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New Baden Cemetery


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The New Baden Cemetery has been moved a couple of times. The Original New Baden Cemetery (which had to be moved due to groundwater problems) was located between the Schultz home and Brown Cemetery.  The second cemetery is believed to have been the Brown Cemetery (located in what was once Fred Sauer's pasture).  Burials at the New Baden Cemetery (listed below) began in the mid-1880s and continue to the present.

While every effort has been made to make the list below as comprehensive as possible, older burial omissions are possible. A review of the New Baden Cemetery Plat (recorded 11.10.1975) shows several original settlers owning plots that are presently vacant (e.g., John Ott, G. F. Ullrich, B. Ullrich, R. Herbert, R. Ott, & O. A. Ullrich).  One vacant burial plot next to the O. A. Ullrich, Elsie Dieckmann, & Marie Naeter plots is inscribed on the plat as follows:  "Not to be sold, unknown burial."  While some people may have been buried elsewhere, others are likely resting in unmarked graves at the New Baden Cemetery.

The closest fairly large old German cemetery to the New Baden Cemetery is the Kurten Cemetery in nearby Kurten, Brazos County, TX.

From the traffic signal in Franklin, take Hwy. 79 North 2.6 miles to New Baden, turn right onto Farm Road 1940, proceed 1.3 miles, turn left onto dirt County Road 350 (New Baden Cemetery Road), although the road immediately veers to the right, keep going straight, cemetery is .3 miles from paved highway.

AKINS, ROSA MAE, 06.16.1904 - 11.28.1985, c Robert Ray Akins

BECK, JOHANN NEPOMUK, 05.16.1843 - 02.13.1897, b Germany, NA RC 1.14.1895, w Marie Elizabeth Schwabb, c Robert Christian Sr., Bertha Herzog, John

BERSCH, ANNA BARBARA GASSER BECKTOLD, 12.17.1826 - 12.02.1887, b Switzerland, h1 Adam Becktold, c1 Elizabeth Anna Zweifel, Godfrey Becktold, h2 Phillip John Bersch, c2 Josephine (Mrs. Will) Niemann, Annie Marie (Mrs. August Henry) Benndorf (Mrs. Frank) Brunette, John

BERSCH, PHILLIP JOHN, 05.24.1831 - 1921, b Germany, w Anna Barbara Gasser Becktold

BOLTON, JOHN, 09.06.1875 - 04.17.1934, s Charles Bolton, brother of Oscar Bolton

BOLTON, OSCAR, 12.20.1883 - 04.23.1934, s Charles Bolton, brother of John Bolton

BOSWELL, DONALD CLEMENS, 12.15.1927 - 06.05.1995, w Frances Lewis

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, ALBERT OTTO, 10.16.1895 - 04.19.1962, s Frank & Annie Marie Bersch Benndorf Brunette, w Gracie Pauline Russell, US ARMY WWI, Service Record From Robertson County War Activities [page 50]:  Easterly, TX; b. New Baden, TX Oct. 16, 1895; farmer; inctd. Franklin, TX May 28, 1918; Q.M.C. Ft. Bliss, TX to July 12, 1918; Pack Tn. 314 Q.M.C. to disch.; Pvt 1 cl. July 14, 1918; overseas Aug. 8, 1918 - July 19, 1919; hon. disch. July 30, 1919.

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, ALMA, 11.25.1921 - 05.17.1946, d Frank & Emma Annie Dieckmann Sauer Brunette, killed in a plane crash outside of Richmond, Henrico County, VA, full sister of William Jacob "Bill" Brunette, half sister of Hugo Ernest Sauer, Oscar E. Sauer, & Elsie Marie Sauer Hanhart

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, ANNIE MARIE BERSCH BENNDORF, 02.07.1862 - 01.29.1905, b LA, d Phillip John & Anna Barbara Gasser Becktold Bersch, h1 August Henry Benndorf, c1 Maria Wilhelmina Beck, h2 Frank Brunette, c2 Phillip David, Franz Richard, Louis “Louie”, William “Willie”, Albert Otto, Emma Elizabeth Corn, Annie Pipkin, Rosa Barbara Gertrude Dodds

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, EMMA ANNIE DIECKMANN SAUER, 09.24.1887 - 12.27.1961, d Jacob & Marie Catharina Luedemann Dieckmann, h1 Albert Sauer, c1 Hugo Ernest, Oscar E., Elsie Marie Hanhart, h2 William Brunette, c2 William Jacob “Bill”, Alma

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, FLOYD LEE, 10.04.1931 - 07.10.1953, s Albert Otto & Gracie Pauline Russell Brunette, w Phyllis Ellison, c Floyd Gaylon Brunette Shenkir, Korea

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, FRANK, 04.24.1835 - 02.26.1919, b Alsace Lorraine/Prussia, i 1869, w Annie Marie Bersch Benndorf, purchased land in New Baden 1876

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, FRANK JOHN, 11.05.1907 - 08.18.1987, s Phillip David Sr. & Hattie Sarah “Belle” Dodds Brunette, w1 Hazel Gertrude Erwin, c1 Allan LaRue Brunette, w2 Eva Lee Gerhardt

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, FRANK LEE, 07.19.1924 - 03.15.1982, s Louis “Louie” & Ola Eaton Brunette, w Vivian McKever, WWII

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, FRANZ RICHARD, 07.02.1887 - 05.21.1888, s Frank & Annie Marie Bersch Benndorf Brunette

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, HATTIE SARAH “BELLE” DODDS, 11.07.1885 - 02.17.1968, d John Newton & Laura Garland Reagan Dodds, h Phillip David Brunette, Sr., c Edna Bernice Dieckmann Reichert, Frank John, Robert William, Phillip David, Jr., Leon Claude, Viola Ann Jones Burkholder McBride Schoonover, Juanita Elaine McLeroy, Julia Lorraine Griffin Prestridge

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, LELA THREADGILL SWEENEY[1], 04.1885 - before 1923, d Louis A. & Martha Lea “Sissy” Hall Threadgill, h1 E. F. Sweeney, h2 Louis “Louie” Brunette, c2 Horace Lee, Otis Lewis “Dutch”

