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"Our Heritage" The quarterly publications of SAGHS
Historical Articles
Subject Location
1866 San Antonio Cholera Epidemic Vol 46 #1&#2 p33
30 Minutes of Torture - 33 Years of Life Vol 34 #1 p27
36 Counties That Made Up the Republic of Texas Vol 26 #2 p30
Alamo_ Fall of the Vol 19 #2 p54
Alamo_ Heroes of the Vol 2 #2 p35
Alamo_ List of Men Who Died Vol 19 #2 p55
Battle of Bexar Vol 19 #2 p74
Battle of San Jacinto_ The Vol 19 #3 p100
Bee County_ Excerpt from History of Vol 15 #3 p117
Bee County_ Excerpt from History of (cont) Vol 15 #3 p139
Bee County_ Excerpt from History of (cont) Vol 15 #4 p161
Bee County_ Excerpt from History of (cont) Vol 16 #1 p23
Bexar Co TX - A History of Its Boundary Changes Vol 25 #2 p85
Bexar Co TX - A History of Its Boundary Changes (cont) Vol 25 #4 p180
Bexar Co TX - Site of Old Utzville School Now Under Calaveras Lake Vol 24 #1 p17
Bexar Co TX Schools 1914-1915 Vol 41 #1& p24
Birth of ‘Spindletop’ January 10 1901 Vol 20 #2 p72
Black Seminole Indians Buried in Kenney County Vol 24 #2 p69
Blue Book, The; A Guide for Those Seeking a Good Time in San Antonio Texas Vol.44 #3&4 p.45
Brief History of Immigration Laws of United States Vol 20 #3 p138
Burial Sites of Historic Personalities of Early Texas - San Antonio Area Vol 20 #4 p176
Canary Island Notes Vol 33 #4 p14
Capture of Gen Santa Anna_ The (By Sam L Townsend) Vol 19 #3 p111
Cholera Epidemic strikes San Antonio Vol 45 #3&4 p74
Confederates Take Oath of Amnesty (By Howard Hahn) Vol 28 #3 p35
Council House Fight - A Day of Horrors_ A (By Robert O Barney) Vol 32 #3 p30
Council House Fight - A Letter from a Descendant Vol 33 #3 p44
Courthouses_ A Few Texas (Edwards Co & Bexar Co) Vol 9 #4 p108
Courthouses_ A Few Texas (Karnes Co & Kendall Co) Vol 9 #2 p71
Cruel and Inhuman Punishment Vol 22 #3 p106
Cruel and Inhuman Punishment (correction) Vol 22 #4 p172
Custom of Branding Cattle on Texas Range Lands Vol 22 #4 p150
Dawson Massacre and Mier Expedition 1842 Vol 26 #2 p5
E I COYLE and Trouble at The Alamo Vol 34 #2 p18
Early Days of San Antonio (By Elton Cude) Vol 20 #2 p76
Early History of Texas_ The (by Henry Guerra) Vol 19 #3 p140
Early Mormon Settlement in Texas Vol 45 #1&2 p51
Era of Lawlessness in Central Texas_ An (By Roquey Jobes) Vol 36 #3 p9
Forty From Gonzales at the Alamo Vol 33 #4 p36
Frank L Britton's Oath as Private Secretary to the Governor Vol 46 #1&#2 p28
Fred NOYES Pulled the First Train from Houston to San Antonio 1870’s Vol 34 #1 p25
GalvestonÕs Missing Passenger Lists (By Lawrence H Konecny) Vol 34 #3 p35
Goliad Massacre (By Robert O Barney) Vol 31 #2 p3
GONZAULLAS_ Capt MT - Texas Ranger Vol 20 #4 p151
Guadalupe Co_ TX - History of a Concrete Cemetery Vol 23 #2 p52
Hessians of the American Revolution_ The (By WTReeder) Vol 36 #2 p25
History of Medina Co TX Vol 20 #2 p60
History of the Castle on the Medina Vol 32 #2 p19
Holland Dutch Settlements of the Kentucky Frontier Vol 31 #1 p32
How Joe GRIFFIN Got His Monument (By Bob Barney) Vol 27 #1 p13
Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia Vol 36 #4 p17
In Old San Antonio (A History of Bexar County) Vol 11 #4 p113
Indianola_ the Mother of Western Texas (by Brownson Malsch) Vol 19 #4 p148
James Routh Land Grant Vol 2 #4 p112
Last Days of Capt. Samuel Highsmith, The Vol.42 #1&2 p.4
Laws of Texas_ The (1822-1897) Vol 13 #3 p137
