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Rhodes Chapel Cemetery

Go 2.2 miles north on Hwy 14 from the junction of Hwy. 6 and Hwy. 14. At this point, there will be a large old two-story house on the left. Turn right and cross the railroad tracks. This is a high crossing as opposed to the two low crossings coming out of Bremond. After turning right go 4/10 mile. There will be a farmer's gate to the right. The gate will cross the opening diagonally. Standing at the gate looking at the farmer's house, the cemetery will be on the left behind a small fenced pasture. The farmer's name is Mr. Kubiak. The gate is usually unlocked and is electric. Open the gate by pushing a button on your left. Go through the opening and then close the gate with a button on your right. Go to the farmhouse and tell Mr. Kubiak you want to go to the cemetery. His yard is fenced and he has a large dog which may bark. You can drive right up to the cemetery which may be full of cows. To get there from Bremond, go 2.2 miles south from Bremond State Bank. The house will then be on your right and the road on your left. From the spot where Hwy. 6 & Hwy. 14 split, head north towards Bremond on Hwy. 14. This cemetery is off in a pasture on the right about 4/10 of a mile down.

ALLEN, A. J., 2.16.1831 - 12.12.1882, w Mary A.

ALLEN, JOHN E., 11.14.1851 - 12.8.1898

ALLEN, JOHNNIE, 11.14.1851 - 12.3.1898

ALLEN, MARY A., 8.10.1834 - 9.27.1897, h A. J. Allen

BAJONSKI, FRANCISZKA PIETRZYKOWSKI, ? - 1877, b Poland, h Franek Bajonski, she had at least two sisters and one brother, one of her sisters married Mr. Oehndalski, her parents arrived in Bremond from Poland on 11.10.1875, Catholic [1] [2]

BAJONSKI, daughter, 1877 - 1877, daughter of Franek & Franciszka Pietrzykowski Bajonski, two weeks old, Catholic [1] [2]

BONDS, CHESLEY C., 3.22.1885 - 12.22.1896, child of J. R. & Kitia Bonds, "Sheltered and safe from sorrow"

BONDS, G. C., 10.12.1812 - 11.24.1870

BONDS, MARTHA R., 11.10.1824 - 3.3.1890, "Come to rest"

BROWN, ALFRED FOY, 1820 - 1874, w Caroline Campbell Brown [3]

BROWN, CAROLINE CAMPBELL, 1820 - 1899, h Alfred Foy Brown [3]

CANADY, THOMAS J., 6.30.1839 - 12.7.1892, "In memory of"

CASKEY, ALEXANDER FARRAR, 2.21.1831 - 6.19.1891, b SC, s John W. & Martha McGowan Caskey, w1 Sarah Ann Green (m 3/7/1861), w2 Minnie Emmonds

CASKEY, ALICE, 6.24.1873 - 1.16.1874, d Alexander Farrar & Sarah Ann Green Caskey

CASKEY, IDA, 5.2.1872 - 12.2.1872, d Alexander Farrar & Sarah Ann Green Caskey

CASKEY, SARAH ANN GREEN, 6.19.1843 - ?, d John E. & Eliza Ann Snowden Green, h A. F. Caskey (m 3.7.1861, Union Parrish, LA)

CLARK, MARY A., ? - 1/30/1835

CLARK, R. H., ? - 1.30.1835

CLARK, R. H., ? - 7.22.1872

CLARK, ROBERT H., ? - 1.6.1875

CRAIG, MARY M., 3.1.1844 - 10.1.1874, b AL, h J. A. Craig

DAVIS, GEORGE, 1.9.1888 - 8.12.1889, s A. M. & E. V. Davis

DILLARD, GEORGIA ANN, 10.9.1860 - 11.20.1897, h W. M. Dillard

DILLARD, JOE, 8.25.1888 - 8.2.1889, s W. M. & Georgia Ann Dillard

DILLARD, JOEL ERVIN, 7.17.1871 - 1.6.1882, s W. S. & M. V. Dillard

DILLARD, MATTIE LEE, 6.30.1869 - 12.20.1882, d W. S. & M. V. Dillard, "Aged 12 years 5 months 20 days"

DILLARD, NOVVIE E., 12.18.1867 - 3.16.1868, "Aged 2 months and 29 days", died of cholera

EASLEY, L. V., ? - 8.25.1835, child of John V. & Lorane S. Easley

EASLEY, LORANE S., 5.9.1851 - 1.24.1892, h John V. Easley, "Not lost, blessed . . . gone before, . . . Need to part no more"

FLEMING, ELIZABETH J., 12.14.1871 - 10.25.1873, d W. A. & N. M. Fleming, "Aged 1 year 10 months 11 days.  Our little girl sleeps."

