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Galloway Cemetery


Peter James deed states that his land is on part of the Galloway League and on the Little Brazos River, which is at the bottom of the hill from the cemetery. It is most likely that the Galloway Cemetery is on the Galloway League as well.

Take Hwy. 6 south from Hearne towards Bryan/College Station. Just before the Camp Arrowmoon sign, turn right onto a short sandy road that runs into the Old Hearne Road (also known as the Old Bryan Road). Turn left on the Old Hearne Road, then right onto Watts Road. Go .5 mile to Lee Chapell Road, turn left, go .7 mile to nine mail boxes on the left, turn right on next sandy road.  About ten families are buried here.  This cemetery includes both African American and Caucasian burials.


... If you have ancestors buried on private property or government land that the law (at least in Texas) says that you have the right to visit their graves at least twice a year (First Sunday in April & First Sunday in October) from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Read more about Cemetery Visitation Days 

The Texas Historical Commission
General information about Texas cemeteries, including how to record and preserve them.
You can also apply for the Historic Texas Cemetery designation at the website.

Galloway Cemetery

(If there is a headstone photo available, the underlined name is a link to it.)

ANDERSON, GEORGIA, 7.28.1902 - 10.26.1999

BENFORD, MRS. A. A., 8.1925 - 12.1953

CASHAW, AUSTIN, 12.22.1854 - 12.19.1886

CASHAW, AUSTIN, 2.5.1873 - 4.17.1959

CASHAW, CORNELIOUS, 3.10.1910 - 4.19.1969

CASHAW, JESSIE, ? - 1937

CASHAW, JOE, 1814 - 10.30.1912

CASHAW, JOE LEWIS, 1.10.33 - 9.12.99, US Army Korea

CASHAW, MARY, 7.1.1879 - 12.5.1911

CASHAW, MELVIN, 8.17.1927 - 6.18.1975

CASHAW, MRS. M., 1900 - 1969
CASHAW, NEAL, 11.5.1866 - 8.2.1958

CASHAW, NELSIE A., 5.5.1893 - 12.5.1964

CASHAW, WILLIAM A., 2.20.1906 - 11.20.1928

CASHAW, WILLIAM AUSTIN, 11.30.1925, aged 19yrs. 0mo. 15days

CAVITT, IRENE, 2.12.1904 - 11.11.1956

CAVITT, WILLIAM JR., 3.7.1944, PFC Vet Hosp, 21

CHEEK, BEN L., 9.7.1876 - 5.6.1966

CHEEK, ISAAC, 11.11.1889 - 10.12.1970

DIXON, ELVINA, 3.1883 - 1.9.1925

DUNN, ANNIE, 9.1.1876 - 8.25.1962

DUNN, RUFUS, 3.5.1877 - 10.4.1975

EATON, ARLETHA, 9.1.1900 - 6.16.1948

EATON, ELIZA, 1884 - 3.25.19_3

EATON, IVORY, 5.5.1905 - 2.17.1988

ELLIS, CORINE, 4.18.1916 - 6.10.1962

FULLER, CHARLES, 2.20.1903 - 7.25.1990

FULLER, EARSEY, 10.11.1929 - 3.6.1990, US Army

FULLER, EDDIE, 9.27.1910 - 12.26.1987, PVT US Army, WWII

FULLER, ETHEL LEE, 11.5.1924 - 3.22.1995

FULLER, LEROY, 5.21.1912 - 3.9.1990, PFC US Army, WWII

FULLER, REUBEN, 1913 - 1963

JAMES, PETER, 7.7.1807 Chesterfield District, South Carolina - 8.5.1898, w Rebeca G.

JAMES, REBECA G. Briggs, 1821 - 10.9.1876, h Peter James

JOHNSON, JAMES TERRD, 8.24.1947 - 2.16.1969, SP5 US Army

JOHNSON, LOUANNA F., 5.9.1885 - 1.18.1939

JOHNSON, OLLIE, 11.6.1896 - 3.23.1973, PFC US Army

LAWRENCE, LULA, 8.7.1916 - 3.1.2002

MASSEY, DOLLIE, 1.23.1924 - 5.29.1992

MAYERS, ISAAC, 1812 - 4.8.1893

MCDANIEL, ALBERT, 7.28.1886 - 6.26.1920

MCDANIEL, DANIEL, 1864 - 1923

MCDANIEL, J. C., 7.16.1928 - 7.22.1979

MCDANIEL, KITTY, 4.14.1889 - 12.31.1910

MCDANIEL, WALTER, 7.11.1914 - 4.16.1948

ROBISON, JOHN,  5.2.1894 - 6.1.1953

SHEETS, E. P.,  3.26.1895 - 9.27.1900

SHEETS, KATY, 3.15.1867 - 12.5.1916

SHEETS, LAURA, 4.25.1897 - 10.3.1908

SHEETS, WILLIAM, 4.15.1866 - 10.7.1923 (son Ernest click here)

WAUGH, COLONEL ALEXANDER, 1815 - 1875, Company F, 4th Mo. Infantry, CSA (grave marker has disappeared). Colonel Waugh served in the Confederate Army. He brought his family to Texas in 1863. Some documents concerning Colonel Waugh are located at Tulane University. In the War of the Rebellion series, there are several reports, including communications from Colonel Waugh in the early part of the Civil War. Colonel Waugh was one of the first school teachers in Benchley. 
Bill Boyd  notes Col. Alexander Waugh's grave marker has been uncovered. It wasn't lost, just over grown.


WILLARD, JONAS, 1.12.1884 - 7.31.1944

Photos submitted by James Terry Downes



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