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Isbell Cemetery

Far west Tarrant County, at the west end of Western Oaks Road which runs off of Silver Creek Road. and about 1,000 ft. southwest of Tannahill Cemetery. The cemetery is located on a heavily wooded hillside on the western rim of a large quarry. The cemetery is on private property owned by the White Settlement School District. There is no easement for access, so to visit the cemetery one has to cross the adjacent private properties. This is a very dangerous hike and you must secure permission to enter the property.

The cemetery contains three cut-stone enclosures and one large, ornamental cast-iron enclosure. It is heavily overgrown and threatened by erosion. Several moderately deep gullies cut through the cemetery, and encroaching vegetation has caused one of the stone enclosures to collapse. Remnants of a woven and barbed wire fence partially define the cemetery boundaries. There appear to be 50+ burials dating from ca. 1860-1900. There are also many unmarked graves and graves marked with fieldstones.

This information comes courtesy of Greg Staples, who visited Isbell and Tannahill Cemeteries in 2005.

An inventory of Isbell Cemetery has never been published, however, two interesting stories were published on pages 104 and 107 of the August 2008 issues of Footprints, quarterly publication of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society.

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