Jackson Cemetery

Robertson County TX


This cemetery is located off of Rose Hill Road (County Road 127), which is north of Hwy. 979 between Owensville & Calvert. Just before you get to the almost 90 degree left-hand turn in the road near where "Jackson" is on the map below, you'll see a locked gate on the left. Once through this gate, this cemetery is to the right (towards the fence row that parallels the road) but it is not right next to the fence. It's out in the pasture a little in a stand of mesquite and other trees. There is no enclosure protecting it from the cows that graze this property. If you reach the creek, you've gone too far.

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Jackson, ?, ? - ?

There is only one white marble tombstone that is apparent in this cemetery. It is overturned and has to be picked-up to see the inscription, which cannot be read without some cleaning. If you think a family member may be buried here, take along a soft bristle brush and a spray bottle of  to clean the face of the stone. You should be able to read the inscription.

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