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Birdville Cemetery
6100 Cemetery Rd.
Haltom City, Texas

Inventoried and Contributed by: Thomas James
September, 2000

The oldest marked grave in this pioneer community cemetery is that of Wiley Wilda Potts (Dec. 20, 1822 - Dec. 15, 1852). The one-acre tract, then part of the George Akers Grant, was legally set aside for burial purposes before 1860. More land was later donated, and by 1910 the site included 3.27 acres. Birdville Cemetery Association, organized under a 50-year charter in 1917, was rechartered in 1967. The cemetery contained 552 known graves in 1965. Several families have four generations buried here in the same plot. The site now encompasses seven acres and is still used for burials.

Texas Historical Commission (1975)

The members of The Birdville Cemetery Association maintains the cemetery. Most have family members that are located in the cemetery. Donations to the cemetery are always welcome. Bill Reeves maintains the cemetery and is in control of the maintenance and all donations.

Note: The cemetery was physically inventoried and recorded below. Due to vandalism, missing or unreadable stones, burials that never received a headstones and a margin of error in my physical count, a master list was obtained. I compared this master list with my inventory and placed the difference into the Appendix that follows the inventory. Surnames are repeated as many familys with the same name are located a distance from each other.

Abreviations used:     s/o
Son of
Daughter of
Child of
Wife of
Granddaughter of
Grandson of
Great-great-grandson of

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Surname Given Name Birth/Death Relationship/Inscriptions/Notes
Acuff Luticia Ann Aug 22,1882-Feb 6,1945
Adkins Frank T. 1856-1929
Alonzo F. 1884- No Death Date
Mollie A. 1901-1957
Martha Elizabeth Mar 31,1930- Mar 31,1930
Curtis Lee Sep 17,1886-Jun 12,1960 Texas Pvt US Army WWI
Elia 1887-1914
Albritton Albert 1902 Born and died same day
Walter Floyd Aug 7,1910-Apr 27,1912
Ruth Aug 25,1912-Feb 15,1918
William Carroll Aug 24,1918-Oct 28,1918
W.F. Jun 19,1862-Feb 5,1918
Pollie Aug 10,1877-Mar 22,1948
Mattie May 6,1900-Dec 13,1993
Allen Louise V. Oct 30,1917 Only one date shown
M.S. Dec 2,1917 Only one date shown
Allen William W. 1868-1938 Father
Anderson Carl R. Nov 18,1859-Feb 26,1925 Father
Marie Oct 28,1858-Jul 1,1956 Mother
Anderson Minnie A. 1875-1963 Mother
George C. 1870-1932 Father
Leslie 1902-1925 Brother
Anderton Minnie Elizabeth Feb 10,1895-Mar 23,1988
Maggie C. Jan 6,1871-Aug 29,1926 w/o W.I. Anderton
"Gone But Not Forgotten"
W.I. Feb 15,1861-Mar 18,1953
Ira A. Jul 19,1892-Apr 16,1959
Anderton Infant 1922 No Names Etc.
Infant 1928 No Names Etc.
Andrew John 1867-1934 Father
Mary Antionette 1875-1969 Mother
Andrews Elizabeth E. Mar 27,1863-Jan 10,1886 w/o L.J. & d/o D.S. & M.C. Windle
Lee L. Jan 4,1883-Dec 8,1889 s/o L.J. & E.E.
Mary 1829-1868
H. Died 1860
Ben F. Mar 21,1826-Jul 21,1894
Andrews Caroline Nov 12,1836-Jan 18,1929
Annie M. Jul 4,1904-Aug 28,1904 d/o G.H. & L.E.
