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Sneed Cemetery

(in Milam County)
3059799N / 09648660W

Take Highway 979 out of Calvert and across the Brazos River into Milam County. A little over two miles into Milam County, turn right onto Highway 2027. A mile or so down, you'll pass first a small house and then a large house (both on the left). At the top of the hill, turn left onto the county road. The Sneed Cemetery is clearly marked and will be on the right within fenced pasture. As you enter the pasture, take the road to the left which will lead you to the cemetery. The road to the right in the pasture goes to the old Sneed homeplace.

If you have ancestors buried on private property or government land that the law (at least in Texas) says that you have the right to visit their graves at least twice a year (First Sunday in April & First Sunday in October) from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Read more about Cemetery Visitation Days 


BARTON, EMILY C. "GASSIE", 12.23.1843 - 2.9.1866, b Washington Co., Republic of Texas, d Reverend Joseph Perkins & Achsah B. Harris Sneed, h J. M. Barton, buried to the left of Reverend Joseph Perkins Sneed

BRAND, JAMES A., 1874 - 1949, w Lillie M., "Father"

BRAND, LILLIE M., 1880 - 1967, h James A. Brand, "Mother"

BRAND, ROWENA, 1898 - 1920, d James A. & Lillie M. Brand

JUDKINS, ALBERT H., 1.17.1878 - 7.18.1954, w Nettie A.

JUDKINS, CECIL J., 4.29.1911 - 8.2.1931


JUDKINS, "LEX", ? - ?

JUDKINS, LOMA T., 6.24.1919 - 4.10.1945, Pvt. 184th Infantry, 7th Division, WWII

JUDKINS, NETTIE A., 9.25.1882 - 8.23.1966, h Albert H. Judkins

LYNCH, several graves

MASSENGALE, E. W., 10.5.1868 - 12.27.1939, w Mary B.

MASSENGALE, MARY B., 11.13.1864 - 8.1.1955, h E. W. Massengale

MCCALL, H. G. W., 1852 - 1907, w Katherine, "Father"

MCCALL, KATHERINE, 1852 - 1937, h H. G. W. McCall, "Mother"

MILLER, JEFF, 1861 - 1935, w Louise Viola, "Father"

MILLER, LOUISE VIOLA, 1878 - 1966, h Jeff Miller, "Mother"

SNEED, ACHSAH B. HARRIS, 4.2.1824 - 1.25.1860, b near Nashville, TN, immigrated to Republic of Texas 1842, h Reverend Joseph Perkins Sneed, m 1842, c Emily C. "Gassie" Barton, J. W. Sneed, Joseph Tyre Sneed Sr., Tombstone inscription: "Our Mother", buried to the right of Reverend Joseph Perkins Sneed

SNEED, GEORGIE H. BEAL, 11.11.1856 - 12.15.1884, d John & M. Beal, 1st w of Joseph Tyre Sneed Sr., m 5.12.1875, c Harold Marvin Sneed Sr. (w Cara Weber), Georgia, Joseph Tyre Jr., John Beal (w Lena Snyder), Georgia (Mrs. Terry) Thompson, 2nd w of Joseph Tyre Sneed Sr. was Lillian Beal (sister of first wife)

SNEED, JOHN WILBUR, 6.2.1908 - 5.28.1909

SNEED, REVEREND JOSEPH PERKINS, 1.10.1804 - 11.21.1881, b near Nashville, TN, s James & Bethenia Harden Perkins, w Achsah B. Harris, Tombstone inscription: "Admitted to MS Conference 1829; Sent a Missionary to Republic of Texas 1838", Historical Marker reads: "Jan. 10, 1804 - Nov. 21, 1881. A Methodist minister. Licensed 1828, Tennessee. After a Texas visit in 1834, volunteered as a missionary to Texas Republic in 1838. Organized many churches. Once was circuit rider for seven-county area. Prospered as a farmer, rancher, preacher."

STOCKMAN, ARTHUR T., 1883 - 1943

STOCKMAN, THOMAS P., 1852 - 1902, w Victoria A.

STOCKMAN, VICTORIA A., 1850 - 1932, h Thomas P. Stockman

TAYLOR, G. M., 4.1899 - 4.1899, s C. M. & A. Taylor

WHITE, ERIE B., 4.12.1879 - 1.4.1965, h Reverend William B. White

WHITE, REVEREND WILLIAM B., 4.25.1851 - 5.30.1932, w Erie B.

WHITE, several other graves



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