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1885 Land Map of Tarrant County

scanned, indexed and contributed by:
Rob G. Yoder


This page is dedicated to the victims of the horrific terrorist attacks against innocent American citizens on the 11th day of September 2001.  May God save the souls of those who perished and watch over those who were injured or traumatized.


The map was scanned in overlapping areas as evident by the lines crossing the county and dividing it into six sections. Click on the sections of the map above or on the links below to enlarge each image. The image files are large so be patient while they download to your screen. The images are roughly twice the scale of the original map to make it easier to read the small print.


Northwest Section 572 KBytes
North-Central Section 618 KBytes
Northeast Section 672 KBytes
Southwest Section 639 KBytes
South-Central Section 765 KBytes
Southeast Section 721 KBytes

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