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N E W   B A D E N   C E M E T E R Y   P L A T


Filed With Robertson County Clerk 11.10.1975

While every effort has been made to make the New Baden Cemetery list as comprehensive as possible, older burial omissions are possible. A review of the lot ownership plat below shows several original settlers owning lots that are presently vacant (e.g., John Ott, G. F. Ullrich, B. Ullrich, R. Herbert, R. Ott, & O. A. Ullrich).  One vacant burial lot next to the O. A. Ullrich, Elsie Dieckmann, & Marie Naeter lots is inscribed on the plat as follows:  "Not to be sold, unknown burial."  While some people may have been buried elsewhere, others are likely resting in unmarked graves at the New Baden Cemetery.


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