Charles Apr 3,1874-Oct 3,1911 Woodmen Of The World Memorial In Place
Lucy E. Nov 22,1873-Jan 1,1940 Mother "At Rest"
Eli Merrill Dec 5, 1897-May 31,1957
Charles F. Jan 29,1896-Jan 3,1969
Carl H. Mar 2,1902-Jun 18,1975
Angle Juliet Boaz Aug 16,1889-Jun 13,1977 See Boaz Family
Angle Andrew B. Jun 6,1853-May 31,1928 Father
Florence D. Aug 3,1866-Aug 29,1918 Mother
James Lesly Oct 18,1890-Aug 9,1908
Angle James Leslie May 30,1917 Father - Only one date given
Billie Mae Mar 18,1919 Mother - Only one date given
"Together Forever"
Angle W.A. 1864-1932
Angle George H. Oct 1,1882-Nov 10,1942
Leona Reeves Sep 18,1892-Mar 20,1936 "In Loving Memory"
Benjamin M. Jun 27,1925-May 21,1943 Texas Pvt 18 Regt USMC 2 Div WWII
Liz May 29,1962 See Stevenson Family
Angle M.D. 1903-1969 Husband
Tully R. Mar 30,1904-Feb 14,1940 "At Rest"
Albert B. Jr. Jun 20,1905-Aug 30,1937 "At Rest"
Roxie Ann Mar 7,1906- No Death Date Given
Archie Albert Oct 26,1875-Oct 13,1942 Father
Winnie Apr 7,1878-May 21,1974 See Mitchell Family
Austin William B. Nov 14,1847-Jun 30,1918
Martha Feb 24,1849-Died 1927 No Month, Day Of Death
Allie No Dates
Austin Nathaniel S. 1869-1941
Autrey Robert A. 1880-1931
Addie B. 1877-1946
Texana M. 1906-1931
R.Wayne 1903-1935
Bre_St Clarance Dec 11,1918-Mar 18,1945 Last Name Unreadable
Babcock Henry N. 1856-1935
Mary Ella 1860-1932
Bailey Mary Hensley May 2,1860-Aug 16,1883 See Hensley Family
Nellie 1880-1883
Bailey Robert Feb 18,1848-Feb 6,1919
Mary A. Nov 21,1852-Jan 29,1936
Charity Tyson Jun 1,1856-Apr 1,1925
Katie Lee Dec 7,1876-May 17,1878
Nina Eva Feb 21,1881-Nov 24,1881
Louis V. Stone Placed In Memory By
Grandson John R. Bailey
Barker James L. May 22,1869-Jan 21,1959
Barkley Mrs. Rovena Jul 5,1857-Dec 31,1920 See Morgan Family
Lon M. 1853-1928
Laura 1868-1954
James M. 1862-1920
Barkley Lillie M. Apr 1864-Oct 15,1878 No birth day given
Barkley L.C. Jun 18,1816-Feb 19,1863 s/o Doctor B.F. & M.E.
Born in Harrison County, Kentucky
B.F. Nov 14,1822-Dec 24,1882 Father "Historic Plaque Dedicated"
Baynes Tommie Ruth Feb 20,1937-Sep 28,1993 d/o Helen & Oscar
See Boaz Family
Bell M.G. Aug 25,1836-Feb 17,1919
Samantha 1842-1921
Berge T.H. 1881-1956
Kate 1887-1972
Bewley John G. 1871-1924
Alta Boaz 1875-1956 Wife
Bibby Nola Myrtle Sep 12,1899-Jun 27,1992 Mother - "In Gods Care"
Boaz Samuel Mar 8,1809-Jun 28,1894
Agnes Dec 19,1816-Jan 6,1883
Juliet Aug 16,1889-Jun 13,1977 See The Angle Family
Flem G. Oct 22,1882-Jul 20,1940 s/o R & Bena
Mack Nov 3,1873-Jan 12,1888 s/o R & L.
Lucy Ellen Feb 21,1879-Aug 17,1879 d/o R & L.
Hezekiah Sep 6,1870-Mar 10,1871 s/o R & L.
Lucy Oct 31, 1853-Mar 14,1879 w/o R.
