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1960 Obituaries

ABBOTT, R. H., 14 April, Wayside, TX
ABRAMS, Bose Bales, 20 June, Muleshoe, TX
ALLISON, Mrs. Flossie May, 2 June, Plainview, TX
AMERSON, Mrs. J. C., 31 March, Eloy, AZ
APPLETON, W. H., 10 November
ARCHLMAYR, Mrs. John G., 31 March, Nazareth, TX
ARMONTROUT, Audie Monroe, 10 March, Tulia
ARTEBURN, youth, 12 May, Amarillo, TX
ATCHISON, George Jr., 29 December, Washington state
AVENT Julius, 1 September, Tulia

BANDY, Tom, 7 January
BARRON, Herlina, 6 October,
BASS, Mrs. Elmer, 17 March, Plainview, TX
BAUER, Elmer J., 22 December, Happy, TX
BERNER, Carl H., 20 October, Tulia
BEVILL, H. M., 12 May
BOATWRIGHT, Betty Jean Infant of M/M Bill B., 7 July, Plainview, TX
BOLES, Mrs. Tamp, 28 April
BOONE, C. C., Father Mrs. Raymond Wisdom, 1 December, Tulia
BORCHARDT, Fred J., 17 March, Providence, TX
BRADFORD, Mrs. R. H., 13 October, Wayside, TX
BRADLEY, Mrs. Rebecca, 10 & 17 November, Lubbock, TX
BRALY, Mrs. S. H., 16 & 23 June, Tulia
BRANDON, Lee, 7 April, Plainview, TX
BRAYBOY, Bonnie and Blyth, infants, 17 Nov,
BROWN, David Earl, Infant M/M James Brown, 2 June,

BRUTON, Forrest Lee (Jack), 18 August, Oklahoma
BULLOCK, Miss Gussie Marie, 21 January, Clarendon, TX

CAMPBELL, Bobby Cleon (Buddy), 7 April, Claude, TX
CAMPBELL, Mrs. L. B., 27 October, Tulia
CARDEN, Arvel 12 yr son of M/M E. R. Carden, 8 September Plainview, TX
CARROLL, Mrs. Helen, 29 December, Tulia
CASTILLO, Antonio, 28 July
CAVIN, Mrs. Velma, 1 September, Oklahoma
CAYLER, Robert H., 9 June, Amarillo, TX
CHANTLAND, John Robert, 2 June, Amarillo, TX
CHRISTESSON, Paula Rene Infant of M/M Russell, 13 October, Canyon, TX
CLONTS, J. B., 15 September, Grand Prairie, TX
COKE, Sue, 1 December, Amarillo, TX
CONNER, Arch, 20 June, Wichita, KS
CONNER, Harry (1st child born in Swisher Co.), 12 May, Tulia
COOPER, J. L., 28 April
CORTS, Charles Edward, 15 December, Fairview, TX
CRUCE, Mrs. Mary Lois, 6 October, Tulia

DAVIES, Mrs. A. P, 31 March, Tulia
DAVIS, Mrs. Eugene, 20 October
DEAN, Elmer, 13 October, Haskell, TX
DINES, Mrs.James W., 11 February, Tulia
DINWIDDIE, Mrs. W. C., 22 September, Tulia
DODSON, Charlie S., 15 December, Died Kress, TX

EARL, James, 14 April
EARLEY, Harold Bailey, 29 December, Kress, TX

EDWARDS, Benjamin F., 29 September, Tulia
ELLIFF, John Ferrell, 19 May,
ELLIS, Sidney James, 17 November, Plainview, TX
EPSEY, Sgt. Harold, 7 January, Tulia
ERVIN, Mrs. Frances Frotilla, 8 December, Tulia
ERVIN, Mays, 23 June, Tulia
ESTES, Lon, 21 January, Tulia
EVANS, Henry, 28 July, Tulia
EVANS, Silas Taylor, 10 March, Tulia
EVANS, Thomas Dave, 21 April, Tulia
EWING, Mrs. Rebekah Ann, 7 April, Dimmitt, TX

FLYNT, Mrs. E. W., 14 April, Tulia
FORT, Wiley, 17 April
FOSTER, Van, son of Mrs. Delia Foster, 18 February, Borger, TX
FRANCIS, Mrs. Ida, 15 December, Plainview, TX
FROST, Mrs. Frances Esma, 27 October, Hereford, TX
FRONABURGER, Dr. B. F., 12 May
FUQUA, Archie iMonroe (Bud), 4 August, Vernon, TX
FURLOW, T. S., 5 May

GARDNER, Roy, 12 May, Tulia
GAZE, George, 4 February
GEISE, Adolph, 15 December, Tulia
GEORGE, A. D., 21 January
GIBBONS, Walter E, 25 August
GILLHAM, George Verner, 31 March, Groom, TX
GOODNER, Delila, 14 April
GONZALES, Mrs. Andrew, Died Swisher Co. Hospital, Tulia
GONZALES, Pablo, 6 October, Tulia
GOSS, Mrs. Anis B, 31 March, Tulia
GRAHAM, Mrs. J., Mother of Nell Wyrick, 22 September, Died Bedias, TX
GRESHAM, G. F., 2 June
GRESHAM, L. G., 3 March

