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Holly Cemetery

31 09 29.0 N / - 96 20 03.3 W


In the Ridge community. Name comes from Holly Springs, the former name of Ridge. Cemetery is to

the left when going from Easterly towards Marquez, about a mile off the main road.

Unless noted, all pictures submitted by Finnis V. "Cissy" Currie:

 some you will have to double click to enlarge.

Last Name First/Maiden DOB DOD Notes
Raley Infant ? ?  
Raley Infant ? ?  
Reeves Allene Davis 11-Aug-1912          8-Jan-1997          h Elmo
Reeves Elmo 26-Nov-1912 22-Feb-2003 w Allene Davis, c Mona Reeves Thaxton
Reeves Lena A. 1889 1963  
Reeves Tom L. 26-Feb-1886 30-1957  
Reynolds Melvin Lynn 25-Feb-1964 4-May-1964
Rosenberg Mary J. 1848 1921  
Scheske Julia 5-Sep-1838 4-Jan-1910
Smith A. Claudie 21-Jun-1884 14-Sep-1895 s W. E. & L. L. Smith
Smith B. ? ? infant
Smith Jennings 17-Sep-1886 22-Nov-1886 s George A. Smith
Swarthout Bernice Ansley Bounds 26-Sep-1923 23-Sep-2003      h Billy Lee Swarthout, c Barbara Faye Warner, Margaret Alice Lindley, Terry Leigh Mitchell, Albert Joe Bounds, Randy G. Swarthout, sister of Tessie Withers, Mary Fling,  Vernice C. (Bud) Ansley    photo by Ricky Harber
Sweat Frances Everett Jan 1886 Feb 1956     
Thomassen Doris Dryman 14-Aug-1929 28-Feb-1984
Tullous Ferman L. 26-Feb-1912 15-Jan-1982       w Pauline Martin
Tullous Oscar 7-Apr-1901 3-Dec-1981 w Susie Everett
Tullous Selma Jo Murphy 15-Apr-1939 1-Mar-1990         h Ferman Louis Jr.
Tullous Susie 24-Jan-1901 23-Jul=1992                  h Oscar
Varvel Dennis E. SR 29-Jan-1893 10-Dec-195 w Pebble
Varvel Lewis Frank SR 12-Dec-1893 2-Jun-1964 w Lucy Maude Forbis
Varvel Lucy Maude Forbis 15-Aug-1896 15-Mar-1960 h Lewis Frank Varvel Sr., c Lewis Frank Jr., Kenneth H., Dennis E. Sr., David, Doris Evelyn Hager
Willis Kathleen 2-Oct-1957 31-Jan-1960  
Withers Alma 19-Apr-1916 14-Jan-1998 wife of Joe Davis Withers
Withers Joe Davis 22-Mar-1920 23-Nov-2001 hus of Alma Withers
son of George Washington and Willie Orola Withers
born in Teague, TX
Lynda Douthey
Mary Franklin
Sylvia Murff, Patricia Clark, Joe Withers, step son James Currie
Withers Thomas A. 5-Jan-1899 6-Dec-1977 hus of Tessie Norene Ansley
son of George Washington and Willie Orola Withers
born in Teague, TX
Hilda Patton
Capitola Leland
Rhonda Davis
Sheila Noxon
step-children: Robert Dryman
Phillip Dryman (deceased)
JoAnn Roddey (deceased)
Zulke Ludwig 5-Sep-1838 5-Jan-1910  


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State Coordinator: Shirley Cullum
Assistant State Coordinators: Carla Clifton, Jane Keppler

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