Indian Burial Ground Cemetery

Robertson County TX



Volunteer Tammie Hill has heard rumors of, but has never personally seen, the Indian Burial Grounds.  If the information she has heard is correct, this cemetery would be located to the left of Hwy. 6 when going from Hearne towards Calvert.  It would be between Hwy. 6 & the Little Brazos River.  This Indian Burial Ground is not to be confused with the Red Hill-Saint Luke-Moody African American Cemetery that is adjacent to the cemetery road.  According to Tammie, "Start by entering the Red Hill-Saint Luke-Moody Cemetery.  Go through the fence at the back left-hand side of this cemetery.  Proceed through the trees and woods towards the Little Brazos River for about one mile.  When you reach a hill or knoll, stop.  From there, look down.  The valley area below is the Indian Burial Grounds site.  There are no headstones, but close attention to detail on the ground in this valley will reveal arrowheads, broken pottery pieces, etc.  This burial site is one-half mile from the banks of the Little Brazos River. 
Supposedly the site has a spooky atmosphere."


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