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, LEON CLAUDE, 05.04.1916 - 01.02.1996, s Phillip David Sr. & Hattie Sarah “Belle” Dodds Brunette, w1 Eve Snowden, w2 Myrtle Dodson

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, LOUIS “LOUIE”, 08.03.1889 - 12.31.1976, s Frank & Annie Marie Bersch Benndorf Brunette, w1 Lela Threadgill Sweeney, w2 Ola Eaton

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, OLA EATON, 01.08.1905 - 08.02.1998, d Lee Eaton & Susan Mullins, h1 Fred Vance, h2 Louis “Louie” Brunette, c2 Suzie Annie Hanna, Frank Lee, Charles, Rachel Earline Meadors, Velma Louise Frances, Delma Ruth Scasta, Richard Leon, Weldon Ellis, Jack Elton

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, OTIS LEWIS “DUTCH”, 07.24.1911 - 03.22.1978, s Louis & Lela Threadgill Sweeney Brunette, w Viola Cobb, c Jerald Don, James Monroe, Otis George, Carolyn Ann Stegall

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, PHILLIP DAVID SR., 05.17.1884 - 06.18.1996, s Frank & Annie Marie Bersch Benndorf Brunette, w Hattie Sarah “Belle” Dodds

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, ROBERT WILLIAM “BOB”, 09.27.1912 - 02.26.1989, s Phillip David Sr. & Hattie Sarah “Belle” Dodds Brunette, w Rosa Lee Cargill, c Dorothy Marie Hedrick, Robert Calvin Sr.

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, VIVIAN MCKEVER, 02.28.1926 - living, h Frank Lee Brunette

BRUNETT/BRUNETTE, WELDON ELLIS, 2.8.1939 - 3.22.2003, s Louis "Louie" & Ola Eaton Brunette, c Kimberly Brunette, Michele Richardson, J. R. (w Carlotta) Davis, Jack (w Sherry) Davis, half brother of Otis Lewis "Dutch" Brunette & Horace Lee Brunette, full brother of Frank Lee (w Vivian McKever), Jack Elton (w Charlene), Suzie Anna (Mrs. Al Jernon) Hanna, Rachel Earline (Mrs. John Halmon) Meadors, Velma Louise (Mrs. Norman) Francis, Delma Ruth (Mrs. Bill) Scasta, Charles (w Sue), Richard Leon, granddaughters - Jessica, Jennifer, Kelci, & Brittany

BYRD, GRACIE PAULINE RUSSELL BRUNETTE, 07.04.1912 - 08.05.1989, d William Wesley “Will” & Zula Elizabeth Meadors Russell, h1 Albert Otto Brunette, c1 Bertie Pauline Stephens Dieckmann, Floyd Lee, h2 Irvin Byrd

CHRISTIANSEN, ANNIE, 1867 - 1944, h N. M. or William Christiansen

CHRISTIANSEN, N. M. or WILLIAM, 1852 - 1948, w Annie

COBB, ETNA EARLE DODDS, 11.15.1918 - 10.10.1990, d Robert Lee “R.L.” Sr. & Rosa Barbara Gertrude Brunette Dodds, h Virgil Lee Cobb, c Barbara Jeanette Bates

COMMANDER, DOROTHY ELIZABETH CORN, 9.25.1926 - living, d Ed Cecil “Eddie” & Emma Elizabeth Brunette Corn, h L. M. Commander, c Norris Wilson, Carrol Ray, Margaret Louise

COMMANDER, L. M., 09.10.1919 - 10.04.1984, w Dorothy Elizabeth Corn

COMMANDER, MARGARET LOUISE, 07.25.1954 - 06.20.1961, d L. M. Commander & Dorothy Elizabeth Corn

CORN, ED CECIL “EDDIE”, 08.22.1900 - 01.27.1959, w Emma Elizabeth Brunette

CORN, EMMA ELIZABETH BRUNETTE, 06.14.1898 - 08.25.1976, d Frank & Annie Marie Bersch Benndorf Brunette, h Ed Cecil “Eddie” Corn, c Dorothy Elizabeth Commander, Lillian Irene Williams Warden, Edna Doris Jarrett

CRANE, JANIE LEWIS, living, d Thomas Winston & Gretchen Schultz Lewis, h Ned Crane

CRANE, NED, living, w Janie Lewis

DIECKMANN, EDWIN JOHN "BUSTER", 7.8.1923 - 8.25.2001, s Otto Henry & Florence Antoine Dodds Dieckmann, w Bertie Pauline Brunette, dau Judy Lee Sansing (h Jimmy Sansing),  son Edwin J. Stephens Dieckmann (w Beverly), grandchildren Bill Lee Sansing, Christopher Edwin Sansing, Justin John Dieckmann, & Kristen Michelle Dieckmann

DIECKMANN, ELSIE NAETER, 08.25.1902 - 04.08.1988, d Albrecht & Marie Hiltpold Naeter, h John Randolph Dieckmann, Sr., c John Randolph, Jr., Harry Edwin

DIECKMANN, FLORENCE ANTOINE DODDS, 04.21.1898 - 08.01.1986, d John Newton & Laura Garland Reagan Dodds, h Otto Henry Dieckmann, c Edwin John “Buster”, Roger Garland, Billie Joy Curry

DIECKMANN, JACOB, 09.18.1852 - 10.10.1928, b Heisterende, Holstein, Germany, i 12.1884, NA RC 6.28.1892, w Marie Catharina Luedemann

DIECKMANN, JOHN RANDOLPH SR., 03.20.1892 - 06.27.1953, s Jacob & Marie Catharina Luedemann Dieckmann, w Elsie Naeter, US ARMY WWI, Service Record From Robertson County War Activities [page 62]:  New Baden, TX; b. New Baden, TX; age 26 yrs. 3 mos.; farmer; inctd. Franklin, TX June 15, 1918; Co. 3 First Shop Regt. Camp Jas. E. Johnston, Fla. to Aug. 26, 1918; Camp Jas E. Johnston, Fla. Aug. Aut. Repl.; Pvt.; overseas Sept. 15, 1918 to April 11, 1919; hon. disch. Apr. 26.1919.

