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G. L. Gause Funeral Home Records
314 W. Weatherford St.
Fort Worth, Texas


This material originally appeared in 3 consecutive issues of Footprints beginning in May 1982.
Used with permission of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society.

When the move was made from the old library building into our new downtown library, this old funeral home ledger was found in the book stacks. Since it is prior to mandatory record keeping, hope it will be of value as well as of interest to our readers. Abstracted by Lucille Miller, then editor of Footprints.

Biography of George L. Gause


Lizzie Parsons, aged 30 about, August 5, 1888, residence #210 E 12th Street, bill to City of Ft. Worth, $12.25 Paid, Pall bearer Ex $18.00, New Cemetery public lot.

Mattie Boaz, aged 2 years, August 5, 1888, ordered by John Mathews, #3, 2/0 coffin, $12.50 Paid Residence - Bear Creek.

James Parris, aged 7 months, August 6, 1888, ordered by Jno. Parris and J. J. Johnson. #0, 2/0 coffin $8.00 Paid. Residence near Greentree Saloon. Physician, R. B. Gruinmer.

Infant of Kennedy, aged - , August 6, 1888, #3 2/0 coffin paid $10.00. New Cemetery, lot - public $3.00; $5.00 for carriage: time of funeral 10 1/2 A.M. 8/6; physician, A. P. Brown. Residence: 309 W. 2nd Street.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Infant. of J. L.. Scoggins, aged 10 days, August 6, 1888; ordered by J. L. Scoggin; #3 2/0 coffin $10.00 paid. New Cemetery, lot 55, block 3 $3.00; time 10 AM 8/7/88; physician E. J. Beall and Adams.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Negro, aged --, August 6, 1888, ordered by Dr. Watkins, kind of coffin ­ City of Ft. Worth $7.25. Residence - south side: physician, Watkins, cause of death - small pox.

Infant of James Grunson (Grissom) col., aged 9 months, residence 913 E. First St., kind of coffin #0 2/6 $8.00, paid. Cemetery ­ colored: time 5 PM 8/7/88: physician, W. P. Burts.

Eunice Stephens, aged 2 years, August 8, 1888, residence, Oak Grove. Kind of coffin #3 2/6 $10.00, paid.

Negro woman, August 11, 1888, ordered by Dr. Watkins, kind of coffin ­City of Ft. Worth $7.25, cause of death, small pox. Residence: pest house.

Infant of A. J. McGinnis, aged 1 month, August 12, 1888. Ordered by R. C. Woodall, bill to A. J. McGinnis. Kind of coffin #0 2/0, $8.00 Paid. Physician R. B. Grummond (?) Residence - East 1st and Live Oak St.

Mrs. A. Durham, 54 years, August 14, 1888, residence 3 miles north of town. Kind of coffin #8 5/9 $30.00 Paid. Ship to Corsicana, Texas.

Mrs. I. A. Wilson, 45 years, August 18, 1888. Residence, corner of S. Main and Daggett Ave.; ordered by G. B. Brown, bill to W. H. Wilson. Kind of coffin #15 6/0 $70 Paid. Cemetery - new lot 7, block 5, funeral 2 PM 8/19/88; physician E. J. Beall.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

William Olearry, aged 28 years, August 20, 1888, residence, city hospital. Ordered by J. B. McLaren (?). Kind of coffin, City of Ft. Worth $12.25 Paid.

Eva Grigsby, colored, aged 11 months, August 21, 1888, residence, 9th St. near Daggett school house. Ordered by Thos. Grigsby, bill to Wm. Brice. Kind of coffin 0 2/0 $8.00 Paid. Physician, Dr. Parker.

Ches. Beall, aged 25 years, residence Dallas, August 21, 1888, burial Old cemetery.

[Located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.]

Mrs. L. P. Root, 45 years-about, August 24, 1888, residence, 611 Arizona Ave. Ordered by L. P. Root, kind of coffin, #3 5/9 $25.00 paid. Burial --- cemetery, lot 0 1/2 36, block 4, 3 closed carriages. Time of funeral 9 AM 8/25/88, physician, A. P. Brown.

[Angeline M. ROOT located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Mrs. Sarah Dillon, aged 32 years, August 25, 1888, residence, E. 6th between Main and Rusk. Ordered by H. L. Dillon, bill to H. L. Dill and J. F. Haystrop. Kind of coffin #9 5/9 $18.00. Burial in old cemetery with 2 closed carriages and 1 open carriage.

[Located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery book.]

Daisey Wickson, aged 13 months, August 25, 1888, residence, Ladies Benevelent Home. Ordered by H. C. Holloway, burial by Tarrant County at 5 PM 8/25/88, physician, C. A. Parker.

Birdie F. Sparrow, 18 weeks, August 27, 1888, residence 604 Throckmorton Street. Ordered by Frank Sparrow, #3 2/6 coffin $10.00, Paid.

Tressie McNeil, 19 months, August 28, 1888, residence Corner of Peach and Harding St. Ordered by T. McNeil. Remarks: Ship to Keller, Texas.

Sallie Violet, col., aged 4 years, August 29, 1888, residence, On Rusk St. between 14th and 15th. Ordered by Taylor Violet.

Harry L. Gardner, age 10 years, August 31, 1888, residence, under the Bluff. Ordered by Jim Gardner, buried in New Cemetery, lot 29, block 4, physician, Dr. Grummer.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery records.]

Infant of Charles W. Brooks, aged 3 days, September 2, 1888.

Walter A. Robbinson, age 9 months, residence #204 Hemphill Street, September 3rd, 1888. Ordered by H. H. Gaither, bill to S. M. Robbinson, blacksmith. Time of funeral 10 AM 9/4/88, minister, Rev. Gillespie and grave to be dug on Mr. Hock's lot.

[Walter A. ROBINSON located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Infant of Alfred Pearson, aged 2 months, September 6, 1888, lived at 3rd and Taylor Streets. Ordered by Wm. Price; minister, Rev. Irion.

Annie Kelley, 15 years, September 7, 1888, residence, back of F. and Co. warehouse. Ordered by W. D. Willson; funeral 4 P. M.; Physician, Dr. Adams.

George Allen, 12 years, September 10, 1888, residence, White Settlement, six miles from town. Ordered by J. H. Grant.

