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Family Wall Project

The Family Wall Project has two objectives:

1. We study the events in history but seldom get to view the faces and read about the accomplishments of the everyday people who lived in those times and created the history we love to study.

2. By honoring our forefathers we insure these families will be remembered.

Members of the SAGHS are given the opportunity to have Family pictures on permanent display at the Library. 

Pictures selected can be from any period up to the present. Information about the pictures enhance and bring to life the people in the pictures.  A brief History of the Family is very useful for this process. 

A  Scrapbook of this History along with the pictures is stored at the Library.

A copy of this Scrapbook is available below. Double_Click to the Page  () within the Scrapbook to view the information. The (=) indicates the individual is on the same page as above entry.  The (ID) column is the Picture ID.  The number to the right of the hyphen is the Family Member ID and corresponds to the number on the picture for that individual.

Page Last Name First Name City State/Country Date ID
Aldenberg Rosa Amsterdam Netherlands 1920 A20-2

Alder Amy San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-8
 = Alder Arthur William San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-5
 = Alder Charles San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-28
 = Alder Gideon Gilbert San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-11
 = Alder Henry San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-4
 = Alder Lavinia San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-7
 = Alder Lena San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-16
 = Alder Louis San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-15
 = Alder Samuel George San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-6
 = Alder William Arthur San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-27
 = Alder Isilene Maude San Antonio Texas 6204 B06-13
  Astin Ervin H Bryan Texas 6204 B02-1
 = Astin James Robert Bryan Texas 6204 B02-4
Barnes Lucy Rosetta San Antonio Texas 1910 A13-7
Barnes Otis Illiopolis IL 1900 A34-6
Beimack Frank Phillip San Antonio Texas 1898 A09-1
Bellinger Carrie Legare San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-15
= Bellinger Edmund San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-17
= Bellinger Edmund Sr. San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-18
= Bellinger Ely San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-14
= Bellinger Eugene Marshall San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-2
= Bellinger Eustace |H Lucius San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-3
= Bellinger John Arthur San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-9
= Bellinger John Camot San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-8
= Bellinger Oran Robert San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-19
= Bellinger Wenona San Antonio Texas 1900 A08-11
Bennack Anna Marie San Antonio Texas 1900 A09-6
= Bennack Anna Pauline San Antonio Texas 1900 A09-10
= Bennack Arthur David James San Antonio Texas 1900 A09-4
= Bennack Charlotte Johanna San Antonio Texas 1898 A09-7
Bennack George San Antonio Texas 1900 A09-3
= Bennack Ida Sarah San Antonio Texas 1900 A09-5
= Bennack Justina Catherine San Antonio Texas 1898 A09-8
Bennack Sarah San Antonio Texas 1898 A09-9
Bennack Frank Phillip San Antonio Texas 1900 A08-12
Bennack Justine San Antonio Texas 1900 A08-10
Bennack Wenona Thelma San Antonio Texas 1910 A08-6
Beschorner Marie San Antonio Texas 1909 A19-6
Bhil Lydia Ottile San Antonio Texas 1934 A37-4
Bitter Lottie San Antonio TX 1913 A33-6
Brown Beulah ‘Boots’ Wiley Aguas Caliente Mexico 1913 A30-3
= Brown Franklin ‘Frank’ Wesley Aguas Caliente Mexico 1913 A30-2
= Brown Gertrude Alice Aguas Caliente Mexico 1913 A30-1
= Brown Helen Octavia Aguas Caliente Mexico 1913 A30-4
= Brown Henry Ezekiel Aguas Caliente Mexico 1913 A30-7
= Brown Jr. Henry Ezekiel Aguas Caliente Mexico 1853 A30-6
Callies Charles Ludwig Ferdinand Larkow Germany 1889 A39-1
Callies Robert T. Sioux City Iowa 1940 A40-1
Cameron Luella Edna Sentinal Butte ND 1920 A28-3
Campbell Louis Samual Oakley TX 1899 A38-1
Canterbury Claude Austin Texas 1934 A44-2
Clifton Louella Catherine San Antonio TX 1904 A33-8

Cole Jasper Newton Bryan Texas 1904 B07-1
Copeland Addora Elizabeth Huckabay Texas 1904 A14-9
= Copeland Alvin Bamabas Huckabay Texas 1904 A14-3
= Copeland America Huckabay Texas 1904 A14-6
= Copeland Clara C. Huckabay Texas 1884 A14-4
Copeland John Huckabay Texas 1904 A49-1
= Copeland Ketura Huckabay Texas 1904 A14-5
= Copeland Ollie Frances Huckabay Texas 1904 A14-1
= Copeland Sarah Jane Huckabay Texas 1904 A14-8
= Copeland Talitha Hester Huckabay Texas 1898 A14-2