R. Dec 4,1842-Jun 15,1899
Bena Oct 30,1853-Mar 27,1927
Boaz R.L. Oct 12,1855-Feb 9,1912 "My Beloved Husband"
Lula E. Apr 20,1861-Dec 10,1900 "My Beloved Wife"
Boaz Sarah E. Apr 22,1845-Jun 17,1925 See The Elliston Family
Boaz Richard R. Jan 12,1916-May 21,1950 s/o Dick and Nan
Nan 1893-1981 Mother
Dick 1892-1956 Father
Robert Don Jul 19,1932-Dec 31,1987 "Our Love Is With You"
Wilson O. Dec 25,1923-Apr 7,1996 Married Hazel Hampton Dec 25, 1944
WWII Vet Korea
Boaz Tommie Ruth Feb 20,1937-Sep 28,1993 d/o Helen & Oscar
See The Baynes Family
Dale S."Stormy" Apr 6,1938- 'No Date" s/o Nannie Reeves & Richard Boaz
Boon John 1813-1897
Rhonda 1817-1897
Boone Robert 1909-1925
Booth Elzira Oct 20,1823-Apr 4,1879
Madison Aug 28,1814-Feb 6,1880
L. Died Mar 26,1884 Stone Broken/Unreadable
Infant Babe 1889
Claud 1880-1889
Finley 1894-1897
Leon 1886-1960
Irene 1887-1975
Byrtle 1881-1892
Landon 1856-1892
Minerva 1858-1921
Ethal 1887-1889
Woodrow Leon Jun 22,1915-Nov 27,1962 "Precious Memories"
Booth Vernon M. Apr 3,1909-Aug 14,1909
J.M. Jan 9,1884-Mar 23,1916
Booth Loyd Jan 23,1897-Dec 9,1985
Winton L. 1906-1930
Josie Lee Dec 18,1885-May 17,1971
Ray 1882-1957
Maude 1886-1966
Perry 1899-1932
Jane 1857-1930
Frank 1850-1922
Boshart Billie L. Jan 30,1922-No Death Date
Emmett W. Aug 31,1925-Nov 10,1993
Brackin John W. 1850-1936
Margaret A. 1855-1931
Brackin James E. Jan 14,1877-Nov 4,1933
Mattie Aug 6,1877-Nov 12,1959
Bradley John M. 1846-1920 Co.E 8 VA Cav C.S.A.
Bradshaw Louis Henry Aug 24,1928-Feb 24,1997 "Daddy-Papa Brad"
Bobbie Loyce Nov 13,1936 Mom - "Together Forever"
Brooks Zelma B. Nov 17,1927-Nov 22,1942
Bessie I. Jul 31,1891-Mar 29,1960 "Precious Memories"
Talbert Aug 3,1886-Jan 8,1929
Brooks Mack Aug 29,1893-Jul 18,1966 Cook 360 Ambulance Co. WWI
Thelma Jan 18,1899-Aug 29,1985
Brooks James Wesley Jul 29,1855-Aug 17,1924
Rosetta Gilstrap Jul 23,1865-Mar 25,1897 First Wife
Ella Hollums Nov 14,1875-Jul 4,1950 Second Wife
Wiley Richard Jun 3,1903-Jan 20,1911 Twin babies of Ota Brooks Tabor &
Parents of Ella Lums Brooks
Brooks Lillie May 1895-1907
Pearl 1890-1911 See The Parker Family
Sue 1862-1925
N.J.(Jeff) 1865-1928
Brooks Nat 1888-1978
Effie Booth 1890-1969 "In Memory"
Brooks Bessie Oct 8,1889-Oct 21,1909 d/o J.L.M. & S.T.
Brown Larry Paul Jun 4,1947-Nov 7,1968 Texas Sp4 Co. A 2 Bn 7 Cav
Vietnam BSM & OLC-AM-PH
Burnett Nona Nuckolls Aug 1,1863-Jul 31,1888 w/o J.T.
Butler Huda No Dates s/o T.A. & N.A. 16 Months
Infant Son No Dates s/o T.A. & N.A.
