Sherman County Schools

Early settlers in Sherman County taught their children at home. Some families hired teachers to live on the ranch and teach their own children and those living nearby. In 1902, the first public school system was established for Sherman County. Because many children had to walk to school, eight separate districts were established; these later expanded to fourteen districts by 1924. Classes were often held in public buildings; the Coldwater School originally met in the town jail! Some schoolhouses were adapted from deserted shanties on abandoned sections; some were erected by parents on land donated by a local rancher. As population grew and school buses came into use, the districts were consolidated. By the mid-1940s, most of the small schools were closed and their students sent to Stratford or Texhoma for schooling.

Early schools of Sherman County are listed below, with notes on locations and dates of operation. Corrections and additions to this page are welcome. Email me with your comments.

Stratford School
Town of Stratford, 1901-present

Law School (District 1)
Section 94, Block 1-T, 1902-1929

Coldwater School (District 2)
Southwest corner of Section 210, 1902-1937

Ruby School (District 3)
Various locations, 1903-1944

Spurlock School (District 4)
Northeast corner of the section containing Spurlock Chapel, 1903-1940

Boney School (District 5)
Also known as Ideal School and Amend School. Various locations, 1902-c1931

Snyder School (District 6)
Also known as Thompson School. First at Snyder Ranch then at Section 24, Block 1-C, 1903-c1931

Texhoma School (District 7)
Also known as Texas Side School. Located in Texhoma, 1907-c1921

Stevens School (District 8)
Rock Island vicinity, 1902-1940

Whaley School (District 9)
East line of Section 386, Block 1-T, 1906-c1927

Palo Duro School (District 10)
Various locations, 1909-1944

Pronger School (District 11)
East line of Section 300, Block 1-T, 1910-1933

Lone Star School (District 12)
Near Browder home, c1918-1941

Parsons School (District 13)
Formerly the Ike Barnett or Frisco School, District 8. Originally located in the north half of Section 35, Block 1-C, later moved to Section 65, c1906-c1940

Harris School (District 14)
Section 277, Block 1-T, 1924-1935

Adapted from: God, Grass & Grit : History of the Sherman Trade Area, Volume 1
compiled and edited by Marylou McDaniel
(Hereford, TX: Pioneer Book Publishers, Inc., 1971)

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