Old Franklin Cemetery

Robertson County TX

The town of Old Franklin was the first county seat of Robertson County.  It was on the headwaters of Mud Creek about 1 1/2 miles southwest of the present town of Franklin, on land belonging to Edward McMillan. No traces of Old Franklin or its cemetery remain today. Years ago, the All Faith's Church stood on the spot where the Daggett/McCuistion house stands today near the railroad tracks on the McCuistion Ranch. Burials occurred in the area around this church and may have stretched as far as the entrance to the property. It is said that square nails from old coffins were found when the cattle guard at the entrance to the property was built.

According to Ghost Towns Of Robertson County - Staggers Point, the bodies of ten Robertson County men who lost their lives in a battle with Indians on January 16, 1839 at Morgan's Point (near present-day Marlin, in Falls Co., TX) were brought back to Robertson County and buried in the small Old Franklin Cemetery.  There were other burials at this lost cemetery as well.

Three volunteers (including the current owner of the property) have recently confirmed the approximate location of this lost cemetery.  According to volunteer Betty Archer: "The house that is on the land of the Old Franklin Cemetery was built quite a few years ago. The original owner doesn't own it now. They used the tombstones out of the cemetery to make the foundation. There are some graves still left. They are in the yard of this house ... Out south of the house on that land was the stage coach line that came through Old Franklin."  This story has been confirmed by numerous others.


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ARNET, ?, 1874 - 1876

BARTON, ARMSTRONG, ? - 1.16.1839

EATON, ALFRED, ? - 1.16.1839

FULLERTON, WILLIAM, ? - 1.16.1839


HEARD, MAJOR G.W., ? - 8.1841, killed by Indians on land subsequently named "Heard's Prairie"

HENRY, HUGH, circa 1810 - 1.16.1839 (also listed as being buried at Henry Cemetery)

MCCUISTIAN, ELIZABETH MCQUIRTER, h Robert McCuistian, c including youngest son Joshua McCuistian (married Mary Elizabeth O'Neal 11.18.1851 at Holly Springs)

MCCUISTIAN, ROBERT, ? - ?, w1 Charity Dunn (never came to TX, died in TN), w2 Elizabeth McQuirter (came to TX from TN)

MCGREW, WASHINGTON, ? - 1.16.1839

PLUMMER, JACOB, ? - 1.16.1839

POWERS, ANDREW JACKSON, ? - 1.16.1839, 2nd husband of Annette Woodward Wheelock Kimble Powers Killough, c Thomas Washington Powers (died at the age of three weeks)

REED, WILSON, ? - 1.16.1839

SLAUTER, FRANCIS, ? - 1842, left wife & 7 children (including son Robert Slauter), in 1847 wife remarried Dr. George Washington Hill

TIDWELL, J. M., ? - ?, killed by Indians while plowing his field west of Old Franklin, wife & children taken into captivity by Indians

WARD, ?, ? - 1.16.1839

WEBB, A. J., ? - 1.16.1839

+ women & children who died in the cholera epidemic of 8.1838 & others

Multiple deaths on 1.16.1839 resulted from a battle with Indians at Morgan's Point (near Marlin) in Falls, Co.


For more information on Old Franklin, go to Ghost Towns Of Robertson County - Old Franklin & History Of Robertson County by John Walter Baker.

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