[George Allen is George Grant Allen, son of William Terry Allen & Theodocia Earnest Grant Allen, 3/26/1876-9/10/1888, burial site 34 Thompson Public Cemetery. - Courtesy Carol L. Davis, White Settlement Historical Museum]

Bessie Barr, 8 months, September 10, 1888, residence, corner 6th and Pecan Street. Ordered by Townson Ben; physician, W. P. Burtts; minister, Rev. Helms, Remarks: Jim Townson will pay bill.

L. P. Root, 50 years, September 11, 1888, residence, 611 Arizona Ave. Ordered by Ed Isham; funeral 10 AM 9/12/88; cause of death, Phthisis.

[Lansing P. ROOT located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Emma Cooper, 17 years, September 15, 1888, residence, corner 12th and Rusk Street. Ordered by City of Fort Worth.

Charlie Brown, 39 years, September 18, 1888, residence, City Hospital. Ordered to City of Fort Worth.

George Sisk, 50 or 60 years, September 21, 1888, residence, on Clear fork of Trinity River, 12 miles from town. Ordered by A. L. Young.

Goerge H. Lee, 58 years, September 27, 1888, residence, corner of 10th and Main Street in rear of my office saloon. Ordered by Capt. Shields; cemetery, catholic; funeral 3 oclock 9/27/1888; physician, W. E. Davis, col.

George Whitker, col., 8 years, October 1st, 1888, residence, 8 miles S.E. of town near Mansfield Road. Ordered by F. F. Chapman, col.

Infant of Wm. Gorman, stillborn, October 4, 1888, residence, E. of the Pavillion. Ordered by Wm. Gorman; buried in Wm. Pollard lot in catholic cemetery.

[William POLLARD located in Calvary Catholic Cemetery, in the Oakwood Cemetery complex.]

Sarah Fisher, col., 35 years, October 4, 1888, residence, E. Bluff Street two door from Rusk. Ordered by Nate Fisher, col.

Margret Moody, aged 62 years, October 8, 1888, residence 1112 Jennings Avenue. Ordered by J. F. Moody; physician, C. H. Parker; cause of death, typhoid fever.

Myrtle McCanne, age 2 1/2  years, October 9, 1888, residence, Cummings Street 7th house on right. Ordered by T. P. McCanne; physician, Dr. W. P. Burtts, cause of death, Illea Col1itis; remarks: ship to country.

Infant of J. S. Collins, 5 months, October 13, 1888, residence, 14th Street East between Rusk and Main. ordered by J. S. Collins; bill to M. S. Collins; ship to Waxahatchee, Texas.

Wm. C. Andrews, 26 years, October 13, 1888, residence, corner 13th and Jennings Ave. Ordered by John Vaughn; burial in catholic cemetery.

Annie Lytle, 3 months, october 18, 1888, residence, Barrett St. near Crystal Ice works. Ordered by J. H. Lytle.

Mrs. E. F. Donald, 26 1/2  years, October 19, 1888, ordered by J. M. Donald. Physician, J. R. Adams; cause of death, malarial toxemia. Funeral 1 PM 10/19/888 by Rev. Helms, ship to Birdville, Texas.

Chls. Goertie, aged 45, October 20, 1888, residence, W. Belknap St. next door to O.Kander (?). Ordered by Frank Kiser and Humble; bill to Odd Fellows Lodge; burial in new cemetery.

[Charles W. GOERTIE located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Mrs. A. H. McEvely, 50 or more years, October 20, 1888, residence, 1403 Rusk Street. Ordered by Dr. Broils; bill to Mamie Ryan: burial, catholic cemetery.

Joseph Edgar, 45 years, October 21, 1888, residence, old man Martin's farm 10 miles west. Ordered by Rolley Hughs. Remarks: secured with spring wagon and shot gun. J. Edgar was found dead in his cabin on the Martin farm west of town He was in bad shape, it was thought whiskey killed him.

J. Albriech, 35 years, October 23rd, 1888, residence, St. Louis Hotel. Ordered by F. H. Smith, J.P.; physician, J. B. McLane; cause of death, appoplex.

Infant of Mrs. H. Davis, still born, October 23, 1888, residence, corner of 13th and Main St., Ft. Worth Hotel. Ordered by W.R. Haymaker, physician, J. B. McLane.

Thos. J. White, 46 years, October 23, 1888, residence, Gorden, Texas. Ordered by N. S. Essex, Secy. U Lodge #318 Odd F. Cause of death: supposed to have been druged. Remarks: "found in the alley rear of Musor Saloon dead, he had been drinking, and was thought he was druged. Ship to Gorden, Texas."

Lizzie Donaly, 15 months, October 24, 1888, residence, corner of Throckmorton and 1st St. Ordered by W. R. Hysmaker; burial in the new cemetery.

[Lizzie DONLEY located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Henry C. Moorefield, 5 1/2  years, October 24, 1888, residence 605 Taylor Street. Ordered by J. C. Moorefield; burial in new cemetery; physician, L. B. Slaughter: cause of death, ulcerative tonselitis.

[There is no record of this in Oakwood Cemetery, however there is a Lin/Lue Morefield.]

Lena Miller, 10 months, October 29, 1888, residence, 3 miles E of town. Ordered by J. H. Ray, bill to J. H. Ray and H. W. Miller.

David Flemie, 45 years, October 31, 1888, residence, county poor farm. Ordered by D. J. Warren.

[There is a five year gap in the records at this point. I do not know if the gap was in the funeral home ledger or in Footprints. The preceding text began in Volume 25 issue No. 2 and the following text is from the very next issue, and was concluded in issue No. 4.]

Ida B. Rhyme, 3 months October 9th, 1893, residence 704 South Main Street. Ordered by Sam Shruder, burial in city cemetery, cause of death - whooping cough, physician R . B. Grummen.

[Ida RHYMES located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Dr. I. M. Darter, 42 years, October 10, 1893, residence corner of Lipscomb and Jarvis Streets. Ordered by W. A. Darter, burial in Old Cemetery at 10 AM 10/11/1893. Cause of death - consumption.

[Located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.]

Jud Rowland, 78 years, October 12, 1893, residence on the West Fork. Ordered by T. J. Rowland.