Cain William M. 1858-1912
Minnie L. Oct 10,1907 w/o W.M. Age 44 Years
Calloway Wiley 1858-1904
Catherine 1820-1889
Mary J. 1839-1914
Thomas 1846-1862
Shadrick 1814-1863
J.F. 1838-1871
Katharine 1824-1878
Hiram 1822-1900
Calloway Lee M. 1858- No Date
Sally Owen 1870-1926
Calloway Catherine 1876-1951 "At Rest"
Marsh 1869-1945 "At Rest"
Wylie 1904-1923
George C. 1877-1949 "At Rest"
Calvin Henry V. 1883 Co. G 8 Ind Cav Civil War
Catharine A. 1843-1911 Mother
William Grant Aug 11,1866-Jun 9,1948
Ira Nelson Apr 23,1869-May 12,1948 Father
Laura Fanny Nov 2,1878-Feb 16,1955
Campbell Hettie B. Jan 22,1883-Oct 2,1959 "Gods Greatest Gift Returned
To God Our Mother"
Gertrude L. 1908-1975 "In Loving Memory"
Audy W. 1904-1976 "In Loving Memory"
Campbell Effie 1885-1916
J.M. No Dates
Carlisle Sampson D. Jan 4,1861-Oct 15,1945
Bettie Stephen Jan 13,1871-Apr 28,1936
Carlson Oluf Francis Nov 4,1865-Jan 23,1940
Alice Elliston Mar 12,1871-Jan 20,1927
Carlton Mary I. 1843-1875 w/o W.R.
Cartwright William Edward Apr 26,1917-Feb 22,1918
Cavender James Claud Feb 5,1869-Oct 20,1930 Born In Walker County, Georgia,
Died In Birdville, Texas
Chestnut Emily 1857-1899
Alice 1874-1908 See The Haddix Family
Clark Sarah Oct 27,1815-Nov 29,1889
Clark Abagill E. Oct 29,1846-Mar 9,1880 w/o A.B.
Clark George W. 1844- No Date "Rest In Peace"
Elizabeth 1854-1920
Clift Willie Joe Aug 27,1886-Nov 30,1978
Pearly Jane Oct 15,1889-Nov 25,1945
Cline E.F. 1873-1934
Cody Ether Lee Jun 4,1880-Feb 13,1882 d/o G.H. & S.L. - "At Rest"
Aged 1 Yr 7 Mos. 9 Days
Cousins Sue James 1895-1976 See The James Family
Crader Hilles Paul Jan 4,1930-May 5,1987 Father - U.S. Air Force Korea
Shirley Jo Sep 13,1937-Jun 26,1980 Mother - Married Oct 28, 1955
Cross Ann H. Dec 5,1806-Feb 24,1883
Robert Oct 12,1807-Jul 14,1888
Daggett Thomas H. Jan 11,1855-Oct11, 1891 "One Less To Love On Earth,
One More To Meet In Heavan"
Sarah Ellen Mar 9,1838-Feb 24,1910
Henry Clay Feb 29,1820-Oct 29,1887
Maude V. Died Feb 27,1899 Aged 20 Yrs 5 Mo. 27 Days
Dalton Levi W. Dec 28,1857-Jan 25,1878
Carr 1819-1864 Age 45 Years
Davis Matilda J. Nov 16,1837-Oct 2,1924 Mother - Born In Kentucky
Thomas Apr 4,1831-Aug 26,1886 Father - Born In Kentucky
Dewey Frederick Jack Nov 24,1921-Dec 28,1992 MM2 US Coast Guard WWII
Donald Charles Oct 13,1876-May 13,1953
Ethel Potts Apr 26,1878-Feb 28,1956
Sarah Elizabeth May 4,1909-Jan 19,1915
Dungan J.R. May 9,1854-Apr 9,1891
Tishie Frances Feb 27,1866-Aug 31,1922 "A Fond Mother And Friend To All"
John R. Dec 8,1888-Jun 23,1942 Pvt 111 AM TN. 36 Div.