Legal Separation_ Texas Style_ 1846 Vol 19 #2 p96
Lessons in Texas Geography: Beaukiss Vol 45 #3&4 p72
Letter from the Black Bean Lottery (By Robert O Barney) Vol 34 #2 p28
Mason-Dixon Line_ The (by Esther McGrew Hardin) Vol 26 #1 p34
Medina Co TX - McMullen Grant Settlers Vol 19 #4 p169
Military Road from San Antonio to El Paso (By Chas G Downing) Vol 28 #1 p8
Mr. Terrell's Castle Vol 40 #3&4 p78
Nacogdoches Under Nine Flags Vol 3 #1 p10
Nacogdoches Under Nine Flags (cont) Vol 3 #2 p39
Nacogdoches Under Nine Flags (cont) Vol 3 #3 p71
Nacogdoches Under Nine Flags (cont) Vol 3 #4 p101
Nacogdoches Under Nine Flags (cont) Vol 4 #1 p10
New York in the Revolution Vol 35 #4 p2
North Side of Main Plaza Has a Chapter of Blood Vol 33 #4 p38
Occupations of Colonial Times Vol 31 #3 p20
Original Settlers in DeWitt's Colony Vol 34 #3 p38
Pre-Base History of Randolph Air Force Base_ A (By Joseph E King) Vol 37 #1&2 p2
Prohibition Campaign,The 1874 Vol 45 #3&4 p22
Prohibition Campaign, The 1911 Vol 45 #3&4 p25
Remembering The Alamo and Its Plaza (By Madge Roberts) Vol 35 #2 p19
Robert E Lee's Toast - San Antonio Light_ July 22_ 1927 Vol 34 #1 p20
Saga of the Fort Niagara & Alamo Flags (By Vivian Rudisill) Vol 35 #3 p34
San Antonio Orphanage_ A (By Daisy Jane Alberthal) Vol 34 #1 p21
San Antonio River Mills_ The (By Fount Rambie) Vol 36 #1 p32
San Antonio's First Newspapers (by Eugene C. Barker) Florence  Vol.40 #1&2 p.81
San Antonio_ TX - The Confederate Monument in Travis Park Vol 20 #2 p58
San Antonio_ TX - The Italian-American Community Vol 35 #3 p22
San Augustine County_ Texas Historical Medallions Vol 4 #4 p106
San Pedro Park During the 20th Century Vol.44 #3&4 p.33
San Pedro Springs (by Edwina K. Janert) Vol 43 3&4 p20
San Pedro Springs as a Recreational Facility (by Edwina K. Janert) Vol 44 1&2 p25
Secession Document - Texas from US 1861 Vol 28 #1 p7
Sequoyah's Visit to San Antonio Vol 19 #1 p12
Siege of Bexar - December 1835: A Republic Is Born (By Robert M White) Vol 36 #1 p2
Some Confederate Leaders From Bexar County Vol 33 #4 p11
Some South Texas Indian Raids (By Fount Rambie_ Jr) Vol 35 #4 p16
Some Texas Genealogy Vol 7 #1 p14
Spanish American War Action at Manila_ Philippine Islands Vol 30 #3 p36
Story of the Bexar County Coliseum Vol 34 #2 p37
Stroll Through Time Down the San Antonio River Vol 36 #3 p2
Texas Cattle Trails Vol 1 #1 p3
Texas Revolution_ Letters from John W Hassell Concerning Vol 2 #3 p66
Texas Revolution_ The Vol 5 #4 p70
Texas: Then and Now Vol 1 #1 p2
Texas: Then and Now (cont) Vol 1 #2 p34
Texas: Then and Now (cont) Vol 1 #3 p 71
Texas: Then and Now (cont) Vol 1 #4 p115
Texas: Then and Now (cont) Vol 2 #2 p32
Texas: Then and Now (cont) Vol 2 #3 p64
Texas: Then and Now (cont) Vol 2 #4 p93
They Came Over on the Mayflower (By Robert O Barney) Vol 33 #2 p3
Titles Issued in McMullen's and McGloin's Colony Vol 19 #4 p170
Travis Park's Confederate Monument Vol 34 #1 p42
Wend Colony of Texas (By David Townsend) Vol 20 #2 p88
Wend Colony of Texas (By David Townsend)(cont) (Ship's List) Vol 22 #3 p122
What Happened to Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence? Vol 21 #4 p149
When They Tried To Divide Up Texas in 1868 (The Daily Express ) Vol 19 #4 p188
With Santa Anna in Texas by Jose E de la Pena Reviewed by E Collier Vol 23 #4 p149
World War I Draft Registration Cards Vol 45 #3&4 p55



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