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Picture taken at Hermleigh school in 1923

My name is Steve Bolin and my grandmother is Pauline Baker who resides in Snyder, TX.

She grew up in Hermleigh, TX. Her name was Pauline (Dacus) Baker.

She gave me this picture to scan. I thought I would share it with you and let others from Scurry County enjoy it as well. I believe it was published in the Snyder Daily News at one time but I think it would be nice to have for the website.

My grandmother( Pauline Dacus) is the little girl on the second row from the bottom.

She is the third little girl from the right with the dark buster brown hair cut and the dark sailor sweater with the strips on the bottom.

Standing next to her on the same row and second girl from the right is her sister Maureen Dacus. She has on a light colored dress and has curly or wavy hair. The little dark haired boy on the bottom row who is seated second from the left is Buddy Dacus brother of Pauline and Maureen Dacus.

These are the only people I know in the photograph taken in 1923 at Hermleigh, TX.

Steve Bolin

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