DIECKMANN, MARIE CATHARINA LUEDEMANN, 02.28.1859 - 05.12.1925, b Horst, Holstein, Germany, d Claus & Anna Wulf Luedemann, i 12.1884, h Jacob Dieckmann, c Annie Hiltpold, Emma Annie Sauer Brunette, Otto Henry, John Randolph Sr., Martha “Mattie” Sauer, Paul Jacob, William Albert “Willie”

DIECKMANN, OTTO HENRY, October 27, 1889 - 12.07.1963, s Jacob & Marie Catharina Luedemann Dieckmann, w Florence Antoine Dodds

DIECKMANN, PAUL JACOB, 12.06.1896 - 01.12.1928, s Jacob & Marie Catharina Luedemann Dieckmann, w Edna Bernice Brunette, mail carrier, 1920 census enumerator, US ARMY WWI, Service Record From Robertson County War Activities [page 62]:  US ARMY.  New Baden, TX; b. New Baden, TX; age 22 yrs. 5 mos.; farmer, inctd. Franklin, TX June 15, 1918; M. Trk. co. 503 M. Sup. Tn. 422 to disch.; Corp. Oct. 24, 1918; overseas Sept. 13, 1918 to July 30, 1919; hon. disch. Aug. 14.1919.

DIECKMANN, ROGER GARLAND, 05.21.1928 - 1986, s Otto Henry & Florence Antoine Dodds Dieckmann, w Dorothy, c Tommy Lee

DIECKMANN, child, b after 1884, s Jacob & Marie Catharina Luedemann Dieckmann

DODDS, DEE MONROE, 08.07.1894 - 01.02.1969, s John Newton & Laura Garland Reagan Dodds, w Minnie Alma Day

DODDS, EDD J., 10.01.1903 - 06.19.1967, s John Newton & Laura Garland Reagan Dodds, w Madie Maurine Russell

DODDS, ELDA FAYE, 08.15.1943 - 08.15.1943

DODDS, JAMES PATRICK "PAT", 6.21.1969 - 12.2001, s Robert Lee "R. L." Jr. & Marjorie Elizabeth Medlin Dodds, w Melissa Waldrep (m 5.2.1992), c Kaylee Rose, Meagan Kimberly, Madison Clarabeth

DODDS, JOHN NEWTON, 01.06.1856 - 12.01.1939, w Laura Garland Reagan

DODDS, LAURA GARLAND REAGAN, 01.01.1869 - 02.22.1946, h John Newton Dodds, c Hattie Sarah “Belle” Brunette, Robert Lee “R. L.” Sr., Dee Monroe, Edd J., Florence Antoine Dieckmann

DODDS, MARJORIE ELIZABETH. MEDLIN, 1932 - 1990, d Nell Medlin Marlow Becktold, h Robert Lee “R. L.” Dodds, Jr., c Michael Lee, James Patrick "Pat", Kimberly Dawn Lingren

DODDS, MINNIE ALMA DAY, 02.15.1910 - 03.22.1989, h Dee Monroe Dodds, c Hilda Magdalene Turner, Weldon D., Wayne Vernon

DODDS, ROBERT EARL “CHESTER”, 12.19.1928 - 07.30.1994, s Robert Lee “R. L.” Sr. & Rosa Barbara Gertrude Brunette Dodds, w Juanita Darlene Land, c Tressa Ann Smith, Robert Kevin, Korea

DODDS, ROBERT LEE “R. L.” SR., 02.12.1888 - 07.17.1975, s John Newton & Laura Garland Reagan Dodds, w Rosa Barbara Gertrude Brunette

DODDS, ROSA BARBARA GERTRUDE BRUNETTE, 08.11.1900 - 11.08.1968, d Frank & Annie Marie Bersch Benndorf Brunette, h Robert Lee “R. L.” Dodds, Sr., c Etna Earle Cobb, Robert Lee “R. L.” Jr., Robert Earl “Chester”

FIRTH, ELMA ELFREDIA SAUER, 12.06.1918 - 07.10.1997, d Fred William “Fritz” & Ethel Mae Rutkowsky Sauer, h Mr. Firth

FLATT, MATTIE M., 1893 - 1960, h William H. Flatt, c Morris Flatt

FLATT, WILLIAM H., 1892 - 1963, w Mattie M.

GILLILAND, LORRAINE, 01.21.1928 - 07.21.1989, h Bennie Gilliland

GREEN, ANNIE MAE, 12.29.1913 - 12.28.1984, h Fred Joseph Green

GREEN, FRED JOSEPH, 04.18.1913 - 01.1979, w Annie Mae, WWII

HANHART, AGNES, 01.08.1870 - 05.30.1946, b Slaviau, Germany, i 1881, NA 1894, h Fred Hanhart, c Max A. Sr., Fred William Sr., Dora Rabe, Senie, Lena, Margaret, Elizabeth A. M. Meier

HANHART, ALBERT GEORGE “DOC”, 02.24.1940 - 09.25.1995, s Fred William Sr. & Elsie Marie Sauer Hanhart, w Jacqueline "Jackie"

HANHART, ELSIE MARIE SAUER, 11.03.1911 - 01.07.1986, d Albert Sauer & Emma Annie Dieckmann Sauer Brunette, h Fred William Hanhart, Sr., c Paul Julius “Booby”, Fred William Jr. “Coke”, Carl Otto “Collie”, Albert George “Doc”, James David “Baby”, full sister of Hugo Ernest Sauer & Oscar E. Sauer, half-sister of William Jacob "Bill" Brunette & Alma Brunette

HANHART, FRED, 04.16.1861 - 08.20.1916, b Germany, w Agnes, WOW

HANHART, FRED WILLIAM SR., 02.24.1898 - 12.14.1959, s Fred & Agnes Hanhart, w Elsie Marie Sauer, WWI

HANHART, JACQUELINE "JACKIE", 2.24.1927 - 3.21.2000, b Portsmounth, OH, h Albert George "Doc" Hanhart, c Tonda Rushing, Landa Mowery, Kim Naranjo, sister of Vickie Simmons, Margie Perkins, 10 grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren

