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D.A.R. Burial Index

The Tarrant County Chapters of the Daughter's of the American Revolution inventoried numerous cemeteries in the county from the early 1950's through the mid-1960's.  Copies of these inventories were deposited in the Genealogy/Local History Department of the Fort Worth Public Library in twelve volumes.  They are currently available for public viewing on microfilm.

In the late 1980's, Brien and Terry Koehler (now of Fort Myers, Florida) indexed Volumes 5 through 12 and entered it into the computer.  In 1996, they sent a copy of the file to Elly Hutcheson, former president of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society.  The disk passed from person to person, but nobody knew how to read the file.  When I heard about this disk last Spring, I asked to take a look at it.

It took a couple of months to track it down, but when it was found in June 2002, the six year old disk was discovered to be corrupt. It took a couple of hours to repair the file to the point where it could be read by any program. From there it took about six more hours to crop out the corrupted data and return it to a format readable by a database program.

The repaired database was saved to a fresh new disk and presented to the library staff. An effort to proof-read the database and add the four missing volumes is under way, but they could use some volunteers.

The complete and proof-read index is not yet available. What is currently on-line is the raw database that was presented to the library. Please remember that it has not been proofed and numerous errors will exist. DO NOT believe everything you read; go to the source for verification. When a better version is available, I will replace this file.

Rob Yoder                    

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Download a better formatted version of the DAR index.
Column alignment and downloadable Zip file is courtesy of Jesse Barnett.


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