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1877 Fort Worth City Directory
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Waco Tap Saloon, 7th bet Grove & Calhoun

Wade, B. O. bookkeeper, with T. W. Powell

Waide, W. E. salesman, Evans & Martin, bds Peers House

Wagner, F. H. Jr., printer, Democrat office, bds Summit House

Wagstaff, F. barkeeper Pacific Saloon

Waldron, P. teamster, r. Weatherford bet Lamar & Taylor

Walker, B. B. bookkeeper, 68 Houston, bds Trans-Cont.

Walker, H. silversmith, 4 Main

Walker, B. D. mail agt, Mansion Hs.

Walker, L. M. teamster r 4th & Crump

Walker, A. Centennial theatre

Walker, C. L. salesman with Evans & Martin

Wall, Dr. Jno. e Jenning's Addn.

Wall, J. A. painter, r Tucker's

Wall, Chas. grocer, 26 Houston

Wlters, Wm speculator, r Calhoun & 2nd

Walters, Mrs. Wm. midwife, r Calhoun & 2nd

Waltman, F. salesman, bds Mansion

Walthers, R. with H. Myers Co.

Walton, Jno. C. with R. West Starr, ins agt, bds Summitt House

Walton, R. F. foreman, Democrat off r e end 2nd

Walton, Mrs. E. A. r s end Houston

Wamsley & Sehorn Bros., prop. Novelty Flour mills

Wasmley, T. B. r e Bluff

Want, G. H. candies, 5 Houston r s RR track

Ware, R. J. mechanic, r 9 Bluff

Ward, M. r 181 Houston

Ward, G. C. cpty co clk, bds cor Calhoun & 3rd

Ward Joe, Travler's Home

Watkins, Jno. r e end 2nd

Watkins, F. carpenter, 18 w Weatherford

Watts, Jno. cook, r Rusk bet 6th & 7th

Waverly House, C. L. Frost. Prop. 252 & 254 Main

Weatherly, R. F. butcher, 264 Main

Weaver Male Institute, Burnett bet 2nd & 3rd

Weaver, W. E. prin. Weaver Inst.

Webb, J. S. trader, e 55 Throck.

Welch, W. H. grocer, 32 w Pub Sq.

Welch, T. B. clk 32 w Pub Sq.

Wells, J. B. tailor, bet 12 & 14 Houston, upstairs

Eells, No (col) cook star Rest.

Wells, R. W. clk, r 4th cor Terry

Werner, V. Cont. bds 41 Weatherford

Weston, Mrs. R. E. 108 Houston

Wheeler, G. E. prop. Eurkea Rest. 29 Main

Wheeler, A.D. photographer, r cor 4th & Grove

White, Geo (col) wiater, Trans. Hot.

White, J. T. freighter, r 3rd cor Crump

White, G. H. Clk C. Bradford r same

Whitlow, D. machinist, R. H. King

Whitlow, Da. A. r Tucker's addn

Whitlow, W. F. clk L. J. Swingley

Wich, Jno. policeman, r Main et 12th & 13th

Wich, A. warehouseman, T & P RR

Wiggins, C. 9col) waiter, Trans. Cont.

Wilber, B. R. barkeeper, 28 Main

Wilder, N. A. C. r Nance w Lamar

Wilkinson, Wm, trader, r cor 1st & Grove

Wilkins, J. W. carpenter, r Jennings

Wilks, J. T. livery stable, 263 & 265 Main

Wiulliams, E. H. lumber, bds Trans.

Williams J. M. bookkeeper, r 3rd & Pecan

Williams, E. A. bds at St. Clairs

Williams, J. L. bookkeeper, r 4th & Terry

Williams, R. butcher Aston & Knight

Williams J. W. grocer, bds Missouri

Williams, Geo Centennial theatre

Williams & Test, lumber cor Throckmorton & 16th on RR track

Williams, Mrs. r Bluff

Williams, D. M. & Co. watches, clocks, etc. 25 Houston & prop. Novelty metal wks 182 Main

William Bros & Barns, grocers, 15 e Pub. Sq.

Williams G. P. bds Tans. Hotel

Williams, Mrs. M. A. dress maker, Rusk bet 2nd & 3rd

Williamson, T. C. cook Clark House

Willingham Bros. grocers 68 Houston

Willingham, A. grocer, r cor Lamar & 6th

Willingham, W. carpenter, 4 5th bet Calhoun & Grive

Wilber, E. R. Missouri hotel

Willoughby, Wm. cattle dealer, Belknap bet Grove & Pecan

Wili, Wm bookmaker 10 ½ Main

Wilson, L. blksmith shop ft Lamar

Wilson C. (col) cook 41 Main

Wilson, R. L. r cor 2nd & Lamar

Wilson, C. C. r Throckmorton bet Weatherford & 1st

Wilson, W. H. shoemaker, 33 Houston

Wilson, W. P. Pace Wilson 54 Houston

Wilson, C. T. groceries, 1 w Weatherford

Wims & Johnson, livery stable, 41 & 43 n Pub. Sq.

Wims, J. A. liveryman, r Belknap

Winders, R. J. prop. Cattle Exhange

Wing, J. carpenter, bds Calhoun

Windham, A. B. agt. FW & Weatherford hack line, Waverly house

Winebremer, J. A. Texas rest. 110 Houston

Winnery, Mrs. (col) r 2nd w of Brunett

Witten, Thos, prop. Pacific Saloon 19 s Pub. Sq.

Witwer & Buck, agts for Studebaker, wagons, 18 w 1st

Wolcott, M. W. r 23 Bluff

Wolff, Wm car cleaner, T & P Rr

Wolff, R. C. bds U. S. Hotel

Wolff, H. (col) 83 Throckmorton

Wolff, Dr. A. A. 14 Houston

Wolf, R. painter, bds with B. Freidberg

Womack, A. C. clk, bds Dillon Hs

Woods, H. G. rest. 11 Main

Woody, A N. policeman r w Burnett

Woods, J. P. co clk r cor 3rd & Calhoun

Wright, Jos. barkeeper, 45 Main

Wright, Jas, barkeeper, 47 Main

Wright, A. J. capitalist, r cor Throckmorton & 3rd

Wright, M. V. r 49 Bluff

Wyant, F. saddler with R. F. Tackaberry


[No "X" names]


Yaeger, J. teamster, Weatherford, bet Lamar & Taylor

Yarborought, J. N. salesman, with Daggett & Hatcher, bds Mansion House

Yateman, F. r 7th bet Tom Green & Nance

Yateman, Frank, clk I Goldstein Co.

Young, W. B. r 29 w Belknap

Young, W. carpenter, bds U.S. Hotel

Young, A. r 6th & Taylor

Young, J. salesman, r 29 Belknap


Zeigler, H. C. C. barber shop, 7 w 1st

Zimmerman, & Ultz, bakers, 3 ½ e Pub. Sq.

Zimmerman, F. tinner with Dodd Co.

Zuehlke, A. prop. Bon Ton Saloon, 238 Main

Zusinsky, O. clk, bds Waverly Hs.

Zwank, S. L. brakeman, T & P RR

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