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Holly Cemetery


31 09 29.0 N / - 96 20 03.3 W


In the Ridge community. Name comes from Holly Springs, the former name of Ridge. Cemetery is to the left

when going from Easterly towards Marquez, about a mile off the main road.


Unless noted, all pictures submitted by Finnis V. "Cissy" Currie:,

 some you will have to double click to enlarge


Last Name First/Maiden DOB            DOD Notes
Johnston Alfred David 8-Mar-1888 29-May-1957                 w Liddie Ellen
Johnston Bertha Mae 15-Aug-1918 10-Jun-1988 h S. Glenn
Johnston Charles Cleveland 14-Jun-1919 13-Jun-1979  
Johnston Charles Rudolph 10-Feb-1930 27-Oct-1988      s Garland Sr. & Jennie Elledge Johnston, w Shirley Jean, c Charles Alton, Stacy Gordon, Shelia Joan, Trena Lajetty, Shelda Jeanene
Johnston David Pembroke 13-Aug-1853 26-Dec-1930      w1 Susan Miller, w2 ? Gilbert, w3 Elizabeth Ann Gohagen
Johnston Ellen 2-Aug-1886 22-Jul-1953 h Alfred David Johnston
Johnston Fannie Ansley 14-Sep-1885 28-Dec-1986 h Obey Doney Johnston
Johnston Garland JR 29-Jul-1923 14-Jul-1968
Johnston Garland SR 21-May-1889 13-Apr-1964 w Jennie Elledge
Johnston Henry Elgin 18-Feb-1895 10-Dec-1978      w Minnie Rosie Currie
Johnston Henry S 18-May-1863 4-Nov-1930        w Mary A. Parker
Johnston Jennie Elledge 14-Mar-1899 16-Jan-1965      h Garland Johnston Sr.
Johnston Joe Edmond 28-Aug-1936 14-Aug-1957       s Garland Sr. & Jennie Elledge Johnston, w Julia Nell, U.S. Army WWII
Johnston L. C. 19-Aug-1925 27-Feb-1997
Johnston Leola Hazel 7-Feb-1925 1-Oct-1998 h Raphael M. Johnston
Johnston Liddie Ellen 2-Aug-1886 22-Jul-1953       h Alfred David Johnston
Johnston Louis T. 2-Apr-1897 10-Dec-1918       s Henry S. & Mary A. Johnston
Johnston Mary A. Parker 8-Aur-1858 10-Dec-1948           h Henry S. Johnston   
Johnston Minnie Rosie Currie 23-Jun-1904 27-May-1988 d Dan C. & Mary E. Currie, h Henry Elgin Johnston
Johnston Murel ? ?  
Johnston Obey Doney 14-Sep-1885 2-May-1975       w Fannie Ansley
Johnston Raphael M. 20-Nov-1916 23-Oct-1973        US Army, WWII
Johnston S. G.  "Glen" 8-May-1910 21-Jan-1995                           s David Pembroke & Elizabeth Ann Gohagen Johnston, w Bertha Mae McDaniel
Jolles Minnie Kuykendall 1902 1940       horse trader's wife
Jones Horace O.                              s David Pembroke & Elizabeth Ann Gohagen Johnston, w Bertha Mae McDaniel
Kaelin Mary Lou 23-Dec-1918 11-May-1951  
Kaster Irma Christine 6-Mar-1918 8-Feb-1919  
Kaster Newton H. 19-Jul-1902 14-Jan-1981  
Kaster Rena Mae 3-Oct-1907 15-Mar-1979
Kaster Samuel W. 15-Jul-1920 18-Jul-1920  
Kaster William Luther ? ?
Kaster Willie Bell 4-Sep-1898 9-Dec-1948
Key William 15-Jan-1861 16-Aug-1933
King Diana Frances 27-Apr-1945 15-Jul-1997 d William O. “Jack” & Bessie F. Perkins King
King William O. "Jack" 22-Apr-1919 22-Dec-1984 w Bessie F. Perkins
Kinsey Icey Louella 1935 1941