Eagle Dr. D.M. Mar 8,1834-Feb 19,1883 "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Earle Archibald Apr 17,1830-Oct 13,1903
Addie F. 1844-1933 Mother
Clay C. Aug 18,1878-Aug 27,1883 s/o A & A.F.
Early Will Aug 5,1878-May 5,1941 Father
Eaton Patricia Lynn Aug 19,1954-Aug 29,1996 See The Moreno Family
Harrel Wayne Oct 15,1930-Sep 2,1996
Velma S. Jackie Jan 23,1934- No Date See The Jackie Family
Eaton James F. 1869-1959 Father
Francis Ann 1871-1957 Mother
Dawn Lanell Sept 7,1921-Nov 7,1983 See The Gonzales Family
Lester R. 1901-1968
Eaton Jack Franchard Dec 29,1906-Apr 10,1985 Husband
Lucille Jan 21,1909-Jan 28,1984 Wife - Baby Statues Above Tombstone
Raymond Cecil Sep 18,1927-Apr 25,1928
Margaret Jewel Apr 15,1926-Apr 18,1926
Echols J.C. Aug 17,1858-Jun 7,1932 Father
Georgia H. Aug 7,1873-Sept 2,1956 Mother
Edwards Albert N. Nov 1,1869-Nov 11,1869 Both Consigned To Jesus By J.M. Edwards
John B. Dec 13,1846-Nov 1,1868
Elkins T.J. May 29,1919-Nov 20,1989
Nora Lee Oct 3,1919-No Date Married May 1, 1943
Ellis Amos D. 1870-1940
Emma Z. 1876-1949
Ellison Zarilda 1843-1868 Age 25 Years And 9 Days
First w/o Thomas B. James (Sheriff of
Tarrant County) - d/o Mark and
gd/o John W. Ellison
Elliston J.Frank Apr 27,1840-Feb28, 1917
Sarah E. Boaz Apr 22,1845-Jun 17,1925 See The Boaz Family
Hugh T. May 22,1866-Nov 24,1929 Father
Maggie Potts Feb 21,1875-Jan 2,1974 Mother
Addiston Mar 16,1873-Jan 18,1896
Emerson Douglas T. Feb 11,1903-Mar 30,1975
Dora Mae Angle Oct 20,1915-Apr 16,1981
Mathew T. Jul 31,1962-Oct 7,1977 "Beloved Son"
Emerson Ethel Maud Mar 7,1880-Mar 24,1880 d/o S & E
John H. Nov 1, 1876-Jun 10,1878 s/o S & E
Lou Edna Mar 17,1879- Mar 17,1879 d/o S & E
William Burr Aug 14,1874-Aug 2,1876
Evaughn Fannie 1901-1973 Buried Near The Andrew & Stewart Family

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Surname Given Name Birth/Death Relationship/Inscriptions/Notes
Farmer Dr. Eugene 1842-1902 Buried with Emily Trimble
Faulkner J.R. (Rayford) 1883-1966 Father "In Loving Memory"
Cyrena J. 1886-1965 Mother "In Loving Memory"
Sarah Margie Jan 16,1916-Dec 3,1917 d/o Jr & C.J.
Catherine Potts Nov 12,1913-Mar 26,1914 d/o Jr & C.J.
Fincher Emma E. Feb 16,1885-Mar 29,1917
Fisher William D. 1876-1939 Father
Nancy K. 1877-1953 Mother
Alton P. 1912-1960
Fisher Albena (Bea) Sept 17,1911-2000
Lynn B. Apr 13,1908-Apr 9,1992 Married Dec 25, 1943
Fisher Troy Harrel Jun 26,1914-Jul 4,1987 Staff Sgt US Army WWII
Thelma Ree Feb 19,1912-Apr 27,1999 Mother "Christian Nurturer of Children"
Fisher John I. May 21,1881-Aug 13,1947 Father
Mattie Mar 12,1882-Aug 13,1956 Mother
Ernest W. Dec 30,1901-Aug 31,1919 s/o John & Mattie
John I. Jr. Jul 22,1919-Feb 10,1981 T Sgt US Army WWII
Fitts James T. Nov 28,1879-Nov 3,1935 "Daddy Fitts"
Maggie A. Dec 26,1883-Aug 4,1935 "Mama Fitts"
Flippo W.J. Bryan Sr. 1896-1983
Bertha N. 1898-1969 Inducted into Mothers Hall of
Fame Feb 20,1995
Floyd Jack Donald May 14,1939-Nov 5,1992 Engraved "Helicopter" on Tombstone
Floyd Emma Jean Donald Jul 26,1906-Nov 28,1986 Buried near Donald Family
Ford Perry D. Nov 4,1885-Nov 20,1885 s/o W.F. & M.M.