[Jud Rowland 10/25/1815-10/12/1893, was buried in Space 164 at White Settlement Cemetery. This is one of many graves that were moved to Oakwood Cemetery in 1952/53. His grave in now in Block A, Lot 1 at Oakwood. Courtesy of Carol L. Davis, White Settlement Historical Museum]

Lettie Pattie, 3 years October 16, 1893, residence 602 E. Leudie St. Ordered by Hue and Henry Pattie, bill to Joe P. Pattie. PhysiciaN Dr. A. P. Brown, cause of death - crupe.

Jas. H. Gibson, 3 months, October 16, 1893, residence 806 Missouri Ave. Ordered by Holt Howi [?]. Physician J. M. Borden.

Charles Wagoner, col., age 40 years, October 19, 1893, residence rear of Avery Plows Mfg. Co. Ordered by Nelson King and George Hooper, bill to Gill Hooper. Physician, W. E. Davis, cause of death - Sar coma.

Mary Maloney, 28 years, October 20, 1893, residence 1404 Throckmorton. Ordered by G. H. Sparenburg, bill to Paper and Painters' Dock Union. Physician W. E. Davis, cause of death - tuberculosis.

Est. of [Essof] Eda C. Bishop, 32 years, October 21st, 1893, residence 424 Clorah St. Ordered by Mrs. Shipley and Miller. Physician W. A. Duringer, cause of death - Embolism.

A. E. Campbell, 27 years, October 21st, 1893, residence 407 East 1st Street. Ordered by W. T. Campbell, body to be shipped to Wathena, Kansas. Physician R. B. Grummer, cause of death ­ consumption.

Mary A. Wommack, 72 years, October 21, 1893, residence Enon, Texas. Ordered by C. G. Mitchell.

Mary Liston, 2 years, October 26, 1893, residence 1304 Throckmorton Street. Ordered by Jim Liston. Burial in Catholic Cemetery 4 PM 10/26/1893. Physician I. J. Field.

David Martin, no age listed, October 26, 1893, residence, county. Ordered by N. O. Wilson, bill to F. M. Martin.

Infant of L. G. Lawson, still born, October 26, 1893, residence Glenwood Add.

F. M. Sinclair, 40 about, October 29th, 1893, residence St. Joseph's Infirmery, formerly 209 S. Main St. Ordered by B. Sinclair. Funeral at City Cemetery 4 PM 10/29/1893. Physician W. A. Duringer.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Mary Johnson, col., 25 years, October 29, 1893, residence 202 R R Ave. Ordered by Annie Lorry, burial in colored cemetery 3:00 PM 10/30/1893. Physician R. B. Grummer, minister Jackson.

Caddie Whitsett, 27 years, October 31, 1893, residence 1004 S. Rusk Street. Ordered by Joe Caukton, bill to Lawton Whitsett, burial in Old Cemetery.

[Located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery book.]

Christpher Koker, 60 about, November 2nd, 1893, residence Taylor and Bluff Streets. Ordered by Jim Willson, bill to Bud Daggett. Burial in colored cemetery. Physician McKnight, cause of death ­ pneumonia.

Thomas J. Burton, Jr., 3 years, November 3rd, 1893, residence 422 South Calhoun. Ordered by T. J. Burton, burial in Old Cemetery 2 PM 11/4/1893. Physician W. P. Burtts, cause of death - burns.

[Located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.]

Elizabeth Webster, 52 years, November 4, 1893, residence Pennsylvania Avenue. Ordered by A. Mitchell.

Ella G. Carurike, 36 years, November 5th, 1893, residence 604 Leuda St. Ordered by W. I. Corurike burial lOAM 11/6/1893. Physician W. P. Burtts, cause of death - typhoid fever.

Walter H. Donald, no age listed, November 6, 1893. Ordered by J. M. Donald. Physician J. B. McLane. Remarks at bottom: Works for George Want.

Infant of K. P. Abram, no age, November 7, 1893. Ordered by W. A. Maddox.

Dan Carroll, col., aged 25 years, November 8, 1893, residence "Ship from Hillsborough, Texas". Ordered by Janie Reece, col. Physician M. D. Knox, cause of death - killed in R R accident.

Infant of Luther Jones, col., stillborn, November 13, 1893, residence 958 West 5th Street.

Nellie Stegall, col. 53 years, November 14, 1893, residence corner 14th and Jones Street. Ordered by Alice Green and Pearl Banks.

Edith L. Benson, 32 years, November 15, 1893, residence 907 East Front Street. Ordered by R. D. Benson and L. Laerax, burial 1:30 PM 11/17/1893. Physician I. L.Vanzandt. Remarks: R. R. Dispatcher.

Louis P. Byons, no age listed, November 16, 1893, residence 617 Florence Street. Ordered by John Byons. Physician B. B. Grummer.

John Coleman, 30 about, November 16, 1893, residence on Bluff going to country. Ordered by Mrs. J. Coleman. Physician W. A. Durringer, cause of death - accute nephritis.

Bessie Woodard, col., no age, residence - Hodge. Ordered by Frank Woodard, col. November 18, 1893

Mamie Hardie, age 32 years, November 20, 1893, residence Mistletoe Heights. Ordered by A. P. Smith.

Ella Martin, 10 years, November 21, 1893, residence Crowly, Texas. Ordered by N. I. Willson, bill to N. I. Willson and F. M. Martin.

Febe Corthen, col., aged 30 years, November 21, 1893, residence 212 Park Street. Ordered by Gabe Corthsea, bill to Gabe Corthsea and J. R. McCloud.

Della Burros, col., aged 25 years, November 21, 1893, residence Calhoun Street. Ordered by Elder Wilburn.

Neal Morton, 35 years, November 22, 1893, residence corner Hemphill and Daggett. Ordered by Ed Evans.

August Stenwick, 72 years, November 22, 1893, residence Missouri Ave. and Elizabeth St. Ordered by Richard Stenwick. Physician R. B. Grummer.

R. B. Waggoman, 73 years, November 23, 1893, residence Magnolia Ave. and McClelen St. Ordered by Ben Waggoman, burial 10 AM 11/25/1893. Physician W. P. Burts, cause of death - congestion.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery. Ancestor of Nancy Claire.]

J. O. Lewis, 33 about, November 24, 1893, residence over Farmers and McComick Bank Bldg. Ordered by Brotherhood Locomotive Engineers. Physician W. A. Duringer, cause of death - typhoid fever.

W. H. Pollard, 82 years, November 24, 1893, residence Belknap St. Ordered by J. G. Pollard and Wm. Pollard. Physician I. L. Vanzandt.