Cowles Annie Louise San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-21


Cowles Charles San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-26


Cowles Edith Lillian San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-25


Cowles Harriett San Antonio Texas 1898 B06-17
Crouch Charles Houston Texas 1898 A16-6
= Crouch Jackson Houston Texas 1898 A16-2
= Crouch John Houston Texas 1898 A16-5
= Crouch Lidia Houston Texas 1898 A16-8
= Crouch Orin Houston Texas 1898 A16-3
= Crouch William Houston Texas 1861 A16-7
Cummings Lamira Frances Walworth Co. WI 1853 A26-2
Dalke Pauline Larkow Germany 1905 A39-2
Earl Alice Mogan City LA 1905 A01-3
= Earl James Albert III San Antonio TX 1885 A22-4
= Earl James Albert Jr. Mogan City LA 1934 A01-2
Earl James Albert Jr. San Antonio TX 1934 A22-3
= Earl James Albert Sr. Mogan City LA 1905 A01-1
Eckhardt Emilie San Antonio Texas 1934 A36-1
Erwin Lilly Ann San Antonio TX 1934 A33-5


Fisk Albert San Antonio Texas 1872 B06-1


Flickinger Elias Lake Fork Ohio 1872 B08-1


Flickinger Julia Ann Lake Fork Ohio 1934 B08-2
Foster Thomas Orian Jr. San Antonio TX 1934 A22-18
= Franco Felicita (Felice) . San Antonio TX 1910 A22-22


Fryer Alice Lucretia Indian Territory Oklahoma 1910 B05-8
Fuller Nancy Jane Lampasas TX 1889 A25-1


Garlinghouse Arthur Alder San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-20


Garlinghouse Clara San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-22


Garlinghouse Lillie A. San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-23


Garlinghouse Walter Sheldon San Antonio Texas 1889 B06-2
Gayer Mary Magdalene Sioux City Iowa 1934 A40-2
Gonzales Helen Edith (Sister) San Antonio TX 1934 A22-2
= Gonzales Lucille Marie San Antonio TX 1934 A22-1
= Gordon Harry San Antonio TX 1934 A22-14
= Gordon Mary Louise San Antonio TX 1870 A22-15
Gray Olive P. Parker’s Prairie MN 1889 A28-1


Gregg Meshach York England 1889 B03-2
Griedl Augustina San Antonio Texas 1876 A43-2
Grondman Jacob Amsterdam Netherlands 1898 A20-1
Hankins William Martin San Antonio Texas 1934 A08-20
Harton Nancy San Antonio TX 1934 A22-5
= Harton William M. (Bill) Sr. San Antonio TX 1913 A22-9
= Harton William M. Jr. San Antonio TX 1934 A22-6
Hasty Telula Marietta Aguas Caliente Mexico 1910 A30-5


Haywood Harriet York England 1910 B03-1
High Iva Melissa Illiopolis IL 1862 A34-3


Hitchcock Ada Amelia San Antonio Texas 1862 B06-14
Hodgdon Charles Putnam Camp Douglas IL 1880 A26-1
Hodgdon Edna Aline Portland OR 1934 A28-2
Holmgreen Alfred Fredrich San Antonio TX 1934 A33-1
= Holmgreen Eugene Adolph San Antonio TX 1934 A33-2
= Holmgreen Julius Hermann San Antonio TX 1934 A33-4
= Holmgreen Richard Johann San Antonio TX 1913 A33-3
Hughitt Della Derena Goldthwaite TX 1900 A29-2
husband of Henritta Knutson T. Lake View TX 1913 A31-16
Isner Pauline Helena San Antonio TX 1905 A47-2
January Lilly Mogan City LA 1904 A01-4
Jones Margaret Earth County Texas 1884 A49-2
Jones Margaret Pauline Huckabay Texas 1934 A14-7
Kilday Mary Catherine San Antonio TX 1934 A22-11
= Kilday Paul J. San Antonio TX 1900 A22-12
Kincheloe Bud Lake View TX 1900 A31-11
= Kincheloe Gregory Glasscock Lake View TX 1900 A31-9
= Kincheloe Zada Lake View TX 1900 A31-10
= Kincheloe Zelma Lake View TX 1910 A31-13
Klar Adolph San Antonio Texas 1910 A19-8
= Klar Amelia San Antonio Texas 1910 A19-4
= Klar Annie San Antonio Texas 1910 A19-1
= Klar Emil San Antonio Texas 1910 A19-5
= Klar Hugo San Antonio Texas 1910 A19-3
= Klar Mary San Antonio Texas 1910 A19-7
= Klar Richard San Antonio Texas 1900 A19-2
Knutson Alice Abigail (Chunky) Lake View TX 1900 A31-8
= Knutson Henritta Etter Lake View TX 1900 A31-15
= Knutson Hortense (Hauty) Lake View TX 900 A31-6
= Knutson Lewis Edward Lake View TX 1 1900 A31-5
= Knutson Lula L. Lake View TX 1900 A31-7
= Knutson Missouri Ellen (Ellie) Lake View TX 1900 A31-12
= Knutson Wiley Whitley Lake View TX 1900 A31-1
= Knutson William Calvin Lake View TX 1900 A31-2
= Knutson Willie Jane Lake View TX 1872 A31-4