Margaret M. May 4,1867-Jan 21,1887 w/o W.F & d/o D.J. Warren
Gonzales Dawn Lanell Sept 7,1921-Nov 7,1983 See The Eaton Family
Green Gussie E. Feb 14,1867-Jul 28,1892 Stone connected behind Gussie B.
is broken and missing
Greenfield Mary E. Jun 18,1897-Sep 11,1981 See The Snow Family
Greenwood John P. Oct 18,1898-Jul 10,1982
L.D. 1874-1966
Sarah 1878-1963
Lucille 1911-1926
Gibbons C. Don 1893-1974
Juliette 1890-1987
Goodson Edwin Eugene 1925-1978
Grigsby Mary Suna Apr 6,1928-Same d/o Henry & Ida
Born & Died Same Day
Henry N. Sep 18,1883-Oct 21,1937
Ida Mae Aug 1,1889-May 9,1955
Haak Gregory Gene Mar 16,1972-Oct 22,1998 gggs/of W.O.Reeves, gs/o Richard C.
Boaz & gs/o W.J. Boaz
Haddix Alice Chestnut 1874-1908 See The Chestnut Family
Hampton Floyd M. Apr 12,1909-Apr 26,1913
Hardcastle Adelphe Kalvini Jan 11,1849-Feb 2,1874 Mother of Verde V. &
Adelphe K.H. Lumley
Hardesty J. 1801-1876 Old grave
Hardisty Georgiana No Dates
Lee No Dates
Charles 1836-1916 Father
Nancy 1844-1902
Maybella No Dates
Thomas Mar 2,1846-Jul 16,1877
Lillian Jan 28,1875-Feb 18,1946 See The Putman Family
Hardisty James W. Apr 10,1878-Aug 17,1890 s/o J & M.E.
Mary E. Apr 28,1848-Nov 26,1889
Hardisty George K. May 27,1856-Feb 25,1858 s/o James & J.A.
Hardisty John Jun 22,1840-No Death Date
Annie Sep 22,1858-Feb 9,1910 Wife
George Mar 1,1902-Jul 3,1902 Son
Hardisty Clyde Feb 6,1893-May 10,1894 s/o L.E. & E.L. "Our Baby"
Hardisty Mary K. 1883-1971
Hardisty Lizzy Apr 15,1876-Feb 8,1906 w/o J.H. Hardisty
Hardisty Laura A. 1876-1954 Mother
Shade L. 1871-1956 Father
J. Henry "Hench" Apr 10,1870-Nov 28,1944
Lula M. Feb 18,1889-May 19,1969 Mother
Harrell W.H. Apr 13,1851-Apr 12,1909 "He Died As He Lived A Christian"
Ophelia Morris 1864-1932
Harrell Bernard K. Mar 5,1905-Nov 22,1978
Laura B. Mar 30,1879-Aug 27,1960
David B. Dec 29,1872-May 24,1956
Harris Ralph 1911- No Death Date
Thelma 1913-1988 "Together Forever"
Sallie Ione Oct 17,1901-1991
Paul 1878-1954
Thoman D. 1904-1965 "Together Forever"
Alline C. 1907-1998 "Together Forever"
James 1880-1969 "Together Forever"
Loura E. 1881-1966 "Together Forever"
Harrison Little Buck Nov 4,1910-Nov 7,1910 "Baby"
Hawkins Stella C. Oct 12,1908-Mar 27,1943
Henderson Joe M. 1840-1903 "Jesus Has Come & Born Thee Home"
Bob W. Dec 11,1890-Jan 31,1952 Sgt Provost Guard Co. WWI
Henderson W.C. Aug 28,1849-Feb 17,1916 Father
Dona Oct 17,1863-Apr 25,1886 Mother
Henderson Mary J. Nov 2,1838-Dec 26,1854
Hensley E. Benton Dec 17,1829-Jan 19,1879
Mary May 2,1860-Aug 16,1883 See The Bailey Family
Hightower George Henry Jul 12,1871-Jan 12,1939 Born near Ludville, Pickens Co.GA.