Elizabeth Earl, 84 years, November 28, 1893, residence Magnolia Ave. and McClelen. Ordered by Ben Waggoman, physician W. P. Burts, cause of death - La Gripp.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery. Ancestor of Nancy Claire. Surname may be spelled EARLE according to Nancy.]

Lissie Burus, col., 14 years, November 28, 1893, bill to City of Fort Worth.

Mrs. N. B. Dykes, no age listed, November 28, 1893, residence seven miles northwest. Ordered by J. W. Dykes.

Jake Simpson, col., no age. Ordered by Amanda Simpson bill to J. T. Moreland. November 28, 1893

Jno. Martin, no age, November 29, 1893, residence Crowly, Texas. Ordered by N. I. wilson, bill to I. M. Martin.

Aurther Wilson, col., 2 years about, December 4, 1873, residence corner 4th and Elm St. Ordered by Thomas Wilson, col. Physician H. S. Broils, cause of death - La Gripp.

Frank Spence, 34 about, December 4, 1893, residence none listed. Ordered by E. C. Spence by telegram, body shiped by Pacific Express to Memphis, Tenn. Physician W. P. Burts, cause of death - killed in R R accident on T & P.

C. T. Elliott, 32 years, December 4, 1893, residence: ship in from reck on T & P. Ordered by Brotherhood Locomotive Engineers. Physician W. P. Burts, cause of death - RR accident on T & P RR. Minister J. Morgan Wells. Remarks: Engin blew up on T & P RR and killed the above and two others.

A. J. Beavers, 29 years, December 4th, 1893, residence - Ship in from RR reck on T & P. Ordered by Miss Florence Anderson, bill to Miss Anderson and Mrs. Steve. Physician W. P. Burts, cause of death - killed in RR reck on T & P. Minister Ben Hall.

Peter Moran, 54 years, residence corner 15th and Throckmorton St. Ordered by John Foster. Physician H. L. Broils, cause of death ­ La Gripp. December 5th, 1893.

Marvin Bunch, 2 about, December 6, 1893, residence 301 E. Daggett Ave. Ordered by J. J. Bunch. Physician I. J. Fields, cause of death - pneumonia.

Jas. W. Angle, 26 years, December 8, 1893, residence - got body out of brewery tank. Ordered by J. E. Weeden of Tex. Brewery. Physician J. S. Kennedy, cause of death - burned to death in tank at Texas brewery.

Q. T. Eskew, 50 years, December 10, 1893, residence North Burnett St. Ordered by John Eskew. Physician W. A. Adams, cause of death ­ pneumonia. Minister W. F. Loyd.

[This is my ancestor Quinn T. Eskew.  He was incorrectly listed here as I. T. Eskew. He is also found on the roster of the Robert E. Lee Camp 158 for Civil War veterans and is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery as is his son John D. Eskew. Sue Hughes]

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Infant of Earnest Dagey [Dazey], premature, December 10, 1893, residence South Hemphill Street, ordered by J. N. Dagey. Physician Thompson.

Infant of J. H. Brandon, December 12, 1893, ordered by J. H. Brandon.

Viola McNeal, col., 12 mo. about, December 12, 1893, residence 1001 Crump St., ordered by Charles McNeal, col. Physician J. R. Pollock.

Esther L. Ware, 55 years, December 12, 1893, residence Belknap St. rear of courthouse. Ordered by Less Blyth and Frank Ware. Physician Bill Walker Capps, cause of death - pneumonia. Minister B. F. Hall.

Nannie J. Marshall, 10 mos. 17 days, December 14, 1893, residence corner Peach and Evans Street. Ordered by S. G. Marshall, physician R. B. Grummer, minister W. F. Loyd.

Mrs. Fannie Cunningham, 30 years, December 14, 1893, residence Azle, Texas. Ordered by C. H. Rowland, bill to W. R. Cunningham.

Robert C. Hearin, 80-6-8, December 14, 1893, residence South of Old Cemetery. Ordered by Allie Gillmon. Physician W. B. West, cause of death - La Gripp. Minister W. F. Loyd.

Ellen A. Haines, 30 about, December 14, 1893, residence 516 N. Jarvis St. Ordered by Wm. R. Haines, body shipped to Keokuk, Ioa. Physician F. D. Thompson, cause of death - pneumonIa and consumption.

Judy Lewis, col., 50 about, December 15, 1893, residence 708 Calhoun Street. Ordered by Wormick Coleman, col.

Charley Schamwick, 16 mos, about, December 16, 1893, residence Arizona Ave. Ordered by John Martin, physician R. B. Gummen.

Mollie Simons, col, December 15, 1893, aged about 25 years, residence corner Taylor and Belknap in Samuel's yard. Ordered by Jim Simons. Physician J. B. McLane, cause of death - pneumonia. Remarks: works for Bob Crowdus.

S. P. Herrold, no age listed, December 15, 1893, residence St. Joseph's Infermery. Ordered by City of Fort Worth. Physician E. D. Capps, cause of death pneumonia.

Est of Ceile Fallini, 64 years, December 18, 1893, residence corner 5th and Penn Street. Ordered by John Capera and Minyon. Physician R. B. Grummer.

Gurdy Colton, 3 months, December 18, 1893, residence 222 South Calhoun St. Ordered by Colton, buried in Emanuel Rest Cemetery.

George Ward, col., aged 22 years, December 21, 1893, residence Handley, Texas. Ordered by John Geary.

Craven, December 2l, 1893, Ordered by L. P. Craven. Remarks For removal of child that had been buried some few months before.

Alton Chisen, 2 years, December 24, 1893, residence East 11th Street. Ordered by J. A. Walker, burried at Handley, Texas accidently killed by a pistol shot by its father. [This information differs from Alton Chism's obituary. Perhaps this funeral home record was difficult to read.]

This obituary comes from the Dallas Morning News, December 24, 1893 page 10. - Contributed by Shirley Apley.

Louie Goldstein, 3-2-4, December 24, 1893, residence 602 Calhoun Street. Ordered by W. Goldstein, buried at Emanuel Rest. Physician Fields and Duringer, cause of death - typhoid fever.

Mary Goldstein, 62 years, December 27, 1893, residence 602 Calhoun Street. Ordered by W. Goldstein, buried at Emanuel Rest. Physician T. J. Field.

