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Marriages 1837-1965


We owe a great big thanks to Nancy Sanders Mills, Karen Mills and Connie Sanders Owens for transcribing and typing the marriage records.  They have provided the information as it appeared on the record even if the name is not the common spelling.  There may be misinterpretations and typo's but every effort was made to provide correct information.  Occasionally the license date and marriage date is unclear on the record.  Please contact Suzanne Sowell if there are corrections.


The marriages are listed in alphabetical order.  The bride is listed by her maiden name.  Because some have only initials or a unisex name, they are colored coded pink for the bride and blue for the groom.

Abahire-Andary Anders-Ayers Babbel-Bayne Beal-Bewley Bibens-Bryley
Buckalew-Byson Cade-Cecil Chadwick-Cluba Cobb-Cozart Craig-Curtis
Dade-Days Dean-Dixon Dobyns-Dozier Drake-Dykes Eagleson-Ezermack
Fadden-Flynn Fobb-Fyke Gabriel-Gayle Geehings-Goynes Grace-Guyula
Haby-Hanzel Harbison-Hazon Head-Hopson Horn-Hyers Iden-Ivy
Jacks-Johns Johnson Joiner-Justice Kadovi-Kyle Laborbrand-Lee
Legg-Lyons Machechney-Masters Matcalf-Mays McAda-McWilliams Meador-Mixon
Mobley-Myrick Nail-Nyberg Oakes-Ozment Pace-Payton Peace-Pitts
Platt-Powers Prather-Pyo Quick-Quitman Rabalais-Reynolds Rhame-Roberts
Robertson-Ryals Salter-Sexton Shackelford-Sizemore Skidmore-Smith Smollen-Squyres
Stack-Synder Tacket-Thedford Thomas-Thomson Thorn-Tyra Underwood-Voshery
Waddell-Walton Wanekan-Weathers Weaver-Wilhite Wilkerson-Williamson Willie-Woodley
Woods-Wynne Yancy-Zimmerman      

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