HANNA, AL JERNON, 10.09.1912 - 03.13.1965, w Suzie Annie Brunette, c Ola Mae Caruthers Wenzel, Walter Louie (w Jean), Susan Taylor Lucas (h Art Lucas), James Allen (w Martha), Gary Wayne (w Martha Marti), Shirley Louise Wilkinson (h Kenneth Wilkinson), Robert Lee (w Mary Nell), Kenneth Ray

HANNA, GARY WAYNE, 9.30.1949 - 7.20.2001, b Falfurris, TX, s Al Jernon & Suzie Annie Brunette Hanna, w Martha "Marti" Chambers, son Brett Hanna (w Shelley), granddaughter Victoria Hanna

HERING, CLARA MARIE REICHERT, 01.30.1899 - 03.04.1985, d Carl George & Annie Hiltpold Reichert, h Luther "Doc" Hering

HILTPOLD, ADOLPH H., 11.19.1908 - 03.27.1916, s Jacob “Jake” & Annie Dieckmann Hiltpold

HILTPOLD, ANNA, 11.29.1843 - 03.16.1926, b Switzerland, i 1878, h Hans Jakob Ulrich Hiltpold, c Jacob “Jake”, Rosa E., Minnie Schultz, Ullrich, Annie Reichert, Sophie Young, Marie Naeter, Ida Louisa Ullrich

HILTPOLD, ANNIE DIECKMANN, 1884 - 1958, b Heisterende, Holstein, Germany, d Jacob & Marie Catharina Luedemann Dieckmann, i 1884, h Jacob “Jake” Hiltpold, c Raymond, Helga Anna Weiss, Lena Mae, Carl, Adolph H., Hans, Edward, Dolly Warner

HILTPOLD, HANS JAKOB ULRICH, 11.17.1851 - 07.10.1922, b Switzerland, i 1878, NA RC 5.14.1898, w Anna, "Ruht in Frieden" or "He Rests In Peace"

HILTPOLD, JACOB “JAKE”, 6.1877 - 1947, b Switzerland, s Hans Jakob Ulrich & Anna Hiltpold, i 1879, w1 Katherina Burkhart, w2 Annie Dieckmann

HILTPOLD, JOHN, 1860 – 1901, b Switzerland, i 1878, w Ida, c Otto, Betty, Gertrude, & Walter, brother of Hans Jakob Ulrich Hiltpold

HILTPOLD, KATHERINA BURKHART, 07.18.1878 - 08.08.1901, b Germany, i 1895, h Jacob “Jake” Hiltpold, c Elfreda McLean

HILTPOLD, RAYMOND, 02.11.1901 - 07.23.1901, s Jacob “Jake” & Annie Dieckmann Hiltpold

HILTPOLD, ROSA E., 04.20.1883 - 12.29.1956, d Hans Jakob Ulrich & Anna Hiltpold

HURLEY, ELLIS LEE, 11.02.1915 - 01.13.1996, w Lucie Clara Marie Schultz

HURLEY, LUCIE CLARA MARIE SCHULTZ, 03.31.1916 - 10.06.1999, d Paul Charles Sr. & Minnie Hiltpold Schultz, h Ellis Lee Hurley

JARRETT, EDNA DORIS CORN, 03.21.1929 - living, d Ed Cecil “Eddie” & Emma Elizabeth Brunette Corn, h Jack Dale Jarrett

JARRETT, JACK DALE, 09.25.1922 - living, w Edna Doris Corn

JOHNSON, BERRY F., 12.23.1896 - 05.16.1971, w Nelda Jo, WWI

JOHNSON, NELDA JO, 06.08.1908 - 04.09.1974, h Berry F. Johnson

LANGE, CHRISTINA, 11.1850 - 1940, b Germany, i 1882, h Heinrich "Henry" Lange, "Ruhen Frieden" or "Rest In Peace"

LANGE, HEINRICH "HENRY", 7.1848 - 1917, b Prussia, i 1882, NA RC 6.23.1892, w Christina, brother of Robert G. Lange (w Anna Barbara Keller), see Kurten Cemetery, Brazos County, TX, "Ruhen Frieden" or "Rest In Peace"

LEE, KELLEY C., living, w Pat Ruth

LEE, PAT RUTH, 04.17.1933 - 12.11.1998, h Kelley C. Lee, c Linda Solomon

LEVIN, ANNA, 05.05.1885 - 08.12.1885, d Charles Christian Frederick & Dora Elizabeth Rehberg Levin

LEVIN, AUGUST A., 12.07.1887 - 02.25.1954, s Charles Christian Frederick & Dora Elizabeth Rehberg Levin, WOW

LEVIN, CHARLES CHRISTIAN FREDERICK, 08.15.1839 - 10.19.1906, b Germany, i 1869, NA RC 7.9.1887, w Dora Elizabeth Rehberg

LEVIN, DORA ELIZABETH REHBERG, 04.10.1856 - 03.01.1923, b Germany, i 1882, h Charles Christian Frederick Levin (m 5.11.1883 - on same day as her brother William), c Carl, Anna, August A., Elizabeth, Ella, Emma, Selma, Alma, sister of William, Johann, & August Rehberg

LEVIN, ELIZABETH, 09.19.1886 - 12.29.1886, d Charles Christian Frederick & Dora Elizabeth Rehberg Levin

LEWIS, GRETCHEN SCHULTZ, 01.24.1904 - 04.27.1993, d Paul Charles Sr. & Minnie Hiltpold Schultz, h Thomas Winston Lewis, c Janie Crane, Frances Boswell, Winnie Ann

LEWIS, THOMAS WINSTON, 06.03.1901 - 12.31.1963, w Gretchen Schultz

LEWIS, WINNIE ANN, 04.17.1938 - 04.17.1938, d Thomas Winston & Gretchen Schultz Lewis

MEADORS, MICHAEL RAY, 08.29.1958 - 12.17.1983, s John Halmon & Rachel Earline Brunette Meadors, w Rene Koehler

MEADORS, RENE KOEHLER, 02.24.1963 - living, h Michael Ray Meadors

MEYER, HELENE C. F., 10.04.1850 - 12.01.1908, i 1855, h John George Meyer, c Arthur, Lydia, "Weep not, she is not dead, but sleepeth"

MEYER, JOHN GEORGE, 02.14.1834 - 09.30.1897, b in Hasel Grosshers, Baden, Germany, i 1882, NA RC 7.3.1886, w Helene C. F., 'Hier ruhet in Gott" or "He Rests With God", "Now his labor's done; Now, now the goal is won."