Kinsey Othel William 20-Apr-1905 26-Feb-1981  
Kinsey William Ray 31-May-1940 8-Jul-1941
Kristoff Claudia Kay 12-Mar-1958 4-Mar-1960                     d Edwin & Minnie Kristoff
Lee Gracie Viola 8-Oct-1918 29-Mar-1953
Lee Lou 1-Sep-1887 17-Apr-1964
Lee Nalty Hall 27-Sep-1917 5-Aug-1940
Lee W. C. 30-Oct-1891 21-May-1963
Luhn Madison Chelsea 17-Jan-1998 17-Jan1998  
Martin Calvin Leroy 24-Feb-1872 21-Jun-1949 w1 Nancy Ann Alice Ansley, w2 Cora J.
Martin Cora J. 25-Jan-1880 11-Apr-1953      h Calvin Leroy Martin
McClure Ellis Grant 30-Sep-1932 10-Dec-1989       s Lillian Verna & Forest E. McClure
McClure Forest E. 1895 1979 w Lillian Verna
McClure Lillian Verna 23-Oct-1903 14-Jul-1960 h Forest E. McClure
McClure Schyuler F. 13-Mar-1924 19-Nov-1991                           s Lillian Verna & Forest E. McClure, US Army WWII
McCullough Annie 7-Mar-1910 16-Jun-1994
McCullough Ben 12-May-1857 14-Ju-1932
McCullough Carroll Glenn 21-Apr-1920 16-Jul-1921  
McCullough Delzie 28-Jan-1914 20-Sep-1992
McCullough Frances N. 16-Jun-1921 6-16-Jun-1921  
McCullough Hager H. 2-Sep-1912 5-Jan-1998
McCullough Harry H. 17-Apr-1918 4-Aug-1974  
McCullough Jennie 4-Nov-1868 29-Oct-1951
McCullough Jimmie 6-Jun-1907 26-Jan-1986 w Maggie Lee
McCullough John JR 26-Jul-1925 6-Aug-1925
McCullough John SR 27-Jul-1899 25-Sep-1971
McCullough Mack 15-Sep-1890 8-Dec-1968
McCullough May Bruch 24-Feb-1889 20-May-1949       H Pat McCullough
McCullough Pat 24-Oct-1887 22-Oct-1963        wife May Burch
McCullough Reba 7_Feb-1894 20-Mar-1981       h Mack
McCullough Infant ? ?  
McKissick Donna Cude 3-Mar-1958 4-Dec-1994
McNamara Hazel Perkins Bryan 26-Nov-1929 23-Jan-1992
McPherson Charles C. 24-Jan-1881 30-Jun-1911       WOW
Micklewitz Conrad Joseph 1906 1972 wife Frieda
Micklewitz Frieda 1912 1999 h Conrad Joseph Micklewitz
Miller Carlton L. ? ? s Collie Parten "Jack" & Deslay Wilma Miller
Miller Collie Parten "Jack" 1898 1979 w Deslay Wilma Miller
Miller Cora McClure 30-Jul-1880 24-Aug-1975 h James Norman Miller, c Conard Culberson Miller
Miller Deslay Wilma 16-Feb-1905 20-Apr-2002 h Collie Parten "Jack" Miller, c Carlton L., Marie (Mrs. Bob) McLendon, James (w Lois), Wayne (w Doris), Robert (w Patsy), sister of Pauline Tullous, 11 grandchildren, 23 great grandchildren, 19 great great grandchildren
Miller Forest M. 17-Dec-1917 30-Nov-1962  
Miller Gladys Reeves 21-Sep-1910 3-Jun-1988 h James Kyle Miller
Miller James Kyle 22-Dec-1906 30-Nov-1976 w Gladys Reeves
Miller James Norman 17-Feb-1874 3-Jan-1939 w Cora McClure
Miller Ruth 1-May-1850 25-Nov-1926  
Moore Daniel W. 31-Jul-1875 27-Jun-1956
Moore Ima N. 10-Aug-1892 ?  
Moore Roger Daniel 18-Apr-1920 11-May-1988  
Morrough M. C. ? ? infant
O'Neal Bardin 30-May-1852 14-Jul-1887
O'Neal Clarinda M. 20-Jun-1815 12-Mar-1882
O'Neal William S. 8-Nov-1841 9-Jan-1863  
Ortega Hope Nicole 7-Apr-1996 31-Mar-1998
Palmer Mary E. Curry 20-Sep-1906 12-Sep-1973     