HAGOOD, V. C., 3 March, Tulia
HAGLER, Gene, 28 April
HALE, Mrs. Carl L. Sr., 24 November, Tulia
HATCHER, Cordie, 24 March, Paris, TX
HELMS, Bill, 29 December, California
HENDRIX, Mrs. Dollie, 28 April, Seminole, TX
HEXT, Robert Kelfe, 21 January
HICKERSON, Mrs. Dee, 30 June
HOCHSTEIN, W. M, 16 June, Nazareth, TX
HODGES, Ted R., 31 March, Died Tulia
HOGAN, Thomas Riley, 14 April
HOLLIGAN, Elias Briton, 7 January, Tulia
HUBBARD, Mrs. C. T., 28 April,
HUDDLESTON, Charlie Lee, 17 & 24 November, Plainview, TX
HUSEMAN, Matthew Joseph, Inf. of M/M Lewis H., 7 January, Nazareth, TX
HUTSON, Everett R., 21 April,
HYATT, Mrs. Mart, 19 May, Wayside, TX

JENKINS, Merle, 9 June,
JOHNSON, Mr. Father of Mrs. Buck Bible, 15 December, Odessa, TX
JONES, Infant son of M/M Martin Jones, 13 October, Tulia
JONES, Mrs. W. R., 15 September, Tulia
JULCH, Adam C., 28 January, Amarillo, TX

KEELER, Mrs. Beatrice, 21 January, Austin, TX
KEELING, Mrs. J. C., 23 & 30 June, Tulia
KEENOM, Clarence Levi, 11 August, Nazareth, TX
KELLY, C. A., 31 July, Waco, TX
KETCHUM, John Walter, 21 January, Amarillo, TX
KIDD, J. B., 14 April
KILGORE, Nathan Syrus, 21 January, Munday, TX
Father of Gladys Humphreys (Mrs. W. R.)
KING, Walter Jennings, 1 December, Plainview, TX
KIRBY, Ulys, 3 March, Tulia
KIRKWOOD, James Robert, 23 June
KLEMAN, Darrell Joseph, Inf of M/M Paul K., 4 AugustNazareth, TX
KNIGHT, Charles Delbert, 25 February, Tulia
KNIGHT, Mrs. Ethel, 10 November, Tulia
KNOX, Mrs. Arnetta, 30 June, Canyon, TX
KNOX, James Bertin, 14 January, Happy, TX
KUYKENDALL, Jesse, 12 May, Canyon, TX

LANDRUM, G. B., 15 September, Plainview, TX
LA ROE, Tom David, 21 April, Kaufman, TX
LA VELLE, Mrs. M. D., 7 & 21 January, Tulia
LAYTON, Mrs. D. T, 10 March, Tulia
LEIJA, Mrs. Philamina, 4 February, Tulia
LIGHTFOOT, Billy Duane, 29 December, Amarillo, TX
LINN, Mrs. Frances Rush, 3 November
LOCKE, Kirk, 21 January, Fort Worth, TX
LOMAX, Mrs. Ada, 25 February
LORING, John L., 25 February, Tulia
LOTER, L. J., 17 March,
LOVE, Oscar, 5 May, Tulia

MACKEY, Marvin, 30 June
MANER, Jim, 7 April
MARTIN, John Wesley, 23 June
MC ANELLY, Billy, 12 May
MC CARLEY, Mrs. Maudie Ray, 4 August, Happy, TX
MC CLENDON, Ivor, 18 August
MC CLURE, Mrs. S. B., 29 December, Canyon, TX
MC CLURE, Addie Mae, 22 December
MC DANIEL, Mrs. Arch, 28 April, Kress, TX
MC DONALD, L. E., 10 March, Floydada, TX
MC GEHEE, John, 6 October
MERCER, Cecil, 21 July, Abilene, TX
MILLER Jonas William, 9 June, Tulia
MINCHEW, Jess, 7 April
MITCHELL, Mrs. Annie, 22 December, Tulia
MONKRES, Inf dau of M/M Hurtis Mede Monkres, 20 October, Plainview, TX
MONKRES, Hurtis Merle, 20 October, Plainview, TX
MONTGOMERY, Mrs. George W., 5 May,
MORRISON, L. E., 3 November,
MOUDY, stillborn son of M/M R. T. Moudy, Jr, 1 December, Wayside, TX
MOUSNER, Mrs. T. G., 13 October, Tulia
MULKEY, Walter, 20 June, California
MYERS, Grover T., 26 May,

NICKELSON, Rube, 22 September, Tulia
NIX, Mrs. Tell, 11 August, Plainview, TX
NORDYKE, Lewis T., 14 July, Amarillo, TX
NORRIS, Earl Lee (Curly), 7 January, Slaton, TX

