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There are 167 known cemeteries in Tarrant County. Listed here are all of those cemeteries discovered and the various names they have been called over the years. If you know of other cemeteries or alternate names for those listed, please share that information with us.

The information available for each cemetery differs. For some there is a map and/or a description of its location. For some there is a reference to a book where the cemetery's inscriptions have been recorded. For nearly half of the cemeteries, the inscriptions are available on-line. For some cemeteries the only information is the name. If you have additional information on any of these cemeteries or about other cemeteries in Tarrant County, I will be pleased to add it to our listing here.

Ahavath Sholom Hebrew Cemetery
Allen Family Cemetery
Allen, William Valentine Severe, Cemetery
Arlington Cemetery
Arwine Cemetery
Ash Creek Cemetery
Ayres Cemetery

see Ash Creek Cemetery

Azle Cemetery
Azleland Cemetery - Parker Co.
Ball Street Cemetery
see Turck Cemetery
B. A. Barnes Cemetery
Bear Creek Cemetery
Bedford Cemetery
Benbrook Cemetery
Berachah Cemetery
Bird's Fort Cemetery
Birdville Cemetery
Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park
Boaz Cemetery
Bourland Cemetery
Britton Cemetery - Ellis County

see Emerald Hills Memorial Park

Brown Cemetery
Burke Cemetery
Calloway Cemetery

see Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery
Calvary Catholic Cemetery - (Fort Worth)
Calvary Catholic Cemetery - (Mansfield)
Cedar Hill Memorial Park
Chapel Cemetery

see Jackson Cemetery

Chapin Cemetery
Cheek, Pendleton Cemetery
Chivers, Absalom H. Family Cemetery

see Pioneers Rest & Oakwood Cemeteries

City Cemetery

see Oakwood Cemetery

City Cemetery, New

see Pioneers Rest Cemetery

City Cemetery, Old

see Parker Memorial Cemetery

Clements Cemetery

see Lake Como Cemetery

Como Cemetery
Cope Cemetery
Corn Cemetery
Cowan-Whitehead Cemetery
Crowley Cemetery

see Bear Creek Cemetery

Crowley Prairie Cemetery
Crowley Survey Burial Site
Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery
Curry Cemetery

see Grimsley Cemetery

Dalton Cemetery
Davenport Family Cemetery
Day Cemetery

see Crowley Cemetery

Deer Creek Cemetery
Dido Cemetery
Dobkins, Alexander Family Cemetery

see Harmon Cemetery

Dozier Cemetery

see Harmon Cemetery

Dozier Creek Cemetery
Easter, Thomas Cemetery

see Handley Hill Cemetery

Ebenezer Cemetery (black)
Emanuel Hebrew Rest Cemetery
Emerald Hills Memorial Park
Estes Cemetery
Everman Cemetery

see Chapel Cemetery

Fanning Burying Grounds

see Thompson Family Cemetery

Farmer Cemetery
Ford Cemetery
Forest Hill Cemetery
Fossil Methodist Church Cemetery

see Smith-Frazier Cemetery

Frazier-Smith Cemetery
Fretwell Cemetery
Gandy Cemetery
Gano Cemetery
Garden of Memories Memorial Park
Gibbins Family Cemetery
Gibson Family Cemetery
Gilliland Cemetery
see Mitchell Cemetery
Gilmore Cemetery
Goforth Cemetery

see Turck Cemetery

Grand Prairie Cemetery
Grapevine Cemetery
Graves on Leo O'Daniel Farm
Greenwood Memorial Park
Gregory Family Cemetery
Grimsley Cemetery
Handley Cemetery

Handley Hill Cemetery (black)
Harding Family Cemetery
Harmon Cemetery

see Harmon Cemetery

Harmond Cemetery
Harper Family Cemetery
Harrington Family Cemetery
Harrison Cemetery
Hawkins Cemetery

see Ahavath Sholom Hebrew Cemetery

Hebrew Cemetery

see Emanuel Hebrew Rest Cemetery

Hebrew Rest Cemetery
Henderson Cemetery
Hitch-Liggett Cemetery
Hodgkins Cemetery
Hoggard-Reynolds Cemetery - Parker Co.
Hollis Cemetery
Hood Cemetery

see Gano Cemetery

Hood (Morgan) Pioneer Cemetery
Howard Family Graveyard
Hudson Cemetery
Hudson Family Cemetery Plot
Hunter Cemetery
Indian Burial Site
Indian Creek Cemetery

see Tannahill Cemetery

Isabel Cemetery

Isbell Cemetery
Isham Cemetery
Jackson Cemetery
January Cemetery
Jefferson Cemetery