Note: from Cissy. ... please correct my aunt's name to Mary Elizabeth Currie Palmer. Daughter of Daniel Cornelius Currie and Mary Ethel Smith.

Parnell John E. SR 31-Aug-1923 10-Nov-1992 wife Mina S.
Parnell Mina S. 11-Apr-1929 13-Jul-2001       h John E. SR
Perkins Alma 24-Dec-1904 3-Sep-1946
Perkins Andrew A. 29-Aug-1918 3-Jan-2002                                    s W. W. "Warren" Sr. & Lou Cindy Everett Perkins, w Mary I.
Perkins Calvin "Bunk" 2-Feb-1872 12-Feb-1951
Perkins Calvin T. 2-Jan-1902 27-May-1970
Perkins Eddie 10-Apr-1929 7-Jul-1990 h Sylvester
Perkins Henry E. 6-Dec-1899 15-Jul-1991                                                   s W. W. "Warren" Sr. & Lou Cindy Everett Perkins, w Mary I.
Perkins Ima Fay Johnston 16-Sep-1908 31-Jan-1983                d David Pembroke & Elizabeth Ann Gohagen Johnston, h W. W. "Bill" Perkins Jr., c Vernon Wesley, Hazel, Lucille, David, Dyrel, Betty, Elizabeth, Corbet
Perkins James A SR. 19-Aug-1947 9-Mar-2002                              w Sondra, c James A. Jr., Fredda Nevedomsky, Nora Childs, Lynn Burgess, brother of M. E. Perkins, Betty Steen, Louise Dean, 8 grandchildren
Perkins James Edward 22-Mar-1937 23-Mar-1937
Perkins James O. "Jack" 0-Dec-1909 9-Sep-2001 s W. W. "Warren" Sr. & Lou Cindy Everett Perkins, w Gladys Windsor
Perkins Judith 1946 19x3        h Floyd Perkins
Perkins Lilly Tom 16-Sep-1925 19-Jul-1982                                  h Marshall Perkins
Perkins Lou Cindy Everett 1881 9-Nov-1958                       h W. W. "Warren" Perkins Sr., "Granny"
Perkins Mattie M. 3-Dec-1904 24-Jan-1989 h Calvin T.
Perkins Mary I. 11-May-1911 29-Nov-1991 h Andrew A. Perkins
Perkins R. W. ? ?
Perkins Sylvester 20-Apr-1926 8-Feb-1976
Perkins W. W. "Bill" JR                                                                        s W. W. "Warren" & Lou Cindy Everett Perkins, w Ima Fay Johnston
Perkins W. W. "Warren" SR                                         w Lou Cindy Everett, c Henry E., Calvin T., W. W. "Bill" Jr., James O. (Jack), Linnie Lee (Pete), Andrew A., Victor Lewis, David Paul, Sylvester, Nancy Pearl, Mattie, Emma A., Almeda (Molly), Arizona
Peterson John C. ? ?  
Peterson Robert ? ?  
Pippin Dewey 6-Feb-1901 3-Dec-1974
Pippin Claudia ? ?  
Pippin William S. 1904 1983  
Podmore William 31-Jan-1867 15-Jun-1915

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