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      Chuck H. Mahaffey -
      August 23rd, 2001
Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.
As of March 2000, Birth Indexes from 1926-1995 and Death Indexes from
1964-1998 are available on the Internet, microfiche or CD-ROM.
                                 Date of             Marital
    Name                          Death      Sex     Status
Alfieri, Nicola Leonardo      31-Dec-1980     M                        
Allen, Maudie Lee             01-Jan-1980     F                        
Anderson, Afton Marcelle      11-Jun-1980     M                        
Anderwald, Mark Henry         27-Jan-1980     M                        
Atkinson, William Odis        26-Feb-1980     M                        
Belfield, William Charles     17-Dec-1980     M                        
Bradley, Jessie Price         27-Dec-1980     M                        
Caddel, Bertha Lisa           24-Dec-1980     F                        
Carter, Edgar C               22-Feb-1980     M                        
Chapman, Laura Mae            29-Feb-1980     F                        
Cobb, Walter Andrew           08-Mar-1980     M                        
Cook, Winnie Ellen            30-Jan-1980     F                        
Cosby, Candace Rochelle       05-Jul-1980     F                        
Davis, Neal Preston           29-Dec-1980     M                        
Devin, Robert Franklin        17-Jan-1980     M                        
Diaz, Johnny Gonzales (juan)  01-Nov-1980     M                        
Dudley, Sally Sarah Eulalia Ha18-Nov-1980     F                        
Ellis, Minnie Genora          10-Jul-1980     F                        
Evans, Willie Estelle         21-Jun-1980     F                        
Ferguson, Sammuel Hobson      05-Jan-1980     M                        
Ferguson, Albert Sidney Johnso22-Apr-1980     M                        
Fleming, Walter W             19-Mar-1980     M                        
Flores, Juan Antonio          08-Nov-1980     M                        
Freeman, Cyrus William        06-Nov-1980     M                        
Gardner, Jessie Delane        04-Jul-1980     M                        
Goins, James Howard           28-Dec-1980     M                        
Hill, Bailey Adron            11-Jan-1980     M                        
Hilliard, Bertha Mae          15-Feb-1980     F                        
Hipp, Cora Alma               12-May-1980     F                        
House, Lakey Edrie            04-Jan-1980     F                        
Hunt, Sam W                   01-Oct-1980     M                        
Jones, Georgia Mae            20-Jul-1980     F                        
Kelley, Mattie Beulah         26-Dec-1980     F                        
Kinder, Ansle Oliver          02-Nov-1980     M                        
King, Ben O                   23-Feb-1980     M                        
King, Leonard Hiram           23-Oct-1980     M                        
Lacey, Angeline Oma Ruth      27-Dec-1980     F                        
Luna, Juan Casino             25-Jan-1980     M                        
Magallanes, Melissa Sue       30-Jun-1980     F                        
Malone, Louis Earl            04-Mar-1980     M                        
Maples, Ila Faye              18-Oct-1980     F                        
May, Samuel Jackson           17-Jan-1980     M                        
Melton, George Wilson         09-Sep-1980     M                        
Monk, Nancy Annie             15-Sep-1980     F                        
Monk, James Earl              09-Dec-1980     M                        
Nolen, Dewey Allen            15-Apr-1980     M                        
Riley, Alice Lorine           01-Feb-1980     F                        
Sadler, Elton Gregory         05-May-1980     M                        
Schacher, Joe Bob             11-Jul-1980     M                        
Seale, Dovie Marie            22-Jul-1980     F                        
Smith, Elmer Bennett          08-Sep-1980     M                        
Sneathen, Charlsye Etta       03-Dec-1980     F                        
Treadway, Nelda Laverne       28-Aug-1980     F                        
Tuttle, Fannie                13-Oct-1980     F                        
West, Reba Laura              24-Apr-1980     F                        
White, Hugh Elzie             02-Jun-1980     M                        
White, Robert Anderson        01-Oct-1980     M                        
Yarbrough, Albert John Henry  25-Dec-1980     M                        

Submitted by Elaine Stone

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