removed to Pioneers Rest Cemetery

Johnson, A.D. Family Plot
Johnson Plantation Cemetery
Johnson Station Cemetery
Jopling Cemetery
Judd Street Cemetery

see Emerald Hills Cemetery

Kennedale Cemetery
Keyes Cemetery
Keystone Cemetery
Lake Como Cemetery
Laurel Land Memorial Park & Cemetery
Lawrence Cemetery

see Hitch-Liggett Cemetery

Liggett-Hitch Family Cemetery
Lipscomb Cemetery
see Fossil Methodist Church Cemetery
Little Fossil Church Cemetery
Lonesome Dove Cemetery
Mansfield Cemetery
Maples Grave
Martin Cemetery
see Martin cemetery
Martin Survey Cemetery Site

see Jackson Cemetery

Mary's Creek Cemetery
see Keystone Cemetery
Mason Cemetery

see Keystone Cemetery

Masonic Cemetery

see Polytechnic Cemetery

Masonic Home Cemetery

moved to Mount Olivet Cemetery

McKee Mausoleum

see Arlington Cemetery

McNatt Cemetery
Medlin Cemetery
Melton Grave Site

see Benbrook Cemetery

Merinda Seminary Graveyard

see Johnson Plantation Cemetery

Middleton Tate Johnson Plantation Cemetery

see Johnson Plantation Cemetery

Mill Cemetery

see Johnson Plantation Cemetery

Mill Branch Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Minter's Chapel Cemetery
Mistletoe Heights Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
Moore Memorial Gardens

see Everman Cemetery

Morris Graveyard
Mosier Valley Cemetery
Mount Gilead Cemetery
Mount Olivet Cemetery
Muhlinghause Cemetery
Mustang Cemetery
Nelson Cemetery - Parker County

see Oakwood Cemetery

New Cemetery

see Oakwood Cemetery

New City Cemetery
New Trinity Cemetery
Noah Cemetery
North Exchange Avenue Paupers Graves
Northcutt Grave

see Tye Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery

see Arlington Cemetery

Old Arlington Cemetery

see Pioneer Rest Cemetery

Old City Cemetery

see Emerald Hills Memorial Park

Old Kennedale Cemetery

see Handley Cemetery

Old Handley Cemetery

see Fretwell Cemetery

Old Settlers' Cemetery
Old Trinity Cemetery
Parkdale Cemetery
Parker Cemetery
Parker, I.D. Public Cemetery
Parker Memorial Cemetery

see Laurel Land Memorial Park

Parkland Cemetery

see Laurel Land Memorial Park

Parklawn Cemetery
Payne Family Cemetery
People's Burial Park
Perry Cemetery
Peterson Cemetery
Pioneers Rest Cemetery
Pleasant Point Cemetery - Johnson Co.
Polytechnic Cemetery
Powers Cemetery
see Handley Cemetery
Presbyterian Cemetery
Proctor Cemetery
Pugh Cemetery

see Harrison Cemetery

Randol Cemetery
Ray-Manship Cemetery

see Judd Street Cemetery

Redford Place Cemetery
Rehobeth Cemetery
Rendon Cemetery

see Hoggard-Reynolds Cemetery

Reynolds Cemetery
Riley Cemetery
Rodgers Cemetery
Rodgers Grave
Rose Hill Memorial Park
Rushing Cemetery
Saginaw Cemetery

see Pioneer Rest Cemetery

Samuels Avenue Cemetery

see Pugh Cemetery

Selvidge Cemetery
Skyvue Memorial Gardens
Smithfield Cemetery
Smith-Frazier Cemetery
Snider Cemetery
Southside Cemetery
Spring Garden Cemetery
Stephens Family Cemetery
St. Paul Cemetery - Ellis Co.

see Chapel Cemetery

Sweet Chapel Cemetery
Tannahill Cemetery
Tarrant County Poor Farm Cemetery
Tate Cemetery

see Tate Cemetery

Tate Springs Cemetery

see Easter, Thomas Cemetery

Thomas Easter Cemetery
Thompson Family Cemetery
Thompson Public Cemetery
Tomlin Cemetery

see Old & New Trinity Cemeteries

Trinity Cemetery
Tucker Cemetery
Turck Cemetery
Turner Cemetery
Tye Cemetery
Unidentified Cemeteries
Walnut Creek Cemetery
Watson Cemetery

see Watson Cemetery

West Fork Cemetery

see Cowan Cemetery

Whitehead Cemetery

see Isham's Chapel Cemetery

White Cemetery
White's Chapel Cemetery

see Moore Memorial Gardens

White Chapel Memorial Gardens
Willburn Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
Witten Family Cemetery
Wyatt's Chapel Cemetery

see Mitchell Cemetery

York Cemetery
Young Family Cemetery

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