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"Our Heritage" The quarterly publications of SAGHS
Reminiscences and Memoirs
Subject Location
Adventure on the Texas Frontier (Lt Henry Kirby 10th Infantry 1878) Vol.26 #4 p.15
Alsatian Culture in Castroville Vol.34 #3 p.9
An Old Texan Speaks of the Early History of the State 1886        

Vol.47 #1&2 p. 68

Back When We Lived in Ignorant Bliss Vol.20 #3 p.141
Capture of Gen Santa Anna The (By Sam L Townsend) Vol.19 #3 p.111
Downtown San Antonio in the 1920's & 1930's (By Mary Livingston) Vol.35 #4 p.31
Flour Sack Days Vol.36 #4 p.36
How We Hunted a Mouse! (By Joshua Jenkins) Vol.37 #1&2 p.79
I Remember Grandma (By Rosalie Wiederhold Doss) Vol.27 #1 p.29
Lorraine and the Statue of Liberty (By Mrs Alice Dieter) Vol.30 #4 p.41
Mother's Secret Ambition: Home-canning! (By Mary E Livingston) Vol.34 #4 p.38
Our Yesterdays (By Martha Pontefract Hodges) Vol.27 #1 p.30
Portrait of a Country Schoolhouse at Somerset TX in the 1930's Vol.36 #4 p.20
Reminiscences of Austin's Original Settlers from Galveston News 1890 Vol.23 #1 p.34
Reminiscences of Early Times in Fayette Co TX Vol.20 #3 p.121
Somerset School Daze Vol.33 #4 p.21
Somerset Teachers in a Fishbowl! (By Mary E Livingston) Vol.37 #1&2 p.45
STILLWELL - Life in the Ranch Country of STexas After the Civil War Vol.21 #4 p.167
STILLWELL Elizabeth Cornelia (Life Experiences of Pickey) Vol.21 #4 p.170
STILLWELL Elizabeth Cornelia (Life Experiences of Pickey) (cont) Vol.22 #1 p.14
STILLWELL Elizabeth Cornelia (Life Experiences of Pickey) (cont) Vol.22 #2 p.61
STILLWELL Elizabeth Cornelia (Life Experiences of Pickey) (cont) Vol.22 #3 p.109
Story of a Basket The (By Gregory T Van Cleave) Vol.37 #1&2 p.61
Ted Moore Returns to the Old Home Place Vol.35 #2 p.39
Texas in the Gay Nineties (By JR Kidwell) Vol.35 #1 p.13
Texas Pioneers in Battle with Indian Horse Thieves Vol.25 #1 p.33
That (Supposedly) Unlucky Number 13 Vol.28 #4 p.15
Tobin Hill in the Twenties (By Mary E Livingston) Vol.34 #1 p.3
Trudy Worcester & the Christmas Doll Vol.34 #3 p.3
WILSON Lemuel T (Reminiscences of an Old Time Indian Fighter) Vol.33 #1 p.3



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