Robertson County Texas

Welch Cemetery

In the Camp Creek community on private land once owned by John L. & Mary Fullbright Welch. John E. & Ella M. Welch Hamilton purchased the property from the Welch family.  It is now owned by Robert Stawnitz.  Of the several graves, only Charley Welch's has a marker.


WELCH, CHARLEY, 1887 - 1911, WOW

WELCH, GEORGE W., 1852 - about 1900, w Jamama "Mamie" Smith

WELCH, JAMAMA "MAMIE" SMITH, 1858 - 1900, h George W. Welch

WELCH, JOHN L., 1852 - 1906, w Mary Fullbright

WELCH, LOUISE, 1893 - about 1900, d George W. & Jamama "Mamie" Smith Welch

WELCH, MARY FULLBRIGHT, 1859 - 1900, h John L. Welch

Other graves are thought to be the parents of Charley Welch



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