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War Activities of Robertson County 1917-1919

Submitted By Seldon Bain Graham Jr. whose father wrote, War Activities of Robertson County, Texas 1917 - 1919, in June 1933 as his Master's thesis in history at the University of Texas.


These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format by other organizations or individuals. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material must obtain the written consent of Seldon Bain Graham Jr.

Volunteer Jo Ella Snider Parker re-typed this work for online display.



Absent Without Leave   AWOL
Adjutant   Adj
Adjutant General's Office   A G O
Administrative Company   Adm Co
Alabama   Ala
Ambulance   Amb
American Expeditionary Forces   AEF
Ammunition   Am
Arizona   Ariz
Arkansas   Ark
Army Post Office   APO
Artillery   Arty
Assistant   Asst
Automatic   Auto
Auxiliary   Aux
Aviation   Avn
Bakery   Bkry
Balloon   Bln
Barracks   Bks
Battalion   Bn
Battery   Btry
Born   Bn
Brigade   Brig
Brigade Headquarters   BHQ
Bugler   Bglr
California   Calif
Captain   Capt
Casual   Cas
Cavalry   Cav
Certificate   Cert
Chauffer   Cfr
Civilian Life   CL
Class   Cl
Coast Artillery Corps   CAC
Colonel   Col
Colorado   Colo
Colored   Cld
Commanding Officer   CO
Company   Co
Concentration   Conc
Cook   Ck
Corporal   Corp
County   Co
Dental Corps   DC
Depot   Dep
Detached, Detachment   Det
Discharge, Discharged   Disch
Distinguished Service Cross   DSC
District Of Columbia   DC
Division   Div
Embarkation   Emb
Engineer   Engr
Enlisted   Enl
Enlisted Reserve Corps   ERC
Evacuation   Evac
Field   Fld
Field Artillery   FA
Florida   Fla
Fort   Ft
Furlough   Fur
General   Gen
General Assignment   GA
General Court Martial Orders   GCMO
Georgia   Ga
Guard   Gd
Headquarters   Hq
Heavy   Hv
Honor, Honorable   Hon
Horseshoer   Hs
Hospital   Hosp
Illinois   Ill
Indiana   Ind
Inducted   Inctd
Infantry   Inf
Instructor   Instru
Judge Advocate   JA
Kansas   Kans
Kentucky   Ky
Lieutenant   Lt
Line Of Duty   LD
Long island   LI
Louisiana   La
Machine Gun   MG
Major   Maj
Maryland   Md
Master   M
Mechanic   Mec
Medical   Med
Medical Corps   MC
Medical Department, Doctor Of Medicine   MD
Military   Mil
Military Police   MP
Minnesota   Minn
Mississippi   Miss
Missouri   Mo
Months   Mo
January   Jan
February   Feb
March   Mar
April   Apr
May   May
September   Sept
October   Oct
November   Nov
December   Dec
Motor Car Company   MCC
Motor Transport   MT
Musician   Mus
National Army   NA
National Guard   NG
Nevada   Nev
New Jersey   NJ
New York   NY
North Carolina   NC
Number   No
Officer   Off
Officers' Reserve Corps   ORC
Ordnance   Ord
Ordnance Department   Ord Dept
Organization   Organ
Pack   Pk
Pennsylvania   Pa
Philippine Islands   PI
Pioneer   Pion
Private   Pvt
Provisional   Prov
Quartermaster Corps   QMC
Recruit   Rct
Regiment   Regt
Regular   Reg
Regular Army   RA
Remount   Rmt
Repair   Rep
Replacement   Repl
Reserve   Res
Reserve Officers' Training Corps   ROTC
Salvage   Salv
Sanitary   Sn
School   Sch
Section   Sec
Sergeant   Sgt
Serial Number   S No
Service   Serv
Signal Corps   Sig C
Small Arms   S A
South Carolina   S C
Special Order   S O
Squadron   Sq
Stevedore   Stev
Supply   Sup
Surgeon's Certificate Of Disability   S C D
Temporary   Temp
Tennessee   Tenn
Texas   Tex
Train   Tn
Training   Tng
Transport, Transportation   T Trans
Trench Mortar   T M
Troop   Tr
Unassigned   Unasgd
University   Univ
United States Of America   U S A
Veterinarian, Veterinary   Vet
Virginia   Va
Wagon   Wag
Washington   Wash
Wisconsin   Wis
Years   Yrs





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