Lamascus Charles Kenrick Flatonia Texas 1872 B04-1
Lamascus Harriet Morrison Travis Co Texas 1899 A41-1
Lang James Charles Lake Charles LA 1889 A11-1
Leitner Alois Jr. San Antonio Texas 1889 A43-4
= Leitner Aloisa San Antonio Texas 1889 A43-5
= Leitner Augustine San Antonio Texas 1889 A43-1
= Leitner Rosa San Antonio Texas 1898 A43-3
Lowry Ada San Antonio Texas 1934 A08-13

Lusty Annie San Antonio Texas 1934 B06-10
Luthy Frank Lewis Edward San Antonio TX 1913 A22-19

Magnus Elizabeth Flatonia Texas 1913 B04-2

Magott Alfred San Antonio TX 1913 A47-7
= Magott Hedwig “Haidee” Josephine San Antonio TX 1913 A47-5
= Magott Margaret Mary San Antonio TX 1913 A47-4
= Magott Mary Louise San Antonio TX 1913 A47-6
= Magott Pauline Catherine San Antonio TX 1913 A47-3
Magott Theodore San Antonio TX 1913 A47-1
= Magott Theodore Paul San Antonio TX 1899 A47-8
Marsh Flora Ann Lake Charles LA 1909 A11-2
Marsh Sarah Lake Arthur LA 1913 A10-1
McKinney Goldie “Mack” Goldthwaite TX 1918 A29-1
McKinney Iva Jane Darby MN 1857 A28-4
Menger Anna San Antonio Texas 1857 A18-6
= Menger August Fredrich San Antonio Texas 1857 A18-7
= Menger Erich San Antonio Texas 1909 A18-3
Menger Erich Jr. San Antonio Texas 1909 A37-1
= Menger Floy Elizabeth San Antonio Texas 1909 A37-5
= Menger Frances ‘“Red” B. San Antonio Texas 1857 A37-3
Menger Ida San Antonio Texas 1857 A18-8
Menger Johann Nicolaus Simon San Antonio Texas 1857 A18-2
Menger Julius Oscar San Antonio Texas 1909 A18-1
Menger Norman “Brom” San Antonio Texas 1857 A37-2
Menger Rudolh W. San Antonio Texas 1863 A18-4
Messick George Dale Co Alabama 1900 A21-1
Miles R. T. (Teck)R. T. (Teck) Lake View TX 1934 A31-14

Miller Albert Bedford San Antonio Texas 1934 B06-19
Miller Grace Electra San Antonio TX 1951 A33-7
Moore Ella Houston Texas 1934 A17-1
Newton Albert R.(Sonny) San Antonio TX 1934 A22-7
= Newton Alfonso Jr. San Antonio TX 1934 A22-23
= Newton Alfonso Sr. San Antonio TX 1934 A22-21
= Newton Angelita (Angie) San Antonio TX 1934 A22-17
= Newton Ceanlle (Cecile) San Antonio TX 1934 A22-10
= Newton Felicta (Felice) San Antonio TX 1934 A22-8
= Newton Florence (Flossie) San Antonio TX 1934 A22-24
= Newton Ignacia (Agnes) San Antonio TX 1934 A22-13
= Newton Vicenta (Bessie) San Antonio TX 1890 A22-20

Oertel Ethel Alder San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-18


Oertel Hilda Alder San Antonio Texas B06-24

Parks James Thomas Emporia Kansas


Pegler Gilbert San Antonio Texas 1897 B06-3


Pegler Lucy San Antonio Texas 1914 B06-12
Perez Alejo De La Ebcarnacion Alejo De La Ebcarnacion Texas 1914 A48-1
Pfeiffer Agnes Marie San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-4