George Schoeber, 2 about, December 28, 1893, residence corner 2 and Burnett Street. Ordered by G. Schoeber, buried in City Cemetery. Physician J. N. McKnight, cause of death ­ crupe.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Edna Edwards, col., 16 years, December 28, 1893, residence ship in from Shrevesport, La. Ordered by Mat Lucus, col. Physician A. A. Lyons

Bob Thomas, 14 years, December 29, 1893, residence under the Bluff. Ordered by City of Fort Worth.

Wm. Snaden, no age listed, January 2, 1894, residence White Settlement. Ordered by Wm. R. Snaden. Remarks: Died Feb. 8th, 1863 Disintered Jan. 2, 1894 and shiped to South Greenfield, MO.

W. Snodon - another entry evidently pertaining to the preceding listing.

Jas. Janes, col., 23 yrs. Jan. 5th, 1894, residence City Hospital. Ordered by E. D. Capps.

L. D. Wynn, col. 25 years, Jan. 7, 1894, residence 712 Calhoun St. Ordered by Newton Fields. Physician W. E. Davis, cause of death­consumption.

Mrs. F. A. Stinnett, 35 years, Jan. 7, 1894, residence St. Joseph's Infirmary. Ordered by S. H. Stinnett, ship body to Weatherford, Texas.

Larence Steel, 73 years, Jan. 8, 1894, residence Dr. Reas Riverside. Ordered by A. L. Steel, ship body to Weatherford. Physician J. D. Ray.

Homer Maddox, 3 years, 6 mos., January 8, 1894, residence 5th and Calhoun St. Ordered by W. T. Maddox. Physician J. W. Irion, cause of death - scarlet fever. Minister W. F. Loyd.

L. M. Prince, 74 years, January 10th, 1894, residence Hemphill and Myrtle. Ordered by W. P. Thomas, physician T. J. Fields, cause of death - pnuemonia and La Gripp

Hugh Roberts 80 years, January 16th, 1894, residence near Birdville, Texas. Ordered by Chas. & E. J. Scott, buried in Birdville Cemetery.

Augustus H. Hatchel, 18 years, January 17th 1894, residence Elm and Belknap. Ordered by Harry Hatchel, burial in City Cemetery. Physician Randell, J.P. cause of death - pistol shot.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Mrs. Mary E. Green, 27 years, January 17th, 1894, residence 1805 Terry St. Ordered by Peter Duffy, burial in Catholic Cemetery. Physician F. D. Thompson.

Pierre E. Roe, 25 years, January 18th, 1894, residence May and Ireland Streets. Ordered by Jas. G. Roe.

Unknown, no age, January 19th, 1894, residence City Hospita1.­ Ordered by E. D. Capps.

Robbert I. Harris, 40 years, Jan. 20, 1894, residence Handleigh. Ordered by J. E. Crisp.

Jas. H. Burke, 45 years, Jan. 21, 1894, residence 1st and Jones St. Ordered by C. B. Brown, bill to Painters and Deckoraters Physician J. R. Pollack, cause of death - pulmonary consumption. Minister Harry Cassil (Episcopal).

G. G. Plummer, aged 42 years, January 23, 1894, residence 1016 S. Rusk St. Ordered by A. J. Leigh.

Wm. T. Ferguson, 70 about, Jany. 24, 1894, residence Weatherford and Jones St. Ordered by T. J. Field, M.D.

Mattie S. Gibson, 10 mos., January 25, 1894, residence 10 miles on the Rio Grande, Ft. Worth, Tx. Ordered by W. L. Gibson.

Thomas Fallon, 66 about, January 25, 1894, residence St. Joseph's Infirmery. Ordered by Jim Stewart & Sullivin. Physician H. S. Broils, cause of death - LaGrip

Willie Jones, col., aged 10 years, January 25, 1894, ordered by Wm. Barr.

Virgil Buckner, col. aged 83, Jany. 25, 1894, residence White Settlement. Ordered by J. D. Farmer

Infant of J. S. Gassaway, stillborn, Jany. 27, 1894, ordered by J. S. Gassaway.

Infant of Jas. Page, 1 mo. 2 da., Jan. 28, 1894, residence 7th ward near school house close to RR. Ordered by Jas. page. Physician J. L. Cooper, cause of death - scrofcolitic deathesis.

Addie Thomason, 2 years 8 mo., Jan. 28, 1894, residence 402 W. and St. Ordered by W. H. Thomason.

Harvey Johnson, 6 years, Jany. 25, 1894, residence Strawn, Texas. Ordered by W. W. Johnson by telegram.

Chas. W. Wills, 2 yrs. 2 mos, Jan. 29, 1894, residence Smithfield, Texas. Ordered by Jas. Wills.

Catherine Smith, 76 years, Feby. 2, 1894, residence cor. Cannon Ave. and Adams St. Ordered by Drennan.

Unknown baby, corner 7th and Pecan St., bill City of Ft. Worth, E. B. Randall, J.P. baby found dead in the branch.

Charlie Bomershine, 35 years, Feby. 5, 1894, residence Ft. Worth Packing house. Ordered by John C. Ken, bill to packing house. Physician John S. Kennedy, J.P.

Blendena Redeker, 22 years, Feby. 5, 1894, residence 205 Live Oak St. Ordered by Frank E. Redeker, burial in Old Cemetery. Physician J. S. Cooper.

[Blendora "Blondy" REDEKER located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.]

Charlie Leak, 3 years, Feby. 5, 1894, residence, Benbrook, Texas. Ordered by Henry Williams

Hattie M. Sheppard, 3 mo 11 da., Feby. 8, 1894, residence Women's Home. Physician E. D. Capps.

Clarence M. Daniels, 8 years, Feby. 11, 1894, residence 513 S. Calhoun St. Ordered by Orel Ernest Conklin, Physician R. B. Grurnmer, cause of death - pneumonia.

H. N. Knight, 30 about, Feby. 11, 1894, residence Main and 5 - Maggie Dodd. Ordered by Rev. H. T. Night, bill to Otto S. Dakota.

Lydia Moore, 52 years, Feby. 14, 1894, ship in from Temple, Texas. Ordered by Mrs. B. C. Bankin

Mrs. Sophie I. Leeper, 70 years, Feby. 18, 1894, residence 14 miles SE of town. Ordered by F. P. Felty.