MULLINS, EVELYN BENGSTON, 09.14.1933 - ?, h Raymond D. "Bobby" Mullins (m 2.7.1953)

MULLINS, RAYMOND D. "BOBBY", 3.4.1929 - 12.25.2002, s Raymond D. & Myrtle Franke Mullins, w Evelyn Bengston (m 2.7.1953), c Karen (Mrs. Gerald) Lemaire, Robert (w Linda), Bruce (w Karen), brother of A. J. Mullins, Floyd Mathis, Octavie Smith, Mary Dell Sills, Estelle Schaffer, 6 grandchildren - Michael Lemaire, Christopher Lemaire, Ryan Mullins, Eric Mullins, Chase Mullins, Eric Mullins, Chase Mullins, Cassie Mullins

NAETER, ALBRECHT SR., 10.19.1864 - 02.10.1935, b Germany, i 1883, NA RC 6.13.1892, w Marie Hiltpold

NAETER, EDITH GRACE, 09.16.1904 - 08.18.1989, h Ewald Naeter

NAETER, EWALD, 02.23.1900 - 01.27.1990, s Albrecht & Marie Hiltpold Naeter, w Edith Grace

NAETER, MARIE HILTPOLD, 02.09.1874 - 10.18.1952, b Switzerland, i 1878, d Jakob U. & Anna Hiltpold, h Albrecht Naeter Sr., c Albrecht Jr., Mary, Ewald, Elma, Elsie Dieckmann

NEEL, CAROLE LANETTE MASSIE, 5.2.1937 - 9.2002, d Leon A. & Lola Mae Clark Massie, h Eugene E. Neel (m 11.25.1964), sister of Wanda Massie, c Becky Niswonger, Donna Archer, 4 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren

NIEMANN, ANNIE MARIE ZWEIFEL, 09.20.1866 - 10.23.1955, b Illinois, d John David & Elizabeth Anna Becktold Zweifel, h John Henry Niemann, c Gerhard John Sr. (Leona Kause), Otto (w Minnie Kruse), Fred August (w Victoria Krenck), Gertrude Elizabeth (Mrs. Daniel O.) Smithers, Fredericke Elizabeth “Rickie” (Mrs. Jake M.) McDonald, Adolph Herman (w Ida Marie Widmer), Marie Katie Jane (Mrs. John Wiley) Tullous, Matilda Bertha “Tillie” (Mrs. Clinton James "Clint") Hall, Olga Marie (Mrs. Nugent Tom) Blair, Minnie Dora (Mrs. Thomas Lafayette) Ferguson

NIEMANN, MARIE JOHANNE VERMEHREN WARNEKE, 1872 - 1924, h1 Max Kurt Warneke (Germany), c1 Margarete Anna Marie Rabe, h2 John Henry Niemann (Germany)

ODNEAL, WANDA MAE, 05.04.1924 - 03.10.1991, h Mason Odneal

OTT, J., the New Baden Cemetery plat shows a cemetery plot for J. Ott, but no burials are apparent in this plot today

OTT, R., the New Baden Cemetery plat shows a cemetery plot for R. Ott, but no burials are apparent in this plot today

PETERS, HENRIETTA "ETTA", 6.1872 - 1948, d Karl Frederick & Minnie Caroline Stassen Peters, b Illinois

PETERS, KARL FREDERICK, 05.01.1851 - 07.18.1914, b Germany, i 1867, w Minnie Caroline Stassen

PETERS, MINNIE CAROLINE STASSEN, 05.29.1850 - 03.23.1942, b Westrum, Germany, i 1854, h Karl Frederick Peters, c Henrietta "Etta", Albert, Minnie, Fred H., Matilda C. "Tillie" (Mrs. Jesse Pierce) Bolton, cousin to father of Harold Stassen (former 3-term Minnesota governor & 5-time U.S. presidential candidate)

PFISTNER, ALFRED A. “SLIM”, 06.24.1909 - 04.08.1978, s Andreas & Katie Sauer Pfistner

PFISTNER, ANDREAS, 01.22.1883 - 03.08.1923, b Bavaria, i 1886, s William Fred & Sibilia Pfistner, w Katie Sauer

PFISTNER, BESSIE LOCKETT, 04.15.1911 - 11.26.1991, h Walter J. Pfistner

PFISTNER, EMIL A., 09.19.1911 - 02.24.1951, s Andreas & Katie Sauer Pfistner

PFISTNER, JULIUS WILHELM, 08.04.1915 - 07.29.1916, s Andreas & Katie Sauer Pfistner

PFISTNER, KATIE SAUER, 01.17.1885 - 06.19.1968, d Hermann William Sr. & Marie Mattie Hoffer Sauer, h Andreas Phistner, c Emil A., Julius Wilhelm, Walter J., Albert, Alfred, Arnel, Minnie Latham

PFISTNER, PAULINE, 05.06.1892 - 10.11.1905, d William Fred & Sibilia Pfistner

PFISTNER, SIBILIA, 06.20.1849 - 06.25.1933, i 1886, h William Fred Pfistner, c Elizabeth Christina “Lizzie” Rabe, Andreas, Pauline, 8-year old son and child daughter died while living in the Colony House

PFISTNER, WALTER J., 08.04.1906 - 02.17.1981, s Andreas & Katie Sauer Pfistner, w Bessie Lockett

PFISTNER, WILLIAM FRED, 07.08.1844 - 11.27.1925, b Baden-Baden, Germany, i 1886, NA RC 6.28.1892, w Sibilia

PHILLIPS, AGNES EMMA BERTHA SCHULTZ, 07.18.1907 - 03.04.1983, d Paul Charles Sr. & Minnie Hiltpold Schultz, h Edgar Phillips, c Thomas Edgar Phillips, Frances Lee Anding

