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Davenport Family Cemetery

aka Old Pioneer Cemetery

Matthew Watson Deavenport came to Tarrant County, Texas about 1852.  On October 10, 1864, he patented a 160-acre tract along the north side of present-day John McCain road, west of its intersection with State Highway 26 and east of Pleasant Run-White’s Chapel Road.  Community old timers in northeast Tarrant County have reported the existence of a Deavenport Cemetery, now obliterated by development and road building, which lay along the west side of Carroll Avenue just north* of Primrose Lane.  The cemetery at one time held the visible graves of four adults and one child. 
Mr. J. M. Newton, whose father once owned the property and maintained the plot, remembered reading the name “Deavenport” or “Davenport” on the headstones.  Tarrant County deed records show that M. W. Deavenport owned a portion of this survey (Francis Throop #1511) as late as 1877.  The road originally curved around the plot which was enclosed by a picket fence on which wild roses grew.  In 1936 when Carroll Avenue was widened, the road was straightened and the cemetery was destroyed.  The county field survey map shows four graves labeled “Old Pioneer Cemetery.”

[The two paragraphs above were borrowed from Michael Patterson's Civil War Veterans of Northeast Tarrant County, in the biography written for Matthew Watson Deavenport, also on this website.]

* Another description of the location of this cemetery said that it was in Southlake, Texas, on Carroll Avenue south of Primrose Lane.

Recorded in Cemeteries of Northeast Tarrant County, Texas, page 237, by Evelyn D'Arcy Cushman. Available at the Texas State Library, Dallas Public Library, Allen County Public Library and in the Fort Worth Public Library. Also available through a Family History Center from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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