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Around the perimeter of the Land Map are numbers that refer to the angle in degrees from the north and south axis through the center of Fort Worth.  I used these numbers to create a grid as a locator for this index.  The north/south and east/west center lines go through the center of Fort Worth and not through the center of the county. To locate a parcel of land, use the numbers as strictly horizontal and verticle references only.  The first number in the location is found along the side of the map and the second number will either be on the top or bottom edges.  For example: The first parcel is in the SouthEast quadrant of the map. Locate the number "65" on the east side (stay south of the "E" line) and draw an imaginary horizontal line. Now locate the number "30" on the south edge (stay east of the "S" line) and draw an imaginary vertical line. Where these two lines intersect places you near the B.R. ABOTT property.

Index A-H

Index I-Z

In creating this index, I used the Land Survey Abstract Indices of the Original Land Owners of Texas, found in the USGenWeb Archives for Tarrant County, as a guide.  In many cases, you will find more complete names on the list of Original Land Owners.

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