Holly Cemetery

Robertson County TX


31 09 29.0 N / - 96 20 03.3 W


In the Ridge community. Name comes from Holly Springs, the former name of Ridge. Cemetery is to the left when going from Easterly towards Marquez, about a mile off the main road.


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Unless noted, all pictures submitted by Finnis V. "Cissy" Currie, some you will have to double click to enlarge.

Last Name First/Maiden DOB DOD Notes
Adams Baby 29-Oct-1946 29-Oct-1946


Adams Jimmie Viola 18-Mar-1934 20-Mar-1934
Adams Leo & Quitman ??    
Amberson Annie Marie 08-Nov-1923 13-Sep-1991
Andrews Era ?    
Ansley Albert T 21-Feb-1888 24-Sep-1966   s James Nicholas & Princess P. Hill Ansley, w Ethelena Elledge, c Floyd L., Jacob, James, Elma, Tessie Norene, Lorraine, Arnold Daniel, Bernice, Mary Louise
Ansley Benjamin Franklin 10-Nov-1883 1-Oct-1968    s James Nicholas & Princess P. Hill Ansley, w Icey Holder, c Mae, Gaynell, Ezel
Ansley Charles -Jan-1880 23-Dec-1904 s James Nicholas & Princess P. Hill Ansley
Ansley Charles 06-Feb-1926 01-Jan-1998
Ansley Ethel 20-Dec-1889 15-Jul-1982      h Albert T.
Ansley Fannie Velma Bezell 1888 1926      h Rupert Ansley
Ansley Floyd L 7-Dec-1910 21-Oct-1933 s Albert T. & Ethelena Elledge Ansley
Ansley Georgia Nell 2-Mar-1943 11-May-1951  
Ansley Icey Holder 26-Dec-1889 18-Nov-1924      h Benjamin Franklin Ansley
Ansley Jessie 31-May-1898 31-Aug-1899      d Charles Wesley Sr. & Mary Ann Bedsole Ansley
Ansley John L F. 24-Oct-1877 11-Feb-1901 s William Asbury & Sarah Elizabeth Smith Ansley, w Lillie
Ansley M. ? ?  
Ansley Minnie Ola Martin 1896 1917      h Rupert Ansley
Ansley Rachel James 18-Mar-1914 7-Sep-1981     w Jeanette
Ansley Rupert 22-Mar-1891 21-Feb-1961      s James Nicholas & Princess P. Hill Ansley, w1 Minnie Ola Martin, w2 Fannie Velma Bezell, c1 Gonema Estell, c2 Geneva
Ansley Infant ? ? c Charles Ansley
Ansley Infant ? ? c William Asbury & Sarah Elizabeth Smith Ansley
Ansley Infant ? ?  
Bell Marvin E 11-Apr-1930 4-Oct-1998
Blackburn Ricky Dean 12-Feb-1968 22-Jun-2005
Boring Luna Pippin 28-Jan-1875 13-Jun-1942
Bradford Dallas Dawn 5-Jan-1980 5-Jan-1980
Butler infant ? ?  
Cantrell Amanda Currie 2-Jan-2004 20-Jan-2004
Cargill J. C. 1885 29-Sep-1959  
Cargill Katie Lee 3-Aug-1890 2-Dec-1947
Cargill Paul 10-Mar-1932 23-Nov-1969
Carr Arizona Perkins 2-Jan-1906 29-Oct-1977      h Walter N. Carr
Carr Avis Mandy 1854 1914
Carr David M ? ?      CSA
Carr Hattie Martin 6-Feb-1902 14-Jun-1974 h Robert Lee Carr (see below)
Carr James 1884 1942
Carr Maggie 29-Aug-1895 16-Mar-1897 d C. & L. Carr
Carr Peter    
Carr Ray L. 23-Jun-1926 17-Jun-1994      s Walter N. & Arizona Perkins Carr, w Rosie E.
Carr Robert Lee 5-Sep-1896 26-Dec-1978      w Hattie Martin
Carr S. ? ?  
Carr Walter N 6-Sep-1899 7-Dec-1964       w Arizona Perkins
Carr ? 3-Mar-1884 7-Dec-1886  
Cates Eula ? ? d William Cates
Cates Jesse ? ?  
Cates M ? ? d William Cates
Cates R ? ? d William Cates
Cates William ? ?  
Cavitt Jack Aubrey 28-Feb-1894 3-Feb-1968
Clark George W. 19-Aug-1901 12-Jun-1950
Clark E. N. ? ?  
Clark Harrison ? ?  
Clark John ? ?  
Clark Infant ? ?  
Clendennen James Monroe 1831 1904      w Lucy Ann
Clendennen Lucy Ann 1842 1904 h James Monroe Clendennen
Corn Carol R. 22-Nov-1935 30-30-2000     
Corn Haley Michelle 15-Sep-1993 15-Sep-1993
Crider John P. 8-Dec-1930 8-Aug-1988 Dorothy Marie Johnston
Cross Lula Mae Ansley 6-Sep-1910 21-Oct-1992
Crow Alice E. 13-Jul-1902 9-Sep-1978      h Dr. Edward Crow
Crow Dr. Edward 1902 1985 w Alice E.
Cude Emma 27-Jan-1914 8-Aug-1971
Cude James H. 2-Mar-1911 1-Feb-1963
Curby Oliver 19-Jan-1911        wife Minnie
Currie Billy ? ?  
Currie Chris ? ?  
Currie Dan C. 4-Nov-1877 3-Aug-1970      wife Mary E.
Currie Delia Winstead 14- Mar 1915 16-Jul-1999 h William Earl
Currie James Curtis 21-Apr-1911 20-Mar-1997


