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The hall of fame is dedicated to those teachers who have devoted ten or more years of their lives to the Moran school system and who have earned the respect and love of their students in the process.  At present, I only have one teacher's photo and biography here in the hall of fame, however, I will add more as time goes by. 



1905 - 1992

Eleanora Powell was born on May 8, 1905 in Morgan (Bosque County), Texas.  She graduated from Morgan High School in 1923 and went immediately to Baylor College at Belton, Texas, which is now known as Baylor University in Waco, Texas.  Eleanora attended college for one year when she took a teachers exam and became fully certified to teach in public schools.  Her first teaching assignment was in 1924, and until 1928, she taught in rural, one-room schools in Bosque County.  She taught all grade levels in a typical one-room setting, where she started the fire, taught the "Blue Back Speller" and recited all aspects of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  In 1928, Eleanora moved to Shackelford County to teach in another one-teacher school in the Deep Creek Community.  She had 8 students at Deep Creek ranging from 1st -12th grade.  As a single teacher ,she was expected to room and board with a school board member to assure she would do the correct social things expected of single women.  She lived in the home of Lum and Hilda Morris during the school year.  In 1929, she accepted a job with the Moran Independent School District in Moran, a few miles southwest of the Deep Creek Community, where she taught until 1932.  She taught history and geography to 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grades in Moran.  It was during her tenure at Moran ISD that she met and fell in love with Fred Bankston, who's family had been some of the very earliest settlers of Shackelford County. Eleanora and Fred secretely went to Oklahoma to marry on May 21, 1932 and lived separately until that school year ended.  You see, married women were not permitted to teach school, and Eleanora wanted to finish the year before resigning.  She remained out of the classroom as required until the World War II years brought such a shortage of warm bodies who could fill the teaching positions.  In the meantime, there were three children born to this union:  Ela Ruth (1951 MHS graduate); Freda Jo (1954 MHS graduate); and James (1956 MHS graduate).  And Eleanora devoted this time to rearing her children.  She did, however, intermittantly work as a substitute teacher in Moran.  In 1944, when laws allowing married women to teach had to be lifted, she again returned to the classroom.  There she taught high school Math, Biology and History.  In the meantime, teacher certification laws were strengthened, so Eleanora had to continue her college education.  During the school year she took correspondence courses from North Texas State University and each summer she would go to Denton and take a full load of courses.  As a result, she completed her Bachelor's Degree in 1946 with teacher certification from North Texas State University. Eleanora taught in high school until 1957, when she returned to the elementary scene.  She taught 5th and 6th grades (self-contained) until her retirement in 1971, after teaching a total of 41 years, with 36 of those years being spent in the Moran Independent School District.  After she retired from teaching in 1971, Eleanora worked as a substitute teacher for Moran ISD for several years, then ran for the Moran ISD Board of Trustees where she served two terms of office.  Following that , she was elected to the Moran City Council. She also taught Sunday School Classes at Moran First Baptist Church for the entire time that she lived in Moran.  In the 1980's, she moved to a retirement village in Fort Worth, where she died on December 4,  1992 at the age of 87.  Eleanora and Fred are both buried in Moran Cemetery.

Thanks go out to Eleanora's daughter, Ela Ruth Bankston McCullough, for providing this information