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January 19, 2006

Added obituaries to the Obituaries Page

Added entries to the following Cemeteries pages


Added photos to the Photographs page

Added the following Submitted Biographical Sketches

Added  Runnels County 1890 Union Soldier Schedule page

Updated the following Obituary pages

Updated the following Cemetery pages

Updated the following Historical Marker pages

Updated the following Cemetery pages

Added the following page:

Updated the following Cemetery pages


Added the following page:

Updated the following Cemetery pages

Finished updating the World War II Soldiers information and pictures
Updated the Runnels County Texas Family Group Sheets page
Added the following pictures to the Photos Page

Added link to Ballinger High School Class of 1964
Added links to obituaries found at Ballinger High School Class of 1964
Added obituary for Mrs. H. C. White


Added an obituary of a fallen World War I soldier Carl A. Grimes
Added the following pictures to the Photos Page

Updated the Additions/Corrections page of the World War II  tribute

Updated the following Historical Marker pages:

Updated the Nancy Parker, an herb doctor in Content page

Added the following obituaries to the Obituary Page

Added the following obituaries to the Obituary Page

Created the Obituary Page, taking some of the obituaries that I've submitted to theGenConnect Boards and posted them to this website. Anyone wanting to post an obituary can submit them to me for inclusion on the Obituary Page, or can post to the GenConnect Board.
Added the following obituaries to the Obituary Page

Added link on the Obituary Page for Connie M. BRYANT Obituary in Runnels County Archives.
Added link on the Obituary Page for Mrs. R. F. (Mollie) WALKER Obituary in Runnels County Archives.
Added link on the Vital Records page to 2000 Marriage records in Runnels County Archives.
Added link on the Vital Records page to 2001 Marriage records in Runnels County Archives.
Added link on the Vital Records page to 2000 Divorce records in Runnels County Archives.
Added link on the Vital Records page to 2001 Divorce records in Runnels County Archives.
Added photos to the Content Cemetery page.
Added a few new links to the Home Page.
Created a new look for the Home Page.
Added a photo of the 1947-48 Ballinger Bearcats to the Photos Page.


Added a few links on the main page.
Added more information to the WWII section.
Added some more photos to the WWII section.
Added a picture of the Collinsworth Family to the Photos Page
Added the last cemetery survey (Rowena Protestant Cemetery) from the Stalkin' Kin publication.
Added a link to the 1880 Runnels County Census images that have been submitted to the Runnels County Archives, thanks to Mary Love Berryman and S-K Publications
Added some more pictures of Historical Markers

Added a few more photos to the photo page:

Added a partial photo survey for Evergreen Cemeter, Ballinger
Added a partial photo survey for Old Runnels Cemetery
Added a few photos to the photo page:
Entrance to Old Runnels Cemetery
Entrance to Miles Cemetery
Entrance to Evergreen Cemetery, Rowena|
Entrance to St. Joseph's Cemetery, Rowena
Veteran Memorial on Courthouse Lawn
Veteran Memorial Marker on Courthouse Lawn
The Cross
Old Theile Building - Rock Hotel, Miles, Texas
Added a page for Hermann Sons Lodge #216 Rowena, Texas
Revampted the Historical Markers by making a page for each marker and added some photos
Changed the looks of the Home Page
Added photo of Ballinger School Buildings thanks to Ron Crockett
Added photo of Central Hotel - Ballinger thanks to Ron Crockett
Added photo of First Baptist Church - Ballinger thanks to Ron Crockett
Added photo of Ballinger, Texas 1924 thanks to Ron Crockett
Added links and corrected some links on the Links Page
Added a Rogers Hornsby section to the Main Page.
Added all names to the Men and Women in World War II from Runnels County page. Info to be added as time permits.


Added to the Vitals Records page, links to Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records submitted to the Runnels County Archives.
Started adding info from the book Men and Women in World War II from Runnels County
Added photographs to the Photo page

Corrected some links to cemeteries on the Cemetery page
Installed a Quick Mail form on the Main page to make it easier to email me.
Posted two visitor-participation polls on the Main page
Uploaded the proofread and updated Precinct 1, 1900 Census

Staklin Kin' Articles

Updated the Links page-added over 50 links to Runnels County connections.
Updated the Obit page to include links to submitted obituaries.
Added some postcards to the Photos page.
Teachers of Runnels County, March 1901
Runnels County Marirage Records to 1910


Staklin Kin' Articles

Added a couple of Photos
Added links and photos to the Historical Markers page
Uploaded the last precinct in the 1900 census (Precinct 6)
Updated the Stalkin Kin' page
Joined a couple of new webrings
Created a webring specific to Runnels County websites.
Created a Civil War page to group several pages together.
Added Precinct 3 of the 1900 census. Precinct 6 coming soon!
Added Roll of Ex-Confederates of Runnels County, Texas 1896 page.
Added Camp Roll, Henry E. McCullouch Camp No. 557, Ballinger, Texas, A.D. 1901 page.
Added photographs of the 1915 Ballinger Whirlwind Yearbook.
Added a new search engine to this site, courtesy of FreeFind
Added new biographies to the Bios Page
Added new obituaries to the Obits page
Added links to pages from the Handbook of Texas Online on the Links page.
Added a History of Runnels County page
Added eGroups Email Group for Runnels County
Added Probate Records
Added a page for the Blue Gap Post Office.
Added a Photos page
Created a Migrations Across Texas - Runnels County page
Updated the Obits Intro Page
Updated the History Page
Updated Cemetery page, linking to several cemeteries that were found online.
Updated the Obituary intro page, as well as Biographies, Wills, and Pension intro pages
Updated the Historical Markers page'
Udtated the Lookups page.

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