Died Fort Worth Texas
"He Was One Eighth Cherokee Indian"
Hill John L. 1845-1920 "A Friend To A Man"
Hight No Dates Infant of Mr & Mrs H.G. Hight
Hine C.A. Oct 10,1837-May 29,1912
Ann Elizabeth Aug 3,1841-Jul 15,1931 Mother
Hodges Jessie O. Apr 4,1887-Apr 7,1924 w/o J.A. Hodges
Hodges H.W. No Dates
H.W. Jr. Sep 30,1924- Sep 30,1924
Virgie I. Jul 5,1905-May 16,1935
Holden James L. Jan 17,1836-Jan 3,1921
Catherine L. Nov 10,1842-May 15,1925
Charles Ellsworth Nov 29,1928-May 23,1932 "Drowned"
John A. Jul 20,1869-Nov 20,1959
Archie F. Apr 24,1911-Feb 17,1958 "Texas Pvt US Army WWII"
Holin W.R.D. Oct 13,1855-Nov 17,1878
Hollingsworth Simon P. Aug 10,1902-Aug 29,1940 Married Dec 24, 1922
Gracie L. Sep 10,1903-Nov 29,1974 Married Dec 24, 1922
George W. Sep 2,1923-Aug 26,1989 US Navy WWII
William Perry Nov 10,1939-Apr 1,1999 FN US Navy
Hollis Thomas Allen Feb 14,1912-Dec 21,1970 Married Dec 30, 1941
Robbie Anna Mar 21,1918- No Death Date
Holt Nathan Claude 1937-1989
Hovencamp Minne Boaz Sep 30,1871-Feb 10,1943 "Love Will Light The Way"
Dick Feb 18,1861-Aug 19,1916 "Woodmen Of The World"
Hovenkamp Pansie B. Aug 12,1886-May 31,1889
Mary Ellen May 7,1857-Oct 10,1857 d/o Edward & Asabella
Infant May 7,1872- May 7,1872 s/o Edward & Asabella
Edward Jun 30,1824-May 9,1886 Born In Newark, NJ
Isabel Oct 8,1828-Mar 17,1890
Harvey G. Oct 2,1874-Sep 24,1889
Hovenkamp Ed Feb 8,1866-Jan 28,1897
Tennie No Dates
Huffaker Matilda J. Nov 16,1837-Oct 2,1924 Mother "Born In Kentucky"
See The Davis Family
Hunderup Mary Reeves 1898-1985 "Cherished Mermories"
See The Reeves Family
Hunt D.M. Jul 1,1880-Nov 27,1918 "A Duliful Son An Affectioned Brother
And A True Friend"
Sadie E. Jan 24,1854-Nov 15,1916 Mother
Dave L. Feb 21,1847-Oct 17,1916 Father "At Rest"
Hust Ernest May 11,1878-Feb 12,1879 s/o J.J. & C.A.
Tisha Ann Dec 16,1876-Mar 26,1877 d/o J.J. & C.A.
Hust John A. May 7,1811-Sep 18,1868
William N. Nov 14,1851-Feb 18,1879
Christenia Sep 15,1815-Aug 27,1882 w/o J.A.