Pope Emily Richardson Indian Territory Oklahoma 1890 B05-12
= Potschernick Charles Cecil San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-10
= Potschernick Elec San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-9
= Potschernick Fritz San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-3
= Potschernick George San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-1
= Potschernick Herman San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-2
= Potschernick Joseph Peter San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-6
= Potschernick Minnie San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-8
= Potschernick Rosa San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-5
= Potschernick Sophie San Antonio Texas 1890 A12-7
= Potschernick Tillie San Antonio Texas 1898 A12-11
Price Henry Nunnery Jackson M 1898 A02-1
= Price James Franklin Jackson MS 1898 A02-3
= Price Nancy C. Jackson MS 1913 A02-2
Ringham Elsie Hartshorne OK 1885 A23-1
Schmeltzer Gustav San Antonio Texas 1857 A35-1
Schoeniger Augusta Louisa San Antonio Texas 1912 A18-5

Sheridan Dennis Patrick Alamo Heights Texas B01-1
Shockley Edgar Wildie Jackson Montague Co. TX 1912 A05-5
Shockley Gertrude Maude Jackson Montague Co. TX 1912 A05-2
= Shockley Grace Agnes Jackson Montague Co. TX 1912 A05-4
= Shockley Syble Elizabeth Jackson Montague Co. TX 1912 A05-3
= Shockley Vallie Mary Jackson Montague Co. TX 1900 A05-1
Sievers Marianna San Antonio Texas 1868 A09-2
Sixkiller Redbird   Washington D.C. 1910 A06-1
Smith Ada Mae Illiopolis IL 1910 A34-4
= Smith Bessie Illiopolis IL 1910 A34-8
= Smith Henrietta Phenie Illiopolis IL 1910 A34-7
= Smith Kathline Illiopolis IL 1910 A34-1
= Smith Nettie Byno Illiopolis IL 1910 A34-2
= Smith Verna Belle Illiopolis IL 1898 A34-5

Soward Emily Indian Territory Oklahoma 1900 B05-1
= Soward Henry Bryan Indian Territory Oklahoma 1900 B05-9
= Soward Hillard Martin Indian Territory Oklahoma 1900 B05-6
= Soward James Turner Indian Territory Oklahoma 1900 B05-10
= Soward John Wamac Indian Territory Oklahoma 1900 B05-11
= Soward John Washington Indian Territory Oklahoma 1900 B05-2
= Soward Leona Indian Territory Oklahoma 1900 B05-4
= Soward West Cornett Indian Territory Oklahoma 1900 B05-7
= Soward William Kelly Indian Territory Oklahoma 1900 B05-5
= Soward Winona Indian Territory Oklahoma 1898 B05-3
Spears Rhoda Houston Texas 1915 A16-4
Stearns Lucretia Anjean Brady Texas 1915 A42-2
= Stearns Sarah Almena Vredenburgh Brady Texas 1934 A42-1
Stewart Mable Faith San Antonio TX 1865 A22-16
Stillwell Sarah Ann Jackson TX 1898 A04-1
Swindell Delmon San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-4
= Swindell John Lorin San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-1
= Swindell LeRoy San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-5
= Swindell Lola San Antonio Texas 1898 A08-7
= Swindell Will San Antonio Texas 1905 A08-16
Tull Albert Newcomb Chappell Ontario Canada 1900 A27-2
Tull Blanch Hewitt MN 1870 A24-1
Tull Daniel Brown Parker’s Prairie MN 1900 A27-1
Tull Edna Hewitt MN 1897 A24-2
Tull Eugene Follet Hewitt MN 1917 A27-3
Tull Robert Anson Alpha Village ND 1899 A27-4
Vogtsberger Maida E. Austin Texas 1920 A44-1

Ward Onah Bryan Texas 1920 B02-7
Weatbrook Artemus Ryland San Antonio Texas 1920 A13-6
= Weatbrook Clyde Barnes San Antonio Texas 1920 A13-4
= Weatbrook Donald (Don) Marion San Antonio Texas 1920 A13-8
= Weatbrook Loyd Elmor San Antonio Texas 1920 A13-2
= Weatbrook Robert (Bob) Burdet San Antonio Texas 1920 A13-3
= Weatbrook Ross Layman San Antonio Texas 1920 A13-1
= Weatbrook Roy Artemus San Antonio Texas 1900 A13-5
Webb Rebecca Jane Lake View TX 1898 A31-3
Wintres Sallie Houston Texas 1902 A16-1
Womack Ellen “Ella” Elizabeth Jackson MS 1919 A03-5
Worthing Franklin Clay   France 1890 A15-1
Wright Philip Alexander Texas 1876 A07-1



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