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Tannahill Cemetery


May have also been known as Isabel (sic) Cemetery at one time.

Far west Tarrant County, at the west end of Western Oaks Road which runs off of Silver Creek Road.
This cemetery is very difficult to access. It is located in an active quarry, and safety is major concern for the quarry owners. The cemetery is located on high pedestal in the northwestern portion of the quarry. The quarry operators have piled fill against the eastern face of the pedestal to make the cemetery accessible for visitors, however, the quarry owners are very reluctant to let visitors into the Tannahill Cemetery due to heavy truck traffic and quarrying.. The cemetery appears to have been enclosed by a barbed wire fence at one time. Only the fence posts remain. The cemetery is overgrown and neglected, and it is not a map feature. Many of the headstones have fallen or are damaged. There appear to be 25-50 burials dating from ca. 1860-1945 (During the survey, we did not record specific dates, only a time frame for burials, so there may not actually be burials from 1945 or 1860. This goes for the number of burials as well).

Photos, both digital and film were taken, maps drawn, and the locations recorded with a GPS. All the data now resides with the Texas Historical Commission in Austin. Because the sites are on private property and were not recorded on any public maps, I believe the State will not release the survey data to the public.

This information comes courtesy of Greg Staples, who visited the cemetery in 2005.

Two interesting stories were published on pages 104 and 107 of the August 2008 issues of Footprints, quarterly publication of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society.

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