GARRETT, NORMA J., 10.9.1923 - 7.7.1981, "Victory in Jesus"

GREEN, ELIZA ANN SNOWDEN, 3.19.1824 - 10.7.1898, b Wilcox County, AL, h John E. Green (m  3.18.1841)

GREEN, GEORGE W., 12.25.1857 - 1.20.1873, s John E. & Eliza Ann Snowden Green

GREEN, JOHN E., 3.1.1814 - 6.27.1895, b Newburn, NC, w Eliza Ann Snowden

HENDRICKS, B. C., 8.9.1814 - 4.2.1896, "Resting in the hope of a glorious resurrection"

HENDRICKS, JEFF DILLARD, 2.4.1889 - 8.29.1899, "Aged 10 years 5 months 6 days"

MCBRYDE, GEORGE MILLS, 9.20.1888 - 5.30.1889, s B. F. & M. E. McBryde

NALLEY, LORENO E., 1.2.1842 - 2.12.1872, d J. H. & J. L. Collard, "This languishing heart is at rest, its thinking and aching are over"

NOBLES, ANNA E. GREEN, ~12.30.1850 - 6.12.1873, d John E. & Eliza Ann Snowden Green, h J. R. Nobles, 23 yrs 6 ms 18 ds

RHODES, ANNIE L., 4.24.1864 - 12.28.1891, h Isaac Mitchell "Ike" Rhodes, "A true and loving wife"

RHODES, MATTIE PARALEE, 10.17.1871 - 11.16.1881, d William Benjamin & Elizabeth Johnson Rhodes, "In memory of"

RHODES, NANCY A., 8.16.1825 - 8.30.1872, h John Pool Rhodes, "She died in the faith"

RICE, MRS. SENEY, 4.17.1804 - 12.3.1870, b near Newborn, NC, "Sacred to the memory of" & "She was a true Christian. A devoted friend. And a charitable neighbor."

RUSSELL, MARJORIE E. "MAGGIE" DILLARD, 9.22.1851 - 8.29.1869, d W. S. & M. D. Dillard, b Mansfield, DeSoto Parish, LA, h James C. Russell, c James W., "Spot where Christians sleep ... which angels ...?"

SCHMIDT, HERMAN, ? - 1930, b Germany, came to Texas in 1866, arrived in Bremond in 1870 [4]

SMITH, BONNIE JEAN, 1929 - 1931

SMITH, DOROTHY, 1913 - 1917

SMITH, GERALDINE, 1917 - 1917

SMITH, HAROLD WELDON, 1.21.1926 - 8.10.1979, Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps, WWII

SMITH, ILA GRACE, 9.4.1889 - ?, h John Harvey Smith

SMITH, JEWEL, 1907 - 1909

SMITH, JOHN CLIFTON, 1908 - 1953

SMITH, JOHN HARVEY, 12.25.1883 - 11.19.1939, w Ila Grace

SMITH, MATTIE E., 8.5.1871 - 7.16.1872, d S. S. & M. M. Smith

SPRINGFIELD, AARON, 9.28.1861 - 6.18.1881, s A. S. & M. Springfield, "Aged 19 years 9 months 20 days"

SXEPERTOW, children of Francisszek Knopa's wife's sister, Catholic [1] [2]

TOWLER, SALLIE FISHER, 7.9.1874 - 6.26.1876, d T. M. & S. E. Towler, "Sleep on sweet Sallie and take thy rest, God called thee home he thought it best"

WOOTAN, M. L., 8.10.1864 - 8.24.1888, w Sue J. Green

WOOTAN, SILAS M., 12.30.1876 - 9.19.1888, s M. L. & Sue J. Green Wootan

WOOTAN, SUE J. GREEN, 2.8.1856 - 5.3.1910, d John E. & Eliza Ann Snowden Green, h M. L. Wootan

WOOTAN, SUSAN EFFIE, 2.28.1884 - 10.24.1885

[1] The following appears in

Joseph Bartula's Journal:

"Finally, in the same year 1875, on the 10th of November, two Polish families arrived.  Pietrzykowski with his wife and three children (two daughters and one son) and Ohendalski with his wife and two children.  He was a son-in-law to Pietrzykowski.  They settled on the farm of Roberts."

. . .

"And, in the same year 1876, our son Jozef was born as the first one of Polish families.  He was Baptized on 9th day of January by Father Buisant at Roberts' house.  As the Godparents were Holt Irish Storman and Mrs. Roberts.  Later in September, Franek Bajonski married Pietrzykowski's daughter Franciszka.  The wedding was at Roberts' house.  But, after one year, Franciszka passed away, also her two weeks old daughter.  They are buried in the American Cemetery two and one half miles from Bremond, in the south side of farm of Jozef Zabawa."

"There was also two more Catholic graves of the Sxepertow's - the children of Francisszek Knopa's wife's sister.  All four graves are close together and the Chinese Berry (Chinaberry) is growing up on the graves."

[2]  Pages 397 and 399 of History of Robertson County by John Walter Baker state: "The Spring and Fall of 1877 was a period of drought.  The winter months that followed were severe.  Frances Bajanski, who was married the year before, died and she was buried by the side of her infant child at Rhodes Chapel Cemetery.  Before Christmas time, two other of the Polish settlers died."

[3]  According to direct descendant George B. Wilson of Marlin (October 2001), Alfred Foy Brown & Caroline Campbell Brown were buried in brick vaults in this cemetery as was the tradition in Louisiana from whence they came.  The vaults fell-in long ago and George B. Wilson erected a chain-link fence around the graves since there were no grave stones.

[4]  Page 401 of History of Robertson County by John Walter Baker says of Herman Schmidt: "He died in 1930 and was buried in the Rhodes Chapel Cemetery."




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