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The following bibliography is a selection of materials available in the
Texana/Genealogy Department of the San Antonio Public Library.
It is merely a beginning.
Please consult staff for help with your specific needs.


In Search of Confederate Ancestors. J. H. Segars. [929.1072 Segars]
Where to Write for Confederate Pension Records. Desmond Walls Allen. [929.1737 Allen]

Compendium of the Confederacy: an annotated bibliography. John H. Wright. [016.9737 Wright]
Confederate Research Sources: a guide to archives collections. James Neagles. [973.7 Neagles]
Civil War Eyewitnesses: an annotated bibliography of books and articles, 1955-1986. Garold L. Cole. [016.9737 Cole]
Civil War Eyewitnesses: an annotated bibliography of books and articles, 1986-1996. Garold L. Cole. [973.7 Cole]

Compendium of the Confederate Armies. Stewart Sifakis. [973.742 Sifakis]
Confederate Regular Army. Richard P. Weinert, Jr. [973.7 13 Weinert]
Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units, 1861-1865. Arthur Bergeron. [973.7463 Bergeron]
Military Bibliography of the Civil War. Charles Dornbush. [016.9737 Dornbush]
Units of the Confederate States Army. Joseph H. Crute, Jr. [973.7 Crute]
"Virginia Regimental Histories." (selected units)
Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations. Betty Wiltshire. [976.2 Wiltshire]
North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: a roster. Louis Manarin. [973.7 Manarin]
Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Louisiana Confederate Commands. Andrew Booth. [976.3 Booth]
Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia. Lillian Henderson. [975.8 Roster] 
Tennesseans in the Civil War. [976.8 Tennesseans]

Arkansas 1911 Census of Confederate Veterans. Bobbie McLane. [976.7 McLane]
Arkansas Confederate Veterans & Widows Pension Applications. [976.7 Arkansas]
Mississippi Confederate Pension Applications. Betty Wiltshire. [976.2 Wiltshire]
Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires. Gustavus Dyer & John T. Moore. [973.7468 Tennessee]
Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications. Samuel Sistler. [976.805 Sistler]
Tennessee's Confederate Widows and their Families. [976.8 Tennessee]

Confederate States Marine Corps (includes bios. of officers). Ralph Donnelly. [973 .742 Donnelly]
Confederate States Navy Research Guide. Thomas T. Moebs. [973.75 Moebs] 
History of the Conftderate States Navy. J. Thomas Scharf. [973.75 Scharf]

Doctors in Gray: the Confederate Medical Service. H. H. Cunningham. [973.775 Cunningham]

Biographical Dictionary of the Confederacy. Jon Wakelyn. [973.71303 Wakelyn]
Confederate Staff Officers. Joseph Crute, Jr. [973.742 Crute]
Generals in Gray . Ezra J. Warner. [973.742 Warner]
More Generals in Gray. Bruce Allardice. [973.74 109 Allardice]
Recollections and Reminiscences [South CarolinaJ 1861-1865 through World War I. [975.7 Recollections]
Who's Who in the Confederacy. [973.74209 Who's]

Band of Brothers: photographic epilogue to Marylanders in the Confederacy. Daniel Hartzler. [975.2 Hartzler]
Camp Fires of Georgia's Troops, 1861-1865. William Smedlund. [973.7458 Smedlund]
Confederate Military History. Clement Evans. [973.7 Evans]
Official Military Atlas of the Civil War. [911.73 United]
Photographic History of the Civil War. [973.7 Photographic]
"Portraits of Conflict": Arkansas [973.7 Roberts]; Georgia [973.7458 Bailey] Mississippi [973.7462 Roberts]; North Carolina [973.7456 McCaslin]; South Carolina [973.7457 McCaslin]; Texas [976.405 Moneyhon]
State Troops & Volunteers [North CarolinaJ. Greg Mast. [973.7456 Mast]

Hispanic Confederates. John O' Donnell-Rosales. [973.7  O'Donnell-Rosales]
Vaqueros in Blue & Gray. Jerry Thompson. [973.70896 Thompson]
Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas. [973 .74 64 Confederate]
Czechs in Gray and Blue, Too.' Jody Wright. [973.7 Czechs]
Index to Applications for Texas Confederate Pensions. John M. Kinney. [929.3764 Kinney]
Lone Star Generals in Gray. Ralph Wooster. [973.7464 Wooster]
Texas Confederate Deaths in Union Hospitals & Prisons. [973.7464 Texas]
Texas in the War, 1861-1865. Marcus Wright. [973.7 Wright]
Their Last Full Measure: Texas Confederate Casualty Lists. L. L. Kight. [973.764 Kight]

Civil War Regiments	Confederate Veteran
Journal of Confederate History	Military Collector and Historian
Military History of the West	Military Images
Ohio Civil War Genealogical Journal	Southern Bivouac (microfilm)
Southern Historical Society Papers [vols. 1-33].	Southwestern Historical Quarterly
North and South
*Also, see State and County genealogical and historical journals

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