Robertson County Texas

Ramby Cemetery

This cemetery is located above Duck Creek on the Rolke Ranch near the Ridge community. It is through the main gate of the ranch and straight ahead (past the pink brick house and the metal work  building on the left; past the road, pond, & pen to the right). It is through the double gate on the right.  Proceed along the fence row to the left of these gates until another gate is reached.   The cemetery is through this gate to the left in a clump of trees and underbrush. This cemetery is on private land and is inaccessible to the public due to difficulty of terrain.

RAMBY, ADA, 12.18.1876 – 09.12.1880, d T. R. & Nancy J. McCoy Ramby

RAMBY, CARRIE, 08.01.1853 – 07.01.1880

RAMBY, JANE, 08.01.1853 – 07.01.1880

RAMBY, JULIA A., 07.23.1888 – 07.01.1897

RAMBY, MARY, 12.18.1876 – 10.12.1880, d T. R. & Nancy J. McCoy Ramby

RAMBY, NANCY J. MCCOY, 03.09.1862 – 06.22.1888, h T. R. Ramby


If you have any information on burials in this cemetery, please contact Jane.

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