O'BRIEN, Patricia Ann, dau of M/M Allen J., 8 September .Amarillo, TX
ORTEGON, Felix, 10 March, Died Nazareth, TX
OSBORNE, Jim, 21 January

PARKER, Mrs. Ema Cobb, 18 February, Tulia
PAYNE, Don Wayne, 7 April
PERKINS, Mrs. H. C., 25 August, Died San Antonio
PEARSON, Mrs. Martha Ann, 18 February, Tulia
PHELAN, Nora Beth, 21 April, Died Sunnyside, TX
PICKLE, Mrs. Ludie, 1 January
PORTER, Mrs. Lonnie, 17 March
POPE, Mrs. Bowe, 19 May, Hamlin, TX
POTTER, Robert Henry, 29 December, Tulia

RASCOE, Mrs, 25 February
RAYMOND, John, 31 March
REDDELL, Edgar Knox, 27 October, Tulia
REDMON, John Jordan, 11 August, Tulia
REED, Clark E., 3 March, Died in hospital, Plainview, TX
RENZ, brother & family of M. T., 21 January,
RHODES, James Gid, 12 May, Tulia
RICE, Wallace, 7 April, Tulia
ROBERTS, Alvin, 7 April
ROBINSON, Wilbur D. (Jack), 23 June
RODGERS, Sam T., 9 June, Florida
ROGERS, Mrs. G. K., 24 November, Arkansas
ROGERS, Mrs. Orene, 23 June, Wayside, TX
ROSE, Harry, uncle Mrs. Earl B. Cosby, 24 November, California
ROSE, Carl Windfield, 18 February, Tulia
ROSSI, Antony (Tony) James, 24 November, Canyon, TX
ROUSH, Mrs. Gloria, 17 November, Plainview, TX

SALAZAR, Jesse, 6 October
SAVAGE, Oliver, 16 June, Silverton
SCHMUCKER, Anton Casper, 28 January, Nazareth, TX
SCHULTE, Mrs. Josephine, 1 December, Nazareth, TX
SCOTT, Mrs. Ira W., 12 May
SHERROD, B. G., 1 & 14 July, Lubbock, TX
SHUMAN, Mrs. Pearl, 8 & 15 December, Canyon, TX
SILES, Mrs. Julian M., 4 February, Plainview, TX
SIMPSON, Mrs. Homer, 14 July
SMOOT, Charles, 9 June, Tulia
SPARSHOTT, William H., 1 December, Tulia
SPRINGER, Mrs. Ted, 12 May
SPAHN, Mrs. Clara, 14 April
STARKER, Miss Bernice Marie, 7 January, Happy, TX
STEELE, Mrs. Mary, 17 November
STEIERT, L. A., 5 May, Nazareth, TX
STEPHENSON, Mrs. W. W, 1 December, Amarillo, TX
STEPHENSON, William Wade, 13 October, Amarillo, TX
STEVENS, Mrs. Ruth M., 15 December Lubbock, TX
STEWART, Henry L., 4 February, Tulia
STONE, H. R., 25 August, Happy, TX
STRINGER, R. L., 31 March, Tulia
STROUD, Oscar, 14 April, Tulia
SUTTON, Harvey Henry (Buddy), 28 January, Wayside, TX
SWENSON, Mrs. Lizzie Belle, 25 August, Died Port Lavaca, TX

TALBERT, Mrs. J. J., 25 January,
TEURMAN, Floyd, 21 January,
THOMAS, Edward G., 10 March, Tulia
THOMAS, John, 1 December, Oklahoma
THOMPSON, Ernest Durwood (Skeet), 19 May, Tulia
TIMOTHY, Lee Hester, 16 June,
TODD, Mrs. Charles H., 20 October, Plainview, TX
TOMSU, Cheryl Ann, 12 May,
TRACY, David Rush, inf son of M/M Sterling Tracy, 8 September, Happy, TX
TURNER, Mrs. R. L. (Bob), 4 & 11 August, Tulia

VALLEJO, Pedro, 6 June,
VAUGHN, John C., 15 December, Tulia

WAITE, Charles, 5 September, Santa Ana, CA
WALLACE, Mrs. C. D., 25 August, Munday, TX
WALLACE, Mrs. W. O., 20 October, Tulia
WALTERS, Gene, 14 July, Canyon, TX
WALTERS, Preston, 4 August, Tulia
WARD, Mrs. J. R. (Lula), 4 February, Tulia
WEBER, Mr. & Mrs. Walter P., 24 November,
WHITMAN, Glenn Farris, 3 November, Canyon, TX
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Sarah Ollie, 17 March,
WIMBERLY, Mrs. Maude, 21 April, Plainview, TX
WOODS, George Lee, 28 Jan & 4 February, Happy, Tx
WOOLEN, W. J., 3 March, Tulia

YARBOROUGH, Rev. P. E., 9 June, Shamrock, TX


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