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ACHGILL, William Christian, 10 July, Oklahoma
ALEXANDER, W. F., 25 December, Park Springs, TX
ALLEN, Albert Lee, 10 July, Childress, TX
ALLRED, James Milton, 13 November, Happy, TX
ANTHONY, Mrs. C. R., 23 October, Oklahoma
ARMONTROUT, D. E, 4 December, Tulia
ARTERBURN, Mrs. William H., 9 January, Lockney, TX

BACKUS, L. W., 2 January, Nazareth, TX
BAKER, C. T., 17 April, Tulia
BAKER, Mrs. E. W., 27 February, Dallas, TX
BARKER, James G., 9 October, Tulia
BATES, Mrs. Lela, 25 September, Tulia
BEARDEN, Wayne, 14 August,
BELL, C. J. 25 September, Tulia
BERNER, Kenneth Edward, Inf of M/M Harold B., 26 June, Tulia
BERTLESON, Albert, 19 June, Died Plainview, TX
BINGHAM, J. F., 11 December, Silverton, TX
BLALOCK, Wllace, 3 July, Wichita Falls, TX
BOLES, Charles W., 6 February, Amarillo, TX
BONDS, James Culwell, 20 February, Tulia
BONDS, T. I., 20 & 27 November, Plainview, TX
BOOKOUT, Mrs. Odella, 10 July, Kress, TX
BORCHARDT, Lean Beth, dau of M/M Nelson B., 27 November, Tulia
BOYD, Mrs. W. P., 5 June, Austin, TX
BRADLEY, Carla Jan, inf dau of M/M Melvin B., 19 June, Happy, TX
BRADY, Kathleen, 10 July, Tulia
BROCKMAN, Martin Joseph, 4 December, Nazareth, TX
BRYSON, Grover C., 1 May, Sweetwater, TX
BURK, Bradley O., 9 January, Dodson, TX
BURKS, Mrs. Eva Dixon, 1 May, Happy, TX

CALLENDAR, Mrs. A. E., 9 January, Kress, TX
CANTRELL, Joseph Lee, 13 November, Tulia
CARAWAY, Cleburne Thomas, 11 December, Tulia
CHRISTIAN, Mrs. Frank, 23 January, Tulia
CLAIRBORNE, Paschal S., 28 August, Plainview, Tx
CLARK, Ray, 9 January, Big Spring, TX
CLEAVER, Everett Homer, 21 August, Died Castro Co. Hospital
COBB, Thelda, dau M/M Bruce Cobb, 13 March, Canyon, TX
COLE, Mrs. J. H., 23 January, Tulia
COLLINS, Mrs. Trecy Melvina, 2 January, Lockney, TX
CRAWFORD, Mrs. Royal, 8 May, Tulia
CROW, C. R., 12 June, Lamesa, TX
CULWELL, Jimmy, 25 December, Amarillo, TX

DANIELS, Bennie, 10 April, Amarillo, TX
DEEN, J. Ernest, 20 Nov & 13 Nov, Tulia
DEES, Mrs. David Franklin, 31 July, Tulia
DE LEON, Jeo, 6 November, Died Canyon Hospital
DIETRICH, Charles E., 6 February, Tulia
DOBMEIER, Mrs. Louise Margaret, Nazareth, TX
DRAKE, Mrs. W. H., 18 September, Tulia
DYE, S. E., 13 March, Amarillo, TX

ELAM, Mrs. Charles, 27 November, Crosbyton, TX
ELLIOTT, Susanne Bea, dau of M/M Si Elliott, 9 January, Happy, TX
ELMORE, George Sterling, 13 February, Childress, TX
EVANS, Mrs. Murry, 31 July, Tulia
EVANS, Henry, 18 December, Died NM
EVANS, Thomas Everette, 31 July, Tulia
EVANS, William Jefferson, 10 July, Tulia

FINNEY, Jarbo, 24 April, Plainview, TX
FOSTER, Mrs. Bill F., 25 September, Kress, TX
FOSTER, June, 11 August,
FOWLER, E. C. (Clay), 26 June., Silverton, TX
FOWLER, Oscar Marvin, 25 September, Floydada, TX
FRAZIER, Ben H., 31 July, Tulia

GAMMELL, Staff Sgt. W. W., 27 February, Died Formosa, Bur. Denver, CO
GARGIS, Mrs. Lizzie, 31 July, Shamrock, TX
GERDES, Emmitt, 25 September,
GIBSON, James Bazel, 24 July, Garland, TX
GILL, W. B., 10 April, Died Tulia
GILLILAND, Howard A., 10 July, Pampa, TX
GORDEN, Mrs. Bert T., 6 February, Tulia
GOODMAN, Kenneth Gene, 2 November,
GRANADO, Mrs. Paula, 27 November, Died Swisher Co. Hospital
GREEN, Ben Franklin, 5 June, Aspermont, TX
GRIFFIN, James Q., son of Dr. Q. A. Griffin, 25 September, Tulia
GRIFFITH, John M., 23 October, Tulia
GROSSMAN, Mrs. Ralph L., 25 June,