Lou Wright, col. aged 42, Feby. 18, 1894, residence 310 E. 6th St. Ordered by Poof Terrell, col., bill to Eastern Star. Cause of death - consumption.

Blanch Haywood, col. premature, Feby. 18, 1894, residence corner 15th and Jennings Ave.

O. M. Hartman, 17 mo., residence 504 E. Annie St., Feby. 23, 1894. Ordered by Osker Hartman.

Margret A. C. Green, 64 years, Feby. 23, 1894, residence Samuels Ave. Ordered by Geo. M. Green. Physician E. J. Beall.

Ed Starr, 45 about, Feby 26, 1894, residence cor. Rusk and 5th St. Ordered by B. M. I. U. Stone Mason #4 of Texas, physician A. E. Ausell, cause of death - tuberculosis.

Infant of Rosie Woodard, col., 10 mo., Feby 26, 1894, residence Hodge, ordered by Henry Smith, col.

Mrs. Cosby, no age listed, Mch. 4, 1894, residence Azle, Texas. Ordered by Jodie Jimerson.

Infant Rosie Newby, col, Mch. 5, 1894, residence corner Rusk and Bluff Sts. Ordered by Wm. Barr.

Laura Flemmons, 1 year, 6 months, March 5, 1894, residence 911 E. 5th st. Ordered by Laura Early and B. J. Sprinkle, bill to Laura Early and B. J. Sprinkle. Physician, W. E. Davis, cause of death - pneumonia.

John Peacher, 32 years, March 7, 1894, residence 1212 Main St. Ordered by A. B. Avery. Body shipped on 3/8/84 by R R to Miss. Funeral 6:45 PM 3/8/94. Physician W. E. Davis, cause of death ­ heart disease.

Ruby Lee Hartman, 4 years about, March 9, 1894, residence 504 E. Annie St. Ordered by H. Plunman & Osker Hartman, bill to H. Plungman & Osker Hartman. Burial in Old Cemetery

[Located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.]

Serena Harris aged 5, March 9, 1894, residence 215 Magnolia St. Ordered by H. H. Harris, bill to R. E. Bratons & Hort Harris. Physician J. S. Cooper, cause of death - Pneumonia. Remarks: Works on Rock Is. R. R.

Amanda Cosper, March 9, 1894, col., Ordered by Masonic Temple by Haugh & Grandville, col. Bill to Susan Paterson, Martha Smith, Annie Scott, Lucy Block. Colored Cemetery. 10 AM 3/10/1894. Physician M. E. Davis. Minister John Beptis.

Jack D. Scruggs, 1 year 2 months, March 10, 1894, Residence County Jail. Ordered by C. M. Scruggs, bill to C. M. Scruggs & A. Eu1ess. New Add Cemetery, lot 187, Block 25. Physician R. B. Grummen. Cause of death - Congestion of lungs. 3:30 PM 3/10/1894

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Inf.of W. H. Evans, col., March 10, 1894, residence 1013 E 4th St. Bill to W. H. Evans, Colored Cemetery, 10:00AM 3/11/1894.

Willie Drew, col., aged 25, March 11, 1894, residence Cor. Taylor & 1st. Ordered by E. Harris, bill to Mt. Gillion Church. Colored Cemetery. Physician J. S. Cooper, cause of death ­ accute Phitiss? 3 PM 3/l1/1894

Mamie C. Waterhouse, aged 35 about, March 14, 1894, residence #2 S. Main St. Ordered by J. Coppage. Bill to O. M. Waterhouse. New Add Cemetery. Physician L. B. Slaughter, cause of death ­ pneurnonis. 10 AM 3/17/1894

[Mary C. WATERHOUSE located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Dave Kelly, March 14, 1894, residence Poor farm, ordered by Jim Liston. Cath. Cemetery.

Flonu Flemmons, col., aged 23 , March 15, 1894, residence 911 E. 5th St. Ordered by Laura Early, bill to Laura Early. Colored Cemetery. 5 PM 3/15/1894

J. H. McGaughey, aged 50 about, March 15, 1894, Residence Cor. 1st & Royal Ave. Ordered by Peot McGaughey.

Joe Scanio, aged 8 mo, March 16, 1894, Residence E. Kenedy St. Ordered by D. R. Frank.

Geo. W. Sturgeon, aged 31, March 18, 1894, residence Air Hotel, ordered by Brother Locomotive Engineers for John Smith & G. Tucker. Physician E. D. Cooper, cause of death - pneumonia. 2 PM 3/19/1894

G. F. McGrice, aged 30, March 19, 1894, ordered by Mr. Lewis. cause of death Reck on T & P RR. Ship 6:45 to Longview, Texas.

J. Dunbar, aged 25, March 19, 1894, Residence St. Joseph Infirmary. Ordered by City, bill to Jas. Dunbar. Physician E. D. Cooper, Cause of death - consumption. 3/21/1894. Ship to Cylone, Wis.

Pearl Hamon, aged 29, March 21, 1894, residence Front St. cor. Main. Ordered by Frank Hamon, bill to Frank Hamon & Will Harrison, Cath. Cemetery. Physician W. A. Durringer. Cause of death - heart disease. 4 PM 3/22/1894.

Maggie Jones, col., aged 35 years, March 24, 1894, residence 919 E 1st St. Ordered by Mr. Jones & B. G. Johnson. Physician J. T. M. Linsay, col. Cause of death - aspby lxece?

Christa C. Ptua, aged 7 months, March 25, 1894, residence in room of N. Side Stock yards. Ordered by Antonio Ptua, physician W. A. Duringer, cause of death - Pneumonia.

Mat Word, aged 57 about, March 25, 1894, residence Cor. Cheockon & Pennsylvania Ave. Ordered by Charlie Schober. Old Cemetery, physician, C. B. Reudles, cause of death - Found dead in kitchen.

[Located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery book.]

J. C. Norton, aged 40 or 50, March 28, 1894, residence near N. Side Poor House, ordered by Wm. Norton. Physician R. R. Grummer, 10 AM, 3/29/1894.

Vivian Brecheen, aged 3 months, March 29, 1894, residence Grand Hotel, ordered by T. B. Maples; Physician Buron Saunders, cause of death - gastric fever. Ship 8:55

Francis Coe, March 29, 1894, residence 211 N. Burnett St., ordered by Layman, new add cemetery, physician Adams, Thompson & Saunders. Cause of death - obstruction of bowels. 3 PM 4/2/1894. Minister G. M. Fortune of Paris, Texas.

