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Obituaries 1898

Stuart, R. B. (Bob) Last Sunday morning the 13th inst about 8 or between 8 and 9 o'clock the quiet town of Tulia was thrown into excitement and deep regret over the news that Sheriff Britain had killed Bob Stuart at the White Hotel. To say the least, this was a very sad affair, and deeply regretted by friends of both parties, as both participants of the homicide were well known. Mr. Stuart is a stockman and resided near Tulia, and Mr. Britain is the Sheriff of Swisher county. The circumstances leading up to the killing as best the News could find out from friends of both parties are as follows: Saturday Mr. Stuart came to town on business and after drinking heavily was very boistrous, and when friends and the sheriff interceded and requested him to not act in that manner he became enraged and cursed, abused and assaulted the sheriff as well as some of his friends. Finally some of his friends got him to bed at the White Hotel, where he stayed Saturday night. Sunday morning Mr. Britain came down as usual to attend to his prisoner at the jail and walked in the office of the White Hotel and asked some parties if Bob got off home all right the night before. After being informed by them that Bob was still in his room upstairs, Britain then asked how Bob was feeling after his drunk. Being informed that he was sick during the night, Britain went upstairs and said, "Hello, Bob, how do you feel this morning?" and Bob immediately threw the cover back and raised up and began to abuse and started toward Britain, when Britain said, "Bob, you stop." Bob replied, "I would like to, you D...... ", and reached his right hand for his right pocket, and Britain immediately fired, killing Stuart instantly. Stuart had slept with all his clothes on except his boots and socks.  After the shooting, it was found that Stuart was hit three times.  Britain immediately after the killing went home where he was arrested later in the evening by constable J. A. Scott.  Monday morning Atty. Snuffer waived a preliminary hearing, and his bond was fixed by Esq. Clayton at $5,000, which he readily gave. Justice Clayton held the inquest Sunday, and no one but the witnesses and attorney were present, the evidence developed is not given.  Mr. Stuart was buried Monday at 2 p.m. Rev. Wright conducted the funeral services, and a large circle of friends followed to its last resting place all that is mortal of Robert Stuart.  We extend sympathy to the many friends and relatives of both parties in this very sad affair.  Tulia, Texas, 13 March 1898

Special thanks to Zoe Smith for her many contributions and to Elaine Stone for her many submissions.  Ladies, without you, this page would be blank.

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