        w Reba Lee

Currie James Dewight 23-Aug-1934 11-Mar-2004     

Currie Jason Lloyd 9-Apr-1976 21-May-1988  
Currie Joe Moore 15-Aug-1937 4-Oct-1941
Currie Kenneth Wayne 12-Jun-1947 17-Jun-1977  
Currie Mary E. 14-Nov-1887 13-Apr-1977      H Dan C.
Currie Reba Lee 20-Dec-1923 20-Nov-1992 H James Curtis
Currie William Earl 29-Jan-1908 8-Jul-1994     

     s Dan C. & Mary E. Smith Currie, w Delia Winstead

Dewberry Roy Glenn 14-Dec-1955 26-Nov-2002  
Dodge ? ? ?  
Dryman Arthur O 2-Feb-1906 26-Nov-1940  
Dryman Connie Charles 6-Sep-1927 13-Jul-1968         
Dryman Eugenia 1871 1902
Dryman Glenn 30-Jan-1952 16-Aug-1968      s Otho H. & Doris
Dryman J. N. ? ? w Louisa Caroline Donald Dryman....CSA
Dryman Jasper 1883 1958     
Dryman Jennie H 7-Aug-1882 29-May-1959  
Dryman John L 21-Jan-1866 22-Jan-1916       WOW
Dryman Lizzie E 11-Feb-1898 14-Mar-1968 h Mallie C.
Dryman Louisa 16-Jan-1846 1-Jan-1930
Dryman Mallie C 22-May-1885 30-Oct-1969       w Lizzie E.
Dryman Manny 1890 1965  
Dryman Mandy 1890 1965     
Dryman  Otho H. 31-Dec-1925 5-Sep-1970      w Doris, WWII Korea
Dryman Robert W 24-Dec-1875 12-Mar-1955  
Dryman Roy W. 7-Jul-1913 25-Jan-1977
Dryman Thomas H. 31-Mar-1891 7-Dec-1947      WWI
Dryman William C. 15-Jul-1915 1-Aug-1956  
Duvall Claudia Boring Pippin 24-Aug-1904 18-Nov-2000 d Amos & Ila Reeves Boring, h1 Admiral Dewey Pippin (m 2.22.1924), h2 Husband Duvall, c Lionel D., Bobby R., Martha J. Lamb, Glenda F. Frost, 7 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren
Elledge Connie Lee 17-Nov-1949 6-Apr-1997
Elledge Corbett 25-Mar-1894 20-Mar-1967
Elledge Doris Ramsey 15-Feb-1912 7-Jun-1985  
Elledge Edgar 2-Aug-1900 15-Apr-1969 wife Ulys
Elledge Emery Haskell 25-Dec-1926 14-Nov-1999      s Edgar & Ulys Johnston Elledge
Elledge Ferman Lee 24-Apr-1924 4-28-1999

     w Pansy V.

