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Head Cemetery

Latitude: 31.27190, Longitude: -96.47890
31 16 19 N / - 96 28 44 W
There were 122 Individuals moved from Head Cemetery to Ebenezer Cemetery. Some had readable markers and others time had erased all markings. Those Unknown Individuals were marked by 6 markers. They were removed by Luminant Coal Mining Company.
THERE IS NO MORE A HEAD CEMETERY.   Information supplied by Douglas Jackson
Last First/Maiden DOB DOD Notes
Bird A Elenia 17-Apr-1837 21-Jul-1870  
Bird Preston 3-Jul-1870 10-Aug-1870  
Bullard Rufus B 28-Nov-1829 26-Nov-1859  
Greer Isaish 12-Sep-1815 7-Aug-1871  
Greer Newton 2-Sep-1815 7-Aug-1877  
Head James Alfred 25-Jun-1797 22-Sep-1872  
Head James F 9-Nov-1866 1866  
Head John Thomas 3-Oct-1868 18-Sep-1883  
Head Martha Alberta "Mattie" 31-Mar-1889 8-Apr-1889  
Head William A. unk unk  
King Ephphatha "Effie" Head 1827 1867 husband-Miles King.  Parents James Alfred King & Elizabeth Seale
Lown J. Oscar 11-Oct-1875 30-Jul-1876  
McCoy Coy M. 1829 1888  
Modick Modick McCoy 1838 England 19-May-1888  
Rogers Lydia Head 1837 1869 husband-John Wesley Rogers.  Parents, James Alfred Head & Elizabeth Seale
Seale A. Jackson 3-Mar-1873 1-Dec-1873  
Seale J. Walter 22-Oct-1874 18-Sep-1876 parents-Lewis Bluford Seale & Susan Seale
Seale L. Oscar 13-Nov-1873 29-Sep-1878 parents-Bluford Seale & Lydia Virginia Seale
Seale Otto J. 13-Feb-1895 4-Aug-1896 parents-Bluford Seale & Lydia Virginia Seale
Seale Robert B. 17-Dec-1880 3-Jan-1887 parents-Bluford Seale & Lydia Virginia Seale
Seale Sudie L. 28-Mar-1876 17-Oct-1880 parents-Bluford Seale & Lydia Virginia Seale
Seale Susanna Irwin 5-Oct-1849 18-Mar-1873  
Seale Willie 22-Sep-1884 22-Oct-1885 parents-Bluford Seale & Lydia Virginia Seale
Wilson Frederick G. 1834 unk parents-James David Wilson & Sarah E. Bullard

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State Coordinator: Shirley Cullum
Assistant State Coordinators: Carla Clifton, Jane Keppler

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