PHILLIPS, NANCY CAROL STEGALL, 02.20.1941 - 01.23.1997, h Thomas Edgar Phillips

PHILLIPS, THOMAS EDGAR, 07.01.1941 - living, s Edgar & Agnes Emma Bertha Schultz Phillips, w Nancy Carol Stegall

RABE, DORA HANHART, 09.16.1904 - 03.31.1990, d Fred & Agnes Hanhart, h John Gerhard Rabe III, c Lucille Annie, Hilda Ruth, Dorothy Ann

RABE, ELIZABETH CHRISTINA “LIZZIE” PFISTNER, 05.19.1881 - 04.08.1971, b Bavaria, i 1886, d William Fred & Sibilia Pfistner, h John Gerhard Rabe, Jr., c John Gerhard III, Karl August, Theodore Hugo “Tator”, Hellmuth William “Booby” Sr., Charles A. “Charlie”

RABE, EMILIE HELENE CHARLOTTE BECKER, 04.27.1853 - 11.29.1887, d Theodore Wilhelm & Gesine Margarethe Fehrenkamp Becker, h John Gerhard Rabe Sr., c Ida Stork, Emilie Ludwig, John Gerhard Jr., Wilhelm, Johanne “Jane” Zweifel, Emma

RABE, EMMA, 03.30.1877 - 02.24.1901, d John Gerhard Sr. & Emilie Helene Charlotte Becker Rabe

RABE, JOHN GERHARD III, 10.31.1901 - 01.29.1977, s John Gerhard Jr. & Elizabeth Christina “Lizzie” Pfistner Rabe, w Dora Hanhart

RABE, JOHN GERHARD JR., 08.27.1878 - 01.11.1927, s John Gerhard Sr. & Emilie Helene Charlotte Becker Rabe, w Elizabeth Christina “Lizzie” Pfistner

RABE, JOHN GERHARD SR., 05.03.1846 - 01.13.1929, w Emilie Helene Charlotte Becker

RABE, KARIN CHARISSA, 12.29.1967 - 06.27.1983, d Karl Albert & Emilie Morris Rabe

RABE, KARL AUGUST, 12.20.1903 - 12.19.1998, s John Gerhard Jr. & Elizabeth Christina “Lizzie” Pfistner Rabe, w Margarete Warneke

RABE, MARGARETE ANNA MARIE WARNEKE, 07.22.1908 - 11.23.1989, b Bremen, Germany, d Max Kurt & Marie Johanne Vermehren Warneke, h Karl August Rabe, c Elizabeth Marie Morris, Karl Albert

RANGON, child, 11.03.1950 - 11.05.1950

REICHERT, ANNIE HILTPOLD, 11.29.1872 - 05.20.1942, d Hans Jakob Ulrich & Anna Hiltpold, b Switzerland, h Carl George Reichert, c Raymond Rudolph (w Edna Bernice Brunette (Mrs. Paul Jacob) Dieckmann), Olga Anna (Mrs. Conard Culberson) Miller, Oscar (w Sybil Lucille Faulkner), Clara Marie (Mrs. Luther "Doc") Hering

REICHERT, CARL GEORGE, 04.04.1871 - 12.08.1920, b MO, s Dr. Phillip & Catherina Napp or Noak Reichert, w Annie Hiltpold, WOW

REICHERT, CATHERINA NAPP OR NOAK, 02.05.1834 - 07.18.1912, b Danstedt, Germany, 8 1847, h Dr. Phillip Reichert (m 1856), c Catherine (presumed died young ~1857), Aemilia Cecilia Charlotte (presumed died young ~1861), another child (presumed died young ~1862), another child (presumed died young ~1864), Albert Phillip (w Minna Berger), Emma Catherine (Mrs. Charles F.) Danquard, Henry Augustus "H. A." (w Elizabeth "Lizzie" Zweifel), Carl George (w Annie Hiltpold)

REICHERT, EDNA BERNICE BRUNETTE DIECKMANN, 06.23.1906 - 09.12.1988, d Phillip David Sr. & Hattie Sarah “Belle” Dodds Brunette, h1 Paul Jacob Dieckmann, h2 Raymond Rudolph Reichert

REICHERT, OSCAR, 09.08.1912 - 09.26.1989, s Carl George & Annie Hiltpold Reichert, w Sybil Lucille Faulkner

REICHERT, DR. PHILLIP, 05.06.1826 - 10.28.1908, b Baden-Baden, Germany, i 1837, lived in IL & MO & gave up his medical practice in a southern state before coming to TX, w Catherina Napp or Noak (m 1856), purchased land in New Baden 10.1873

REICHERT, RAYMOND RUDOLPH, 06.12.1903 - 04.17.1991, s Carl George & Annie Hiltpold Reichert, w Edna Bernice Brunette (Mrs. Paul Jacob) Dieckmann

REICHERT, SYBIL LUCILLE FAULKNER, 09.11.1918 - living, h Oscar Reichert, d Willard Jefferson & Mattie Ann Bolton Faulkner

RICHARDSON, BRANDEN KYLE, 10.20.1993 - 07.26.1999, s Kimberly Brunette Richardson

ROBERTS, DONALD VERNON, 03.17.1921 - 11.27.1998, w Imogene Russell

RUTKOWSKI/RUTKOWSKY, ALBERT ADOLPH, 07.15.1877 - 09.04.1967, b Pittsburgh, PA, s "Louis" Ludwig & Caroline Stintz Rutkowsky, w Rhonda Jane, c Ethel Mae Sauer

RUTKOWSKI/RUTKOWSKY, ANNA, 09.23.1886 - 03.20.1887, d Charles “Charlie” Webb & Bertha Meyer Rutkowsky

RUTKOWSKI/RUTKOWSKY, BERTHA MEYER, 03.09.1858 - 08.14.1896, h Charles “Charlie” Webb Rutkowsky, c Frank, Rudolph, Anna, Alfred, Pauline, Rosa, Hulga G. Townsend

RUTKOWSKI/RUTKOWSKY, CHARLES “CHARLIE” WEBB, 04.05.1858 - 06.15.1927, b West Prussia, i 1873, NA RC 1.5.1904, s Caroline Stintz & Mr. Webb, w Bertha Meyer

