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      Chuck H. Mahaffey -
      September 22nd, 2001



Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.
As of March 2000, Birth Indexes from 1926-1995 and Death Indexes from
1964-1998 are available on the Internet, microfiche or CD-ROM.

 File           Husband                Husband   Wife          Wife  Children  Marriage     Divorce
Number           Name                   Age      Name          Age   Under 18    Date         Date

21148      CARREON IGNACIO B             37   AMELIA            35    06      12-Sep-1962 10-Apr-1975 
76589      COFFMAN DOUGLAS L             41   MARIE A           41    00      23-Oct-1969 16-Dec-1975 
9027       COLE STEWART W                36   ETHEL L           30    00      01-Jun-1974 24-Feb-1975 
76588      EDWARDS EMMETT F              54   GWENDOLYN A       31    00      16-Dec-1971 01-Dec-1975 
21149      HALL EDWARD W                 23   CHARLENE          22    01      11-Sep-1971 02-Apr-1975 
76685      HERNANDEZ ALFREDO G           31   MARGARITA S       32    05      01-Aug-1959 22-Oct-1975 
76584      HURST SHIRLEY R               31   KELENE L          31    01      15-Jul-1967 26-Nov-1975 
76586      JONES BARTHOL R               37   WILLA D           36    04      25-Jul-1957 17-Nov-1975 
3824       LUMPKINS MORRIS E             52   WILMA M           42    03      14-Jun-1974 16-Jan-1975 
21151      MOORE JOHNNY J                30   BARBARA J         23    02      12-Jul-1969 02-Apr-1975 
76590      NEWBY CARLOS G                40   BETTY A           33    00      28-Oct-1975 23-Dec-1975 
76587      PIGG JOHNNY M                 23   BARBARA G         24    01      23-Nov-1970 09-Dec-1975 
76585      SIMMONS JAMES P               58   ADDIE M           42    00      05-May-1967 17-Nov-1975 
33812      WESLEY DAVID C                19   GRACELYN A        17    01      29-Jun-1973 18-Jun-1975 
21150      WOMACK RICHARD D              21   VIVIAN A          17    01      18-Jan-1974 02-Apr-1975 

 Submitted by Elaine Stone

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