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Rules for the use of the Library


1 The Society Library is establish and maintained for the use of members.  Non-members may research in the library but must pay a $5 donation per day.
2 Each Society member who uses the library shall sign in and out in the Member's Register.
3 Non-members shall sign the Visitors Register.
4 No food is allowed in the library, except on special occasions
5 No smoking is permitted in the Library.
6 A user may take no more than four (4) books from the shelves at one time and must return them to the re-shelving cart before removing other books from the shelves.
7 No books or other materials may be taken from the Library without specific permission from the librarian.  The penalty for taking library books or materials from the library without permission is suspension of membership for six months.  The penalty for the second such offense is dismissal from the Society.
8 If deemed necessary, additional rules may be imposed to protect the security of the Library's holdings.  They will be prominently posted.
9 Each library user is responsible for payment for photo copies, computer print outs, forms, etc. and should provide the volunteer librarian on duty with a running total of photo copies as they are made.
10 The volunteer librarian on duty is responsible for supervision on the Library , including collection of funds, etc.  If a problem arises, the responsible person is to use discretion in resolving the matter in the best interests of the Library.
11 Rare and fragile books are kept under lock.  They may be viewed by appointment.


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