RUTKOWSKI/RUTKOWSKY, PAULINE, 01.09.1891 - 02.14.1899, d Charles “Charlie” Webb & Bertha Meyer Rutkowsky

SAUER, ALBERT, 02.12.1889 - 11.16.1917, s Hermann William Sr. & Marie Mattie Hoffer Sauer, w Emma Annie Dieckmann Sauer Brunette, WOW, "Dumuszteszeitig von uns gehn, wir hoffen auf ein wiedersehn" or " ... ? ..., we hope to meet again soon"

SAUER, CHARLES R. “CHARLIE”, 03.25.1919 - 11.27.1957, s Fred William “Fritz” & Ethel Mae Rutkowsky Sauer, WWII

SAUER, CLARENCE FRED, 06.12.1924 - 1981, s Fred William “Fritz” & Ethel Mae Rutkowsky Sauer, WWII

SAUER, ETHEL MAE RUTKOWSKI/RUTKOWSKY, 05.15.1899 - 03.19.1973, d Albert Adolph & Rhonda Jane Rutkowsky, h Fred William “Fritz” Sauer, c Mary Jane, Louis Koskey, Charles R. “Charlie”, Clarence Fred, Lela Mae Schiefer, Martha, Elma Elfredia Firth

SAUER, FRANK C., 03.1890 - 1965, s Hermann William Sr. & Marie Mattie Hoffer Sauer, w Martha “Mattie” Dieckmann

SAUER, FRED WILLIAM “FRITZ”, 05.14.1897 - 01.1984, s Hermann William Sr. & Marie Mattie Hoffer Sauer, w Ethel Mae Rutkowsky

SAUER, HERBERT FRANK, 07.12.1918 - 10.07.1983, s Frank C. & Martha “Mattie” Dieckmann Sauer, WWII

SAUER, HERMANN WILLIAM SR., 08.06.1850 - 08.15.1906, b Germany, i 1882, w Marie Mattie Hoffer, "Hier Ruht in Frieden" or "He Rests In Peace"

SAUER, LOUIS KOSKEY, 06.10.1932 - 08.06.1995, s Fred William “Fritz” & Ethel Mae Rutkowsky Sauer

SAUER, MARIE MATTIE HOFFER, 01.01.1855 - 07.16.1916, b Germany, h Hermann William Sauer, Sr., c Katie Pfistner, Herman William Jr., Albert, Frank C., Fred William “Fritz”

SAUER, MARTHA “MATTIE” DIECKMANN, 08.26.1893 - 10.1972, d Jacob & Marie Catharina Luedemann Dieckmann, h Frank C. Sauer, c Herbert Frank, Paul Cameron, Selma Grayson

SAUER, MARY JANE, 05.06.1917 - 09.21.1918, d Fred W. “Fritz” & Ethel Mae Rutkowsky Sauer

SAUER, OSCAR E., 11.17.1913 - 09.08.1942, s Albert & Emma Annie Dieckmann Sauer, full brother of Hugo Ernest Sauer & Elsie Marie Sauer Hanhart, half-brother of William Jacob "Bill" Brunette & Alma Brunette

SCHULTZ, CHARLES G., 02.26.1815 - 05.04.1894, b Germany, i 1884, w Emma

SCHULTZ, EMMA, 10.22.1842 - 04.07.1913, b Germany, i 1884, h Charles G. Schultz, c Paul Charles Sr.

SCHULTZ, GEORGE WASHINGTON, 1910 - 1911, s Paul Charles Sr. & Minnie Hiltpold Schultz

SCHULTZ, HANS PAUL SR., 03.21.1905 - 04.06.1979, s Paul Charles Sr. & Minnie Hiltpold Schultz, w Mattie Adell Thompson

SCHULTZ, LUCIE, 04.22.1913 - 04.22.1913, d Paul Charles Sr. & Minnie Hiltpold Schultz

SCHULTZ, MATTIE ADELL THOMPSON, 09.11.1907 - 01.16.1994, h Hans Paul Schultz, Sr., c Hans Paul Jr., Dorothy Virginia Akins, sister of Katherine Thompson Galloway

SCHULTZ, MINNIE HILTPOLD, 08.10.1878 - 03.12.1948, b Switzerland, d Jakob U. & Anna Hiltpold, h Paul Charles Schultz, Sr., c Gretchen Lewis, Hans Paul Sr., Agnes Emma Bertha Phillips, George Washington, Lucie Clara Marie Hurley, Paula Ann Maria Sophia, Lucie, Paul Charles Jr.

SCHULTZ, PAUL CHARLES JR., 07.28.1924 - 07.12.1928, s Paul Charles Sr. & Minnie Hiltpold Schultz

SCHULTZ, PAUL CHARLES SR., 07.20.1876 - 04.22.1948, b Germany, i 1884, s Charles G. & Emma Schultz, w Minnie Hiltpold

SCHULTZ, PAULA ANN MARIA SOPHIA, 09.01.1918 - 07.20.1940, d Paul Charles Sr. & Minnie Hiltpold Schultz

TOWNSEND, HULDA G. RUTKOWSKY, 04.03.1895 - 08.25.1923, d Charles “Charlie” Webb & Bertha Meyer Rutkowsky

ULLRICH, B., the New Baden Cemetery plat shows a cemetery plot for B. Ullrich (perhaps Richard Bruno Ullrich ?), but no burials are apparent in this plot today....updated 1/7/2016, info submitted by Jay Weber the unused B. Ullrich plot:  it is highly likely that was purchased for Bruno Richard Ullrich (O.A. Ullrich’s brother), although best I can tell, Bruno didn’t live in New Baden.  Bruno Richard Ullrich (1869-1932) is buried at Needville Public Cemetery in Fort Bend County, southwest of Houston.