Iles Ray Apr 28,1912-Feb 22.2000
Etta McCaffity 1913-2000 Metal marker only
Infant 1935 s/o Mr.& Mrs. Ray Iles
Jackie Velma S. Jan 23,1934-No Date See The Eaton Family
James Thomas B. Oct 25,1840-Mar 31,1884 Sheriff of Tarrant County Dec 3,1869,
reelected Dec 2, 1873 and served
until Feb 15,1876.
[Transcribers Great Uncle]
Zarilda 1843-1868 Age 25 Years 9 Days - First w/o Thomas B.,
d/o Mark Ellison & gd/o John W. Ellison.
Elbert May 18,1877-Mar 10,1881 s/o Thomas B. & N.G.
Olin Jan 12,1887 Nephew of T.A. & G.P.
Age 2 Years Five Days
Jane 1819-Died Aug 11,1876 Mother of Thomas B.
Aged 57 Yrs. 7 Mos. 23 Days
Maiden name is "Rentfro"
Son No Dates s/o T.B. & N.G.
No marker, taken from Master List
Son No Dates s/o W.A. & A.
No marker, taken from Master List
Son No Dates s/o T.A.& G.P.
No marker, taken from Master List
James William A. 1849-1909 Father
Grand Marshall of Ft. Worth Masons
[Transcribers Great Uncle]
Carrie O. 1867-1956 Mother
Sue 1895-1976 Daughter - See The Cousins Family
James Nelson Elmer Jan 15,1914-Aug 12,1997
Faye Belle Jan 24,1909-No Date Married Nov 5,1939
Jaquess Fred 1892-1960
Ora 1902-1994 "Precious Memories"
Johnson H.G. May 10,1833-Aug 30,1895
Cyrena A. Mar 26,1832-Jul 9,1909
Johnson E.R. Nov 16,1854- Father - No Death Date
M.L. Oct 14,1857-Jun 25,1918 Mother
Jones Mary D. Oct 25,1885-Sep 26,1899
Jones W.T. Mar 3,1838-Oct 30,1880
Mary E. Jul 30,1839-Jul 7,1887
Jones Alma Viola Aug 7,1906-Aug 2,1930
Josey Velma D. Jun 26,1904-Aug 28,1991 "Granny"
Keeling Lucy F. Jan 5,1860-Mar 7,1884 w/o W.H. "Gone To Rest"
Keith C.Y. Feb 26,1849-Oct 17,1935
Carie Dec 24,1850-Mar 24,1935 [name hard to read]
Kennedy S.J. Jul 14,1846-Apr 7,1900 w/o W.Y.
"A Fond Mother And A Friend To All"
Little Tomey May 23,1870-Nov 1,1881 s/o W.Y. & S.J.
Kinman J.H. 1875-1938 "Vaya Con Dios"
Martha 1878-1956 "Vaya Con Dios"
John Henry Jr. Dec 10,1912-Oct 2,1978 MOMM 1 US Navy WWII
Geneva June Jun 2,1919-Sep 10,1995 Married Apr 17,1937
"Together Forever"
Lasley Lillie Thomas 1881-1964 See The Thomas Family
Lathram Elizabeth Jul 25,1843-Apr 8,1899 "Area erected by Meada Lathram Scott"
Mary Toney 1874-1891
Sarah Ellen 1866-1889 See The Prentiss Family
Offha May Died 1882 No Birthdate - In Loving Memory
Monument dedicated to the Lathram
Family by Meada Lathram Scott
Law William B. 1860-1945 Father
Eddie J. 1868-1960 Mother
Luther A. 1870-1911 Father "At Rest"
Leete Ivan B. 1884-1950 "He Restoreth My Soul"
Leonard A.F. Jun 19,1816-Feb 22,1876 Texas Historical Commission plaque
Mary A. Aug 20,1822-May 19,1904 w/o A.F.
Lewis Almira 1871-1915 Mother
Littles Harry J. Apr 3,1873-Mar 10,1932
Long Lillian Pauline 1897-1934
Lynch Mollie 1865-1951

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