[Francis S. COE located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Etta Stewart, Premature, March 29, 1894, residence Live Oak St. Ordered by Wm. Barr, City Cemetery, physician Mrs. Peace - midwife.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Lola Turnbo, aged 8, March 30, 1894, residence Country. Ordered by Nath Turnbo.

J. H. Hunter, aged 37, March 30, 1894, residence Benbrook, Texas. Ordered by To1 Sisk.

[Located in Benbrook Cemetery.]

Infant of Hardy Hunther, premature, April 1, 1894, residence Bedford, Texas. Ordered by T. D. Hovenkamp.

Anderson Edwards, col., aged 52, April 2, 1894, residence 1003 E 13th st. Ordered by Nelson King, col., Colored Cemetery, Physician W. E. Davis, cause of death - Paralisis, Minister Jackson, 3 PM 4/3/1894.

Amanda Nedd, col., April 2, 1894, residence Cor. Elm & 1st st. Ordered by Eastern Starr - Susan Patterson & Arch Williams, bill to Eastern Starr, Colored Cemetery, 3 PM 4/3/1894.

Mollie E. Baker, April 2, 1894, residence 412 Boz St., ordered by H. D. Guinnels, bill to H. D. Guinnels & J. F. Baker, ship to county, Physician W. B. Busts & W. A. Duringer, cause of death ­ plurke fever?

Martha A. Gatliff, aged 3 years about, April 5, 1894, residence Southern Hotel. Ordered by J. W. Gatliff, physician E. D. Capps, cause of death - bronchial pneumonia, Minister B. F. Hall, 3:30 PM 4/5/1894.

Mrs. S. Smith, aged 48, April 5, 1894, residence 10 m. N. E. of town Smithfield. Ordered by A. B. Clark.

August Dickinson, col., aged 29, April 10, 1894, residence White Settlement, ordered by Alexander Dickinson. Physician J. M. Vanzandt, cause of death - Capilary bronchitis.

Katie Ebner, aged 2, April 11, 1894, residence 509 E. 2nd St. Ordered by Charles Ebner, bill to Jake Foster & R. Bruno. Physician W. B. Butts, cause of death - crupe. 3:30 PM 4/11/1894.

Lou Etta Woods, col., aged 9, April 11, 1894, residence Forest Hill. Ordered by Burt Woods, col.

J. W. Routh, aged 46, April 16, 1894, residence 15th St East of Cameron Mill, bill to Mrs. J. W. Routh, ordered by Lizzie Routh. Physician Adams & Thompson, cause of death - consumption. 10 AM 4/17/1984.

Infant of Francis Cunningham, premature, April 19, 1894. Ordered by W. E. Williams, physician J. L. Cooper, cause of death - still born.

Angeline Mayer, aged 3 months, April 20, 1894, residence 402 W. Weatherford St. Ordered by Joseph Mayer, physician R. R. Grummer, cause of death - infection? 3 PM 4/20/1894.

Annah Williams, col., aged 3-4 mo. April 21, 1894, ordered by Anderson Covell, bill to May Williams.

Caroline Harrison, April 22, 1894, residence St. Joseph Infirmary, Ordered by Mrs. E. C. Drake. shipping body to McGregory, Texas. Physician D. Ki1lenes, cause of death - consumption.

Dick Applewhite, col., aged 50 or 60, April 27, 1894, residence 906 Rusk St. Physician I. L. Vanzandt, cause of death - consumption.

Jake Humphrey, aged 38, April 29, 1894, residence 417 Morgan St. Ordered by W. E. Williams, physician H. C. Whitehead, cause of death - Morphine Roct?

Mary Durkin, aged 34, April 30, 1894, residence St. Joseph Infirmary. Ordered by John Rush, Fort Worth and Denver R R. Cath. Cemetery, physician, J. M. McKnight, 10 AM 5/1/1894.

Marie Eva Smith, aged 7 months, May 2, 1894, residence 901 E. Front St. Ordered by Charlie Ryan, bill to Charlie Ryan and Alexander Smith. City Cemetery, 4 PM 5/2/1894.

[Marie Eva "Mamie" SMITH located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Ervie Loyd, col, aged 27, May 3, 1894, residence 1007 E. Tucker St. Ordered by Wm. Smith for Sec #18, M. K. T. R R, Colored Cemetery, physician E. B. Randell, J. P. cause of death - gun shot.

Tom I. Watkin, aged 27, May 4, 1894, residence Cor. Magnolia & Jennings Ave. Ordered by Mrs. Watkin, physician E B. Randell, J. P., cause of death - kill by Engine T & P R B #155. New Add Cemetery.

Jennie L. Redman, col., aged 8, May 5, 1894, residence 1511 S Rusk St. Ordered by Ben Benton, col., bill to Ben Benton & Rescuers Lodge Masons. Physician, Jennie L. Redman, cause of death ­ para1isis. Buried - 9 AM 5/6/1894.

Rosie Odham, co1, aged 3 months, May 7, 1894, residence E 19th St. last house on right hand side. Ordered by Sam Scott & Ben Lewis, col.

Lillie M. Beard, aged 3 months, 21 days, May 10, 1894, residence 1502 S. Main St. Ordered by M. L. Beard, City Cemetery, physician L. V. Beard, cause of death - cholera infection. 3 PM 5/11/1894.

[Lilian M. BAIRD located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Clyde Hadesty, aged about 3, May 11, 1894. Ordered by J. H. Hardesty, bill to J. H. Hardesty & L. E. Hardesty.

Richard Wright, col, aged 20, May 12, 1894, residence Second Avenue Plow Works. Ordered by Wm. Smith, col, bill to Wm. Smith, cooks at Mrs. Aldridge, Colored Cemetery, physician W. A. Adams, cause of death - menigitis, 4 PM 5/12/1894.

Thomas W. Shepherd, aged 2 months, 4 days, May 13, 1894, residence St. Louis & Magnolia Ave. Ordered by D. Shepherd, bill to D. Shepherd & J. H. Shepherd, City Cemetery. Physician T. Gould, 3 PM 5/14/1894.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

John Leehy, aged 70, May 14, 1894, residence 17th and Terry St. Ordered by Pete Duffy, Catholic Cemetery, physician W. A. Adams, cause of death - Bright Disease, 3 PM 5/14/1894.