HAILE, Mr. A. B., 16 October, Tulia
HAMBLEN, Walter Claude, 25 September, Wayside, TX
HANNA, Mrs. A. S., 10 April, Tulia
HARDY, Mrs. W.J., 24 July, Tulia
HARRIS, Sallie Ann (Mrs. L. L.), 13 & 20 March,
HARRISON, Pleas Hopkins, 6 February, Stratford, TX
HARTSELL, J. S., 4 September, Lockney, TX
HAWKINS, Mrs. A. L., 9 January, Tulia
HAWKINS, L. D. (Bill), 3 July,
HEFLEY, Mrs. Joe, 9 January, Shamrock, TX
HOLLY, Robert Turner, 20 February, Tulia
HOPKINS, Mrs. C. B., 18 June,
HUSEMAN, Mrs. Anna Marie, 4 December, Nazareth, TX
HUSEMAN, Mary Frances, inf of Robt. H. H., 10 July,
HUTTO, Rev. George C., 3 July,
HUXFORD, Orville, 6 March,

JAEGER, Leavy, 28 August,
JOHNS, Chester, 4 September, Tulia
JOHNSON, Mrs. Edna May, 23 October, Died Dallas, TX
JOHNSON, Lora., 25 December, Lamesa, TX
JOINER, Dan, 30 January, Nacogdoches, TX
JOINER, Mrs. I. C., 20 February, Silverton, TX
JONES, Gilbert Howard, 5 June, Amarillo, TX

KEIM, Mrs. John W., 11 December, Tulia
KING, William Franklin, 14 August, Plainview, TX
KIRBY, John M., 8 May, Pampa, TX
KIRKLAND, Edward Prince, 5 June, Tulia
KURTZ, Mrs. Carrie Marie, 13 November, Tulia

LANE, Mrs. W. I., 13 November, Wayside, TX
LANGSTON, William Bitner (Bill), 23 October, Tulia
LEE, Jeff Davis, 4 December, Littlefield, TX
LEMMONS, Mrs. Martha, 27 February, Tulia
LILE, W. M., 24 July,
LITTLEJOHN, Thomas Marvin, 10 April, Tulia
LOLLAR, Clarence Cratten, 23 October, Happy, TX
LONG, Charlie, 20 March,

MC CLURE, Mrs. G. B., 15 May,
MC CRACKEN, Leona Maydalena, 6 February,
MC DONALD, L. G., 24 April, Mercedes, TX
MC GEHEE, Mrs. Mary Susan, 3 April, Wayside, TX
MC MURTRY, Miss Florence, 23 January,
MACHEN, W. H., 6 November, Portales, NM
MAHAN, Wayne W. Son Rev. Wayne W. M., 21 August, Dallas, TX

Markham, James Edward James Edward Markham, 75, retired farmer from Happy, died Wednesday afternoon at Neblett Hospital in Canyon where he had been brought earlier in the day after suffering a heart attack.  Born in Holland, Texas 8 July 1882, he moved to this area in 1922.  He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and First Methodist Church of Happy.  Funeral services will be held at three p.m. Friday in the First Methodist Church in Happy with Rev. Walter C. Hadley, pastor, officiating, assisted by the Rev. Clyde Smith.  Burial will be in the cemetery at Happy under direction of Warren-LaGrone Chapel of Canyon.  Surviving are his wife, Ora of Happy; two daughters, Mrs. Eloise Havlek of Reno, Nevada and Mrs. C. R. Hancock of Happy; two sons, Murray and Harold, both of Amarillo; three brothers, W. W. of Cameron, Texas, Frank of Hereford and E. W. of Phoenix, Arizona; two sisters, Mrs. Seth Waddell of Bentonville, Arkansas and Mrs. Austin McGuyer of Dallas; twelve grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren.

MAY, Mrs. Wright, 21 August, Milo Cemetery, Briscoe Co.
MAYFIELD, Albert J., 28 August, Clovis, NM
MAYNARD, Mrs. T. B., 12 June, Tulia
MAXWELL, Lila Faye, twin dau of M/M Robt. L. M., 20 November, Amarillo, TX
MILLER, E. T. (Dusty), 16 October, /
MILLER, J. M., 12 June, Hamlin, TX
MITCHELL, Charlie Arthur, 27 March, Tulia
MONTGOMERY, Lionel Flake, 18 December, Canyon, TX
MONTGOMERY, Mrs. Henry, 21 August, Fort Worth, TX
MOORE, Mrs. Zona Cox, 26 June, Tulia
MOSLEY, Mrs. Ben, 11 December, New Mexico
MUSE, Mrs. Vatchel, 3 April, Matador, TX

