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The following article originally appeared in the May 1978 issue of Footprints, the quarterly publication of the Fort Worth Genealogical Society. It is reprinted here with permission.

ORGANIZED APRIL the 20, 1880

The following excerpts are from an old ledger kept by George Robert Jones of Tarrant County and Baylor County, Texas. Copied and submitted by Mrs. Jo Buck Jones, daughter-in-law of the above and who has the ledger in her possession.

*  *  *

There was apparently little or no law enforcement, which resulted in these residents of northeast Tarrant County forming their own local protective organization.

On the flyleaf is written "The Chord American Baptist Pub (Puf?) Sosiety." On the back side of the flyleaf:

"I, of my own free will and acord do solemnly pledge myself in the presence of God and this association to sacredly keep all the secrets of this association and not communicate them to any one except members of this or a kindred society and to them after due trial and I further promise to obey all orders of the officers of this society and to pay all dues assessed by the society as long as I am a member therein and I further agree to abide by the bylaws and constitution of this sosiety."

first Be it resolved that whereas our county is suffering greatly on account of horse thieves and all other manner of thieving we organize ourselves into an assosiation to be known as the Farmers Assosiation for the purpose of protecting our property

(There followed 19 more bylaws - one stating all persons becoming members of the association shall pay an admittance fee of twenty-five cents.)
20th  We the undersigned subscribe to the above resolutions
James Edmonson pres M. H. Forgey
M. A. Beall Vice pres G. H. Winfrey
R. B. Merrell vice pres C. T. Winfrey
G. R. Jones Secretary James Cate
Wm J. Borah Treasurer Wm Cate
Frank Deskin Doorkeeper Thomas Newton
T. P. Goodfellow steward Wm Kelley
T. B. McCallister V. A. Cox
O. D. Beall J. A. James
M. Goodfellow M. J. Wallis
M. Litle W. A. Crowley
M. J. Wakeham W. R. Terrill

Minutes of six weekly meetings follow on the next pages of the ledger, but obviously all of the names signed to the constitution and bylaws were not present at the first meetings as some of the men were voted on in later meetings. The constitution and bylaws were adopted at the first meeting with the following members present.
M. A. Beall Chmn W. J. Bora
T. B. McCallister M. Litle
M. H. Forgey T. P. Goodfellow
Frank Deskin O. D. Beall
G. R. Jones M. J. Wakeham

The first officer elected was G. R. Jones, Secretary. J. Edmonson was both recommended for membership and elected as vice-president at this meeting. W. R. Terrill was recommended at the same meeting and elected president. He apparently did not choose to serve, as Edmonson became president. M. A. Beall, the Chairman, presided over the first five meetings.

Other names later recommended for membership were:
Wm. Trigg J. D. McCormic
Jake Ferguson J. Thompkins
J. W. Newton W. B. Crump
Henry Lipscomb M. F. Milligan
G. W. Jones J. J. Goodfellow
J. Eichling G. W. Newton
T. Shelton W. J. Croxdale

W. B. Crump was dropped from membership.

It was then resolved that all applicants for membership do so in writing by two sponsors for recommendations and names voted on at the next meeting. No reason given for the name being dropped, but simple non-attendance could be sufficient reason.

The president, James Edmonson was J. O. P Edmonson.

Other Northeast Tarrant County residents mentioned in personal accounts in the ledger were:
J. F. Jones, brother of G. R. Jones and the son of Joseph Fleming Jones, deceased 1878.
Mary Jones, widow of Joseph Fleming Jones, Sr.
J. E. M. Crane and Judith R. Crane, daughter of J. F. and Mary Leake Jones.

Another page lists the names of members paying the admittance fee of 25 cents. On this page, off to the side of the name column, there appears an item with no related meaning. It is written in large handwriting with flourishes.

Chcashaw Nation
J F (T?)"

Perhaps this was an Indian from the Chicasaw nation? (Note: all spellings copied exactly as read.)


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