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War Activities of Robertson County 1917-1919

Submitted By Seldon Bain Graham Jr. whose father wrote, War Activities of Robertson County, Texas 1917 - 1919, in June 1933 as his Master's thesis in history at the University of Texas.


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Volunteer Jo Ella Snider Parker re-typed this work for online display.


The citizenship of Robertson County contributed much to the winning of the World War.  only a few cases were reported of citizens refusing to contribute to the Red Cross or to the buy War Savings Stamps and liberty Bonds.  The records are not complete as to the amount of money raised for war purposes by the people of Robertson County.  The tabulation below is only a small part of the total amount raised, as the amount of the liberty loan listed includes only a part of the Fourth liberty Loan.  Definite information was found that the county went over the top in the Third Liberty Loan campaign, and according to the information given by citizens who took part in the drive, each quota set was met except the last, or Fifth Liberty Loan.  Each of the items listed below would be much larger if the records were complete.

Liberty Loan $251,700.00
War Savings Stamps $228,424.98
Red Cross War Fund $021,000.00
Y. M. C. A. Army Fund $001,330.00
K. C. Army Fund $000,030.50
Totals $502,485.48

There are service cards in the Adjutant General's office at Austin for 1, 166 men, 623 whites and 543 colored.  Five hundred and twenty-three, or almost half of the men in service, served overseas.  Of this number, 298 were white and 225 were colored.  Two hundred and seventy-four whites and 10 colored are credited with having enlisted.  Of this number, 63 were in the Navy, 9 in the marines, and the rest were in the Army.  The service records of 12 whites and 16 colored could not be found; therefore, they are not included in the tabulations listed below.

  White Colored Total
Men In Army 512 539 1,051
Officers In Army 25 0 25
Men In Marine Corps 9 0 9
Officers in Marine Corps 0 0 0
Men In Navy 70 4 74
Officers In Navy 7 0 7
  623 543 1,166

The following tabulation indicates the distribution of men in the Army:

  White Colored Total
Enlisted 274 7 281
Inducted 211 532 743
Overseas 298 225 523
Killed 4 0 4
Died Of Wounds 2 0 2
Died Of Disease 9 11 20
Died Of Heart Failure 1 0 1
Homicide 1 0 1
Accidentally Killed 2 0 2
Awarded Fourragers 3 0 3
Awarded Navy Cross 1 0 1
Cited For Bravery 1 0 1
Wounded 25 0 25
Deserters 3 2 5
Commissioned Officers 25 0 25
Majors 1 0 1
Captains 1 0 1
First Lieutenants 14 0 14
Second Lieutenants 9 0 9
Field Clerks 1 0 1
Sergeants 57 11 68
Corporals 49 25 74
Wagoners 11 7 18
Buglers 1 1 2
Musicians 4 0 4
Cahuffers 2 0 2
Mechanics 3 5 8
Cooks 10 10 20
Horsemen 1 0 1
Saddlers 1 0 1
Privates, First Class 89 91 180


















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