Royce Alton Collier Royce Alton Collier Roy_Odell_Collier Roy Odell Collier

Royce Alton Collier. On the back of this photo, it shows a date of 1939. In the back row of the five boys, my uncle Royce Alton Collier is in the middle. He graduated from Pryon in 1940. Unfortunately there is no other names indicated. He passed away in 1978, and is buried in the Pryon Cemetery.

Roy Odell Collier. Again, unfortunately, there is no indication on the back of this photo as to a date. On the back row, the tallest child is my uncle Roy Odell Collier. My looking at this and compairing this photo to others of him, I would say he was around 15 years old. He was born in 1928. Which would estimate this photo as being taken in 1943. Uncle Roy passed away in 1988, and is also buried in the Pryon Cemetery.

Information submitted by Bobbie Badger.

Last Updated: December 12, 2010