEARNE, infant 1, child of Horatio Reardon & Priscilla Hearne

HEARNE, infant 2, child of Horatio Reardon & Priscilla Hearne

?, ?, grave just outside the iron fence is the last resting place of a Hearne family slave

Other children of William & Nancy Miles Hearne: William (1815 - 1825), Rhoda Lee (1820 - 1901), Asa Hoxey (1823 - 1888), Adeline M. (1827 - ?), Frances Calloway (1832 - 1907)

* Although originally buried at this cemetery, the bodies of Horatio Reardon & wife Priscilla Hearne were moved in the 1920s to a cemetery in Dallas for burial with other relatives.

The above list is partially based upon information contained in the book Hearne-On-The-Brazos,
by Norman Lowell McCarver Sr. & Norman Lowell McCarver Jr., Century Press of Texas, San Antonio, TX, 1958;
a December 2000 conversation with Norman Lowell McCarver Jr.; Tombstone Inscriptions Of Robertson County, Texas
by Inez Boswell Biggerstaff, 19 leaves, 28 cm, published between 1945 & 1968;

and information obtained at www.familysearch.com.

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