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Jonothan J. Rogers
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This information is a summary of pages 324 and 325 of the book
"Bohrer-Borah-Borer" written by Camden Borah Myer.

Jonothan Jusdon Rogers was born on November 28, 1839 in Butler County, Kentucky. He was the son of Seanna (Ceanna) Borah and James Madison Rogers. Jonothan, or J.J., grew to adulthood in Butler County and came to Texas with his family in 1858. He married Mary Ann Jemima Joyce of Hines County, Mississippi, on December 19, 1869.

In November 1862 J.J. Rogers enlisted in the Confederate Army, Company A, Gano's squadron in Tarrant County, Texas. He went to Cornith, Mississippi, and from there joined Company 5, Third Kentucky, John A. Morgan's Cavalry.

J.J. Rogers was in a total of ninety-seven battles and skirmishes under Moran's command up to the time of Morgan's capture at Syracuse, Ohio, in July of 1863. In his own words, (from "Memoirs of Tarrent County Confederate Veterans of Others of Post War Period" by Joseph P. Bandor, T.C.U., Dec. 19, 1960) he "was in the Battles of Lebanon, Cynthiana, Tompkinsville, Green River Bridge, Maysville, Kentucky; Gallatin, Tennessee, Brandenburg, Coridon and Salem, Indiana. (He) was captured at Syracuse Ohio, in July 1863, then exchanged in March 1865 at Camp Douglas, Illinois". During his military career, he had his mustache shot off and his jacket was full of holes.

J.J. Rogers was farming in Tarrant County both prior to his entry into the Army and after his discharge from the service. He invested a lot of time and money trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. During his life in Fort Worth, he operated a wagon yard and a grocery store. He and his wife also operated a boarding house. J.J. was a Sunday school teacher in the First Baptist Church.

At the time of his death on August 4, 1904, J.J. Rogers was a member of the K.E. Lee camp U.U.V., of Fort Worth, the members of which organization attended his funeral in a body. He is buried in Fort Worth, Texas.


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