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County Co-Coordinator is Jean Huot Smoorenburg

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Elmo aka Mud Creek Cemetery


Located in the Elmo Community between Calvert & Elliott, this Caucasian cemetery is behind the spot on the Calvert-Franklin highway where the Elmo Baptist Church historic marker is located.  It is on a 200-acre farm owned by Virginia Jackson.  Her son, Phil Roberts  has access.  This land, which was previously owned by Mr. Roberts' grandfather, Virgil B. Smith, and his father before that, has been in the same family since about 1913.  If you follow the pipeline right-of-way behind W. D. Dick's house heading towards Elliott from the Calvert-Franklin Highway, this cemetery is a considerable distance down in some woods to the right.  When facing Mr. Dick's house, there is a fence across a field to the extreme left that separates Mr. Dick's land from the property leading to this cemetery.  After crossing this first fence, follow the pipeline right-of-way past a second cross-fence.  After crossing this second fence, continue along the pipeline right-of-way until you approach a third cross-fence.  This cemetery is off to the right before you get to the third cross-fence.  According to Mr. Roberts, "There is currently no access to it and if you don't know where it is you will never find it since it is well overgrown with trees and brush.  There are more graves there than are currently listed.  There are lots of babies who were born dead as well as others.  Some of them only have petrified wood to mark where they are buried."

Hohmann burials are within a sturdy, yet rusted, wrought iron fence, with a gate that easily opens & doesn't even squeak.


HOHMANN, EDITH F., 10.13.1872 - 2.9.1892, d S. & M. A. Hohmann

HOHMANN, MINNIE M., 11.14.1875 - 10.7.1880, d S. & M. A. Hohmann

HOHMANN, SEBASTIAN, 5.31.1829 - 3.24.1908, "Although he lies sleeping, his memory worth cherishing"

HOHMANN, SUSAN E., 7.26.1840 - 8.10.1891, "In Memory Of"

Other burials are outside the Hohmann family plot fence

LINAN, MARY LOUISE, 9.13.1916 - 9.13.1916, d Frank & Willie Linan, "In Loving Memory"

NASH, MEAGAN (?) ELIZABETH, 8.1910 - 8.1910, d Frank & Elizabeth Nash

RILEY, DRUCILLA PITTS, 6.22.1806 - 9.5.1888, h John Riley

RILEY, WILLIAM RUFUS, 3.5.1845 - 3.5.1926, w Drucilla Pitts, "Kind husband & father & a Christian"

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State Coordinator: Shirley Cullum
Assistant State Coordinators: Carla Clifton, Jane Keppler

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