Evetts-Spencer Cemetery

Robertson County TX


This cemetery is located on private property in Benchley, across the road from the new "Harding" office building (white limestone, tin roof, with an American flag out front). Across the street from this building is an awning and a roadway with "Harding" written above the entrance. This road leads to an area where county equipment is stored and maintained.  The road will turn to the left and will then veer back to the right beyond the service area. When you reach an intersection in the paved road, the cemetery is to the left in a clump of trees in the front yard of somebody's home. There is a large white metal service building at the back of the area where the cemetery is located. The Evetts and Spencer graves are within a wrought iron fence. The Navarr graves are just outside this enclosure.

On the map below, this cemetery is located between Hwy. 6 and the old Hearne Road (which parallels the railroad tracks).  When heading towards the Brazos River from Hwy. 6 on the 231 Spur, turn right at the "Harding" sign and proceed through the property. Past the industrial buildings is a pond and a couple of houses.  The cemetery is to the left at the edge of the tree line.


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EVETTS, BENNA, ? - 10.7.1875, s Samuel G. & Martha Ann Spencer Evetts

EVETTS, MARTHA ANN SPENCER, 2.17.1845 - 10.19.1906, h Samuel G. Evetts, m 8.18.1859, "Gone But Not Forgotten"

EVETTS, MARTHA F., 4.14.1876 - 3.3.1878

EVETTS, SAMUEL G., 3.15.1833 - 4.29.1893, w Martha Ann Spencer, "We Miss Him"




NAVARR, P____, ? - ?


NAVARR, ____, ? - ?

SPENCER, ALEX, 5.7.1822 - 1.27.1857, w1 Nancy Ann Sparks, m 9.17.1843, w2 Harriett Sparks, m 6.6.1847

SPENCER, B. F., 2.8.1851 - 12.19.1872

SPENCER, HARRIETT SPARKS, 2.19.1830 - 1.14.1870, h Alex Spencer

SPENCER, NANCY ANN SPARKS, 4.7.1828 - 4.17.1846, h Alex Spencer

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