ULLRICH, CHRISTINA AUGUSTA HENNIG[2], 01.13.1837 – 04.16.1888, b Neu Eibau, Bautzen, Sachesen, Germany, d Johann Gottlieb & Johanna Rosina Maria Seidel Hennig, h Gotthelf Franz Ullrich, Jr., c Bertha Selma (Mrs. Friedrich Wilhelm) Franz, Emma Anna (Mrs. Gustav Hermann) Jentsch, Ida Liddy (Mrs. Gottlieb Julius) Matthias, Clara, Oskar Alwin (NA RC 1.5.1904) (w Bertha "Bettie" Keller), Richard Bruno (w Emma Franz)

ULLRICH, GOTTHELF FRANZ JR., 12.02.1833 – 05.24.1896, b Friedersdorf, Goerlitz, Schlesien, Prussia, s Gotthelf Franz Sr. & Anna Rosina Knothe Ullrich, NA RC 6.13.1892, w Christina Augusta Hennig, (the New Baden Cemetery plat shows a cemetery plot for G. F. Ullrich, but no burials are apparent in this plot today)

ULLRICH, KURT OSCAR, 03.24.1917 - 08.04.1978, s Kurt Theodore & Ida Louisa Ullrich, WWII

ULLRICH, KURT THEODORE, 03.02.1889 - 12.25.1982, s Oskar Alwin & Bertha Keller Ullrich, w Ida Louisa Hiltpold, WWI

ULLRICH, IDA LOUISA HILTPOLD, 07.17.1885 - 06.28.1950, d Jakob U. & Anna Hiltpold, h Kurt Theodore Ullrich, c Kurt Oscar, Theodore Alwin, Irma Marie Seaton

ULLRICH, O. A., the New Baden Cemetery plat shows a cemetery plot for O. A. (Oskar Alwin ?) Ullrich, but no burials are apparent in this plot today......Updated 1/7/2016 O. A. Ullrich (Oscar Alvin Ullrich went by the name “O.A.”) and his wife Bertha Keller Ullrich are buried not in New Baden, but in Austin Memorial Park Cemetery in Austin.  No doubt they had intended to be buried in New Baden originally, but in their later years they moved in with their daughter Lydea Ullrich Weber in Austin.  When O.A. and Bertha died, 1955 and 1953 respectively, for some reason Lydea had them buried in Austin instead of taking them back to New Baden.  Thus the New Baden burial plot for O. A. Ullrich remained unused, at least until recently.   It is now occupied by the cremated remains of John Alvin Weber, son of Lydea Ullrich Weber.  John Alvin Weber was born 9/21/1924 and died on 9/1/2014, just 20 days shy of his 80th birthday.  John Weber was my father, and Lydea Ullrich Weber was my paternal grandmother.  info submitted by Jay Weber


ULLRICH, THEODORE ALWIN, 06.06.1928 - 12.21.1930, s Kurt Theodore & Ida Louisa Ullrich

Note:  Oscar Alvin Ullrich (son of Oskar Alwin & Bertha "Bettie" Keller Ullrich & Dean Emeritus of Southwestern University), his wife Otha Horger Ullrich, & their daughter Mary Ann Ullrich Barbour are buried at the I.O.O F. Cemetery in Georgetown, Williamson County, TX

URBANKE, GEORGE, 01.17.1834 - 10.02.1910, b Allexanderfeld, Austria, i 1885, NA RC 1.5.1891, w Johanna, "zu Allexanderfeld in Des. Schlesien" "From Allexanderfeld in the Former Prussian Province Of Schlesien"

URBANKE, JOHANNA, 04.14.1833 - 03.15.1893, h George Urbanke, "Hier Ruhet Fau. Johanna Urbanke" or "Here Rests Mrs. Johanna Urbanke", "Ruhe Sanft" or "Gentle Peace"

WARDEN, GLEN E., 11.14.1920 - 12.06.1996, w Lillian Irene Corn

WARDEN, LILLIAN IRENE CORN, 11.07.1927 - 12.09.1995, d Ed Cecil “Eddie” & Emma Elizabeth Brunette Corn, h1 Louis O’Neal Williams, c1 Bonnie Lynn Bardell, Samuel Williams, h2 Glen E. Warden

WENCK, FRED A., 10.25.1885 - 12.19.1937, "Rest in peace dear brother"

ZIERT, JOHN, 02.19.1846 - 09.30.1901, wife was with him as an early settler

ZWEIFEL, ANNIE LUE OLLIE FERGUSON, 03.31.1920 - 09.26.1995, h Curry Thomas Zweifel, c Betty, Loucille, Mary Ann Dodds

ZWEIFEL, CURRY THOMAS, 04.04.1916 - 11.01.1991, s John Dave Phillip & Johanne “Jane” Rabe Zweifel, w Annie Lue Ollie Ferguson

ZWEIFEL, ELIZABETH ANNA BECKTOLD, 07.10.1850 - 07.27.1937, b Germany, d Adam & Anna Barbara Gasser Becktold, h John David Zweifel (m 12.30.1865 in St. Louis, MO), c Annie Marie (Mrs. John Henry) Niemann, Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry August) Reichert, John Dave Phillip (w Johanne "Jane" Rabe), Fred John (w Addie Marshall Leamon), Nora Gertrude (Mrs. James William) Daniels (Mrs. Mike) Murphy, Gertruth (b 1880 in Kansas, died in Kansas at about 4)

ZWEIFEL, JOHN DAVID, 08.02.1839 - 11.09.1904, b Glarus, Switzerland, s Jakob & Magdalena Feurer Zweifel, w Elizabeth Anna Becktold (m 12.30.1865 in St. Louis, MO), immigrated with his parents from Canton Glarus, Switzerland in 1848

The above list is partially based upon information contained in the out-of-print book Cemeteries In Robertson County, Texas by Verna Corn Floyd and Vernelle Corn, copyright 1980, D. Armstrong Co., Inc., Printers/Publishers, Houston, Texas.  Updates, additions, and corrections have been made as a result of extensive cemetery and family history research and the invaluable assistance of relatives of people buried in this cemetery.

[1] There is no grave marker for Lela Threadgill (Mrs. E. F.) Sweeney (Mrs. Louis "Louie) Brunette.

[2] Both Gotthelf Franz Jr. & Christina Augusta Hennig Ullrich died in New Baden and may be buried in unmarked graves at the New Baden Cemetery or elsewhere.  The New Baden Cemetery Plat shows them owning a plot that has no markers visible today.

If you have any information on burials in this cemetery, please contact Jane.




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