NALL, Ruby, dau M/M Ira Nall, 13 November, Tulia
NALL, R. H., 26 June, North Carolina
NEEL, Mrs. Carrie Mae, 3 July, Plainview, TX
NIX, Dow, 13 February, Plainview, TX

PARKHAM, Rev. Preston, 2 October,
PAYNE, Mrs. Guy, 13 March, Wayside, TX
PATTON, John Clifton, December 25,
PENN, Tommy L., 21 August, Happy, TX
PETERSON, James H., 18 December, Perryton, TX
PORTER, Mrs. Nancy Jane, 18 December,
PORTWOOD, Mrs. E D, 16 January, Tulia
POTTER, Mrs. Henry, 6 November, Tulia
PYEATT, Lena Mae (Mrs. H. B.), 20 March, Tulia

RAFFERTY, Mrs. Mayme Mae, 30 October, Tulia
RAMSEY, Mrs. Paul, 9 October, Tulia
READ, Oscar, 17 March, Happy, TX
REEVES, Mrs. Charles F., 10 April, Tulia
RICE, John, 30 October, Tulia
RILEY, Mrs. George C, 4 September, Tulia
ROACH, Mrs. Ed Sr., 27 November, Colorado City, TX
ROBERTS, Terril H., 11 December, Petersburg, TX
RUTHER, Mrs. G. A., 13 February,

SABEDRA, Mrs. Rafael Sosa, 2 October, Tulia
SALDANA, Federico, 23 October, Tulia
SCHACHER, Cathering Ann, dau. Of M. G., 30 January, Nazareth, TX
SCHULZ, Walter Arthur, 12 & 19 June, Vernon, TX
SCOTT, Mrs. A. C., 16 October,
SHARP, John R., 18 December, Plainview, TX
SHAW, Brother of Mrs. Cecil Shaw, 3 July,
SIMMONS, Edward Franklin, 30 January, Tulia
SHEETS, Claud, 9 October
SORELLE, Mrs. Clara Chrismon, 13 November, Canyon, TX
SPILMAN, George, 25 September, Silverton, TX
SMILEY, Charles , 17 April, Tulia
SMITH, Fred, 24 July, Erick, OK
SMITH, Mrs. Fred, 16 January, Oklahoma
SMITH, Mrs. Glenn A., 26 June, Plainview, TX
SMITH, Guy N, 16 October, Hereford, TX
SMITH, Homer, 23 October,
SMITH, Joe Dean, infant of M/M Early Smith, 24 July, Tulia
SMITHEE, Scott Lawrence, 20 March, Silverton, TX
SPEAR, Willie, 16 Marc,
STARK, Aaron R., 28 August, Plainview, TX
STEWART, Vaughn Lee Knox, 9 January, Tulia
STIDHAM, Alvin A., 4 & 8 September,
STITH, Mrs. E. W., 15, 22, & 29 May, Tulia
STROHMEYER, Clarence Earl, 6 March, 3

TAYLOR, Lewis, 3 April, Austin, TX
THOMPSON, Mrs. C. G., 29 May, Tulia
THOMAS, Z. J., 2 January, Kress, TX
TODD, Jack Weston, 18 September, Tulia

USELDING, Mrs. N. W., 13 March, Happy, TX

VANNERSON, Frank J., 9 January, Tulia
VAUGHN, Elleanor Jane (Mrs. Wm. 106 yrs), 3 January, Silverton, TX
VAUGHN, Luther, 9 January, Sunray, TX
VAUGHN, Mrs. Katie C., 29 May, Phoenix, AZ

WALBERG, Elmer J., 3 July, Happy, TX
WATTS, O. W., 8 May, Wichita Falls, TX
WEBB, Miss Lillian M., Dau of M/M George T, 20 March, Tulia
WHEELOK, Mrs. C. E., 13 February, Parsons, KS
WHITE, Jim, 13 March, Goldthwaite, TX
WHITTEMORE, Walter Perry, 27 November,
WILHELM, Eddie Arthur, 5 June, Plainview, TX
WILHELM, Henry John, 17 April, Nazareth, TX
WILKINS, Lanny Gene, 4 September, Denton, TX
WILLIAMS, John, 2 January, Lockney, TX
WOOD, Albert Leland, 9 January, Happy, TX
WRIGHT, Mrs. Mary, 6 November, Amarillo, TX
WRIGHT, Milton, 20 February, Tulia
WYRICK, Ernest Roy, 15 May, Tulia

YOUNG, Mrs. E. E. (Hattie Mae), 21 August, Kress, TX
YOUNGBLOOD, Burk Richard, 16 January, Tulia

ZIEGLER, Thomas Wright, 20 February, Canyon, TX
ZIMMERMAN, George F., 23 October, Austin, TX

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