Elledge Irene F. 6-Jun-1894 1-Mar-1966  
Elledge Lee T. 20-Feb-1888 26-Apr-1972
Elledge Mavis 30-Mar-1933 19-Feb-2002
Elledge Nancy Pearl 24-Jul-1898 5-Jan-1981      d William Warren & Lou Cindy Everett Perkins, h Corbett
Elledge Samuel C. 1911 1969
Elledge Ulys 28-Aug-1905 28-Apr-1970      H Edgar
Everett Ambrose ? ?  
Everett Barton 26-Aug-1888 26-Oct-1918
Everett Douglas ? ?  
Everett Edward B. 16-Jan-1858 13-Jan-1937       w Nance E.
Everett Ellen 16-Dec-1893 30-Jun-1901      d Edward B. Everett
Everett Fay ? ?  
Everett H. ? ?  
Everett Kathy ? 12-Mar-1940  
Everett Katie 11-Dec-1906 11-Jan-1940
Everett Lonzo W. ? 2-Nov-1940 US Army
Everett May ? ?  
Everett Minnie Olivia 19-Sep-1914 16-May-1989
Everett Nancy E. 13-Feb-1864 27-Dec-1918      h Edward B. Everett
Everett Rufus M. "Bud" 2-Apr-1908 28-Mar-1962     
Everett T ? ?  
Everett Thomas 2-Feb-1890 5-Oct-1963
Everett William Hurl 7-Mar-1900 4-Jun-1970      w Helen Pippin
Farmer Jessie W. 29-Aug-1924 22-Jun-1944 WWII killed in action
Farmer Lee 2-Aug-1897 13-Mar-1970 w Ruby L.
Farmer Ruby L. 31-Mar-1897 13-Mar-1970 h Lee
Ferreri Justin A. 11-Nov-1989 28-Sep1997      s Larry A. & Carla V. Ferreri
Forbis Lucy Ann 23-Feb-1855 16-Jul-1944      h Silas Frank
Forbis Silas Frank 12-Sep-1844 10Aug-1955 w Lucy Ann
Green Julia Martin 1842 1926
Hager Carl 22-Apr-1916 14-Jul-1962      w Doris Evelyn Varvel
Hager Doris Evelyn Varvel 24-May-1921 Mar 2002       b Austin, Travis Co., TX, d Lewis Frank Sr. & Lucy Maude Forbis Varvel, h Carl Hager
Hanks Byron E. 1-Aug-1906 16-Mar-1982
Hanks Edna M. 4-Dec-1915 3-Jul-1999 h Byron E.
Hanks Dr. James William 9-Apr-1936 1-Dec-1977      w Barbara Ann Reichert, 4 children (including Debbie & a son who died)
Hanks Jay Warren 10-Dec-1960 25-Aug-1984
Hanna Annette Kyle 20-Aug-1958 9-May-2000 c Brandon, Heath
Hanna Lois Martin 16-Mar-1917 22-Apr-1993       h William Dudley Hanna, c Judy
Hanna William Dudley 28-Feb-1892 20-Nov-1959      w Lois Martin
Hanson Natalie 10-Jan-1917 13-Sep-1998
Helton Delia 28-May-1933 25-Oct-1987     
Helton Frank 24-Mar-1892 22-May-1946
Helton Judy ? ?  
Helton Laura C. 27-Dec-1898 5-Mar-1946    
Helton Mary ? ?  
Helton Milford ? ?  
Henley ? ? 1959  
Hicks Mary Martin 1876 1956  
Holder Reuben 6-Sep-1896 13-Nov-1933
Hurley Carmen Ercel 6-Oct-1901 2-Jan-1982      h Lee S. Hurley
Hurley Carrie U. 1862 1938
Hurley Cornelia 1890 1980
Hurley Eric G. 22-Mar-1892 12-Oct-1965      WWI
Hurley Fredda Burch 5-Jan-1891 13-Nov-1961
Hurley Jeff D. JR 6-Apr-1886 1-Jan-1954
Hurley Jeff D. SR. 1860 1932      w Carrie U.
Hurley Lee S. 17-May-1897 18-Mar-1962
Hurley Mary Ann 1894 1977
Hurley Wilfred K. 19-May-1914 26-Feb-1954  
Hurley William L. 16-Jun-1886 1-Jan-1954

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The above list is partially based upon information contained in the out-of-print book Cemeteries In Robertson County, Texas by Verna Corn Floyd and Vernelle Corn, copyright 1980, D. Armstrong Co., Inc., Printers/Publishers, Houston, Texas.  Updates, additions, and corrections have been made as a result of extensive cemetery and family history research and the invaluable assistance of relatives of people buried in this cemetery.



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