Infant of Annie Brown, aged 3 months, May 14, 1894, residence Woman's House. Physician J. L. Vanzandt, cause of death ­ Hereditary Syphilis. 5/14/1894.

[Infant of Allice BROWN Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Sarah M. Chambers, aged 58, May 16, 1894, residence cor. Chambers Ave. Ordered by Ed and Macon Chambers. Old Cemetery, physician R. Chambers, cause of death - Dysentery. 4 PM 5/17/1894.

[Located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.]

Harvey B. Smith, col, aged 14 months, May 17, 1894, residence back of Judge Beckam Place. Ordered by Turner & Sol Smith, col. Physician J. B. McLain, cause of death - convulsion.

Frank Huffman, aged 28, May 20, 1894, residence St. Joseph Infirmary. Physician J. M. McKnight, cause o£ death - Typhoid fever. 5/20/94

[Frank HOFFMAN located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Jennie H. Reed, aged 29, May 20, 1894, residence Azel, Tex. Ordered by T. A. Dunaway, bill to T. A. Dunaway & W. R. Cunningham & T. B. Anderson.

Wm. Chambler, aged 15, May 21, 1894, residence 707 E. 17th St. Ordered by E. W. Hallum. Ship to Little Rock, Ark. Physician C. D. Harmon, cause of death - consumption.

Francis Miller, aged 40, May 22, 1894. Ordered by Ed Miller, bill to Ed Miller & G. W. Boccount.

Infant of Addie Smith, aged 2 months, May 22, 1894, residence St. Joseph Infirmary. Physician M. N. McKnight, cause of death ­ infection? 5/22/1894.

[Infant of Adde SMITH located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Infant of J. F. Baker, aged 2 months, May 27, 1894, residence 1515 E. Bluff St. Ordered by H. D. Gunnells.

Thomas Dawson, aged 4-15 days, May 27, 1894. Ordered by J. W. Dawson. (Name could be Dannen)

Eliza Potter, col., aged 80, May 28, 1894, residence E 4 between Crump & Elm St. Ordered by Ben Waggoman. 3 PM 5/28/1894.

Helen M. McKee, aged 72, May 27, 1894, residence 3 miles N. of town. Ordered by Bud Daggett, bill to Bud Daggett. McKee Vault in Cemetery. 10:30 AM 5/28/1894

Ju1en Burus, col, aged 80, May 30, 1895, residence Hodge. Ordered by David B. Burus, bill to David B. Burus & Henry Smith, col.

[Death year probably should be 1894.]

John T. Wilkes, aged 46, May 30, 1894, residence 314 W. Weatherford St. Old Cemetery, physician W. P. Burtts & R. R. Grummer, Minister W. F. Loyd. 4:30 PM 5/31/1894.

[Located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery.]

Miss Lou Tole Furgeson, aged 30, May 31, 1894. Ordered by L. F. Shelton.

Frank M. Harrison, aged 50, May 31, 1894, residence Cor. Front & Taylor St. Ordered by C. T. Dobbins, physician Jas. Anderson, cause of death - Bright Disease 12:30 PM 5/31/1894. City Cemetery.

[Located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Negro baby, May 31, 1894, residence Cor. Rusk Bluff. Ordered by W. E. Williams.

Herman Adlaw, aged 6 months about, June 4, 1894, residence W. End of Weatherford St. Ordered by A. Fournie, physician R. B. Grummer, cause of death - Cholera infection. 3 PM 6/4/1894.

[12 month old Herman ADLAM located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Fred Miller, aged 30 about, June 3, 1894, residence - found in packing car on Ry Grand R R near Wheeler & Rail Road Ave. Physician E. B. Randell, J. P. cause of death - found dead. 6/4/1894. City Cemetery.

[Possibly located in Oakwood Cemetery. One entry was interpreted as Ray or Fred MILLER who was buried 11/13/1894.]

George T. Evans, aged 3 years, 4-18, June 4, 1894, residence John St. Ordered by J. W. Evans, ship to Ster1ing, Kan. on Santa Fe, 8 PM, 6/4/1894. physician T. J. Gould, cause of death - inflamation of brain.

Jim Amy, aged 25, June 4, 1894, residence St. Joseph Infirmary. Ordered by J. N. McKnight, physician J. N. McKnight, cause of death - congestion of brain.

Infant of J. H. Bobo, June 7, 1894, residence County Jail.

Albert Striplin, aged 1 year, June 7, 1894. Ordered by Elder Jackson. pnysician - did not have any. cause of death ­ frothing. Colored Cemetery. 3 PM

Carrie Trigg, aged 30, June 7, 1894, residence E. Front St near Rock Store. Ordered by A. Euless & Dr. Gilbert. physician B. B. Grummer.

Mary J. Milford, aged 45, May 9, 1894, residence 1005 E. 3rd St. Ordered by W. B. Milford, physician Bacon Saunders, cause of death - Bright Disease.

[M. J. MILFORD located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Edeth Baker, aged 36, June 9, 1894, residence 418 Ryan St. Ordered by O. T. Baker, New Add Cemetery. physician E. J. Beall, cause of death - consumption. 3:30 PM 6/9/1894. Minister W. A. Loyd.

[Edith BAKER located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Alice Geer, col, aged 27, June 9, 1894, residence E. 2nd St. Ordered by Charlie Robinson. physician R. B. Grummer, cause of death - consumption.

Kittie Ramey, col, aged 21, June 9, 1894, residence Cor. Jackson & Macon. Ordered by Mitchell Devenport, col., physician W. E. Davis, cause of death - dysentery. 3 PM 6/9/1894.

Jane Owen, June 13, 1894, residence - Ship from Dallas, Texas. Ordered by Sam Harland, New Add Cemetery. Meet W bound T. & P. 8:30 6/13/1894.

[Jane Harlan OWEN located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

Infant of S. G. Marshall, June 13, 1894. Ordered by S. G. Marshall. Old Cemetery.

[S. G. MARSHALL located in Pioneers Rest Cemetery along with unamed infants.]

Florence C. Smith, aged 32, June 13 or 15, 1894, residence Daggett & S. Rusk St. Ordered by W. J. Smith, bill to W. J. Smith & Simpson. New Add Cemetery, cause of death - ulcerations of the bowels. 10 6/16/1894.

[Florence C. Groves SMITH located in Oakwood Cemetery.]

End of Ledger Records

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