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1878-79 Fort Worth City Directory
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CADEN, Thomas (Thomas Caden & Co) res Corpus Christi, Texas

CADEN, Thomas & Co (Thomas Caden and Co) hides & wool, office n w cor Lamar & Weatherford, Tbomas T. Allen, agent

CAHN, Jacob N., grocer, res e s Calhoun, bet 1st & 2nd

CALDWELL, Miss Rosa C., home D. S. Brown

CALLAHAN, John, cook at El Paso Hotel

CALLAWAY, Garrett H., salesman Cowen & Buchanan

CALLAWAY, James W., groceries and provisions; 11 Belknap bet Rusk & Calhoun

CALVIN, C. E., cattle dealer, bds Tarrant House

CAMANSKI, Michael, wagon maker, Ireland, Surratt & Griffin; bds A. T. Ireland

CAMERON & CO. (William Cameron & Co) lumber, laths & shingles, sash, doors & blinds; yard & office cor 13th & Jennings Ave

CAMERON, Matthew, wks Fort Worth Steam Candy Factory

CAMERON, Matthew T., water hauler, bds W. C. Gray

CAMERON, William (Cameron & Co) res Dallas, Texas

CAMPBELL, E. W., conductor T & P RR bds Clark House

CAMPBELL, Henry (col) res 15th near east city limits

CAMPBELL, J. h., bds Dillon House

CAMPBELL, Mass, auctioneer, office 31 Houston

CANADY, L. W., conductor T & P RR; bds Clark House

CANANT, Leonidas B., clk W. C. Fly & Co; bds W. C. Fly

CANTO, ALEXANDER (Canto & Stein) proprietor Pacific Billard Parlor & Saloon, 19 Weatherford bet Houston & Main, Thomas Witten, mgr, res nr east city limits

CANTO, August, Meat Market, e s square cor Belknap; res s s Belknap bet Pecan & Elm

CANTO & CLOYD (Louis Canto and James Cloyd) meat market, s w cor Houston & 8th

CANTO, Louis (Canto & Cloyd); rooms at store

CANTO & STEIN (Alexander Canto, Louis H. Stein) meat & veg market, w s Houston bet 2nd & 3rd

CAPELL, H. L., bds Illinois House

CARB, Isidore, collector & bookkeeper, office w s Main bet 2nd & 3rd; bds Peers House

CAREY, Daniel, supt Fort Worth Street Railway Co; stables w s Main bet 8th & 9th; rooms same

CARNAHAN, Silas, blacksmith, shop s s Weatherford bet Taylor & Lamar

CARRICO, A, Percy, clk D. C. Bennett. res Rusk bet 2nd & 3rd

CARRICO, M. W., circulator "Evening Post" res cor Rusk & 3rd

CARROLL, Edward, teamster William Cameron, bds Chicago Restaurant

CARSON, William, cook res s s 1st bet Rusk & main

CARTER, Augustus M. (Terrell & Carter) res Throckmorton bet 7th & 8th

CARTER, Frank R., clk H. D. Bond, bds same

CARTER, Mrs. Lizzie, dressmaker, bds William H. McClure

CARWILE, Milton S., night watchman, res n s Belknap bet Throckmorton & Taylor

CASEY, Martin (Casey & Swasey) rooms over store

CASEY, Patrick, stone mason, bds Tarrant House

CASEY, Robert H., Photographer, Studio s w cor Weatherford & Houston, upstairs; bds Transcontinental Hotel

CASEY & SWASEY (Martin Casey, Charles J. Swasey) Agts for Robert Howe, wholesale liquor dealer, 67 Houston bet 3rd & 4th

CASS, Levi, laborer; bds Matthew Ward

CATCHPOLE, John W., musician, res south of 2nd east of Elm

CATTON, James (col) blacksmith, res 1lth bet Jones & Calhoun

CATTS, William H., hide buyer, bds Mrs. Blackstone

CAVANAUGH, Edward, blacksmith P. H. Grady, res e s Houston bet 9th & 10th

CAVILL, Anderson, laborer, res Weatherford bet Pecan & Elm

CENTRAL HOUSE, Elisha Roberts proprietor, w s Houston bet 1lth & 12th

CETTI, BREWER & CO (Zane Cetti, Joseph C. Brewer, John F. Swayne) real estate & insurance agents, e s Main bet 2nd & 3rd upstairs

CETTI, Mrs. Harriet E. (wid) res Hill near s w city limits

CETTI, Zane (Cetti, Brewer & Co) res s e cor Calhoun & 9th

CHALK, Robert L., carpenter, res Grove near south city limits

CHAMBERS, Andrew J., County Assessor, office Court House, res s e part of city

CHAMBERS, M. A., bds El Paso Hotel

CHANDOIN, George, home C. C. Wilson

CHANEY, Enoch, carpenter, res n s 5th bet Taylor & Throckmorton

CHAPILLON, Octave, gardener, wks Canto & Stein, bds same

CHAPMAN, Enoch O., mattress manufacturer, 98 Houston bet 5th & 6th res same

CHEATOM, Alvarado R., teamster City Mills, res s s 1st east of Elm

CHENEY & KUHN (0. F. Cheney & E. Kuhn) proprietors Tivoli Hall w s Houston bet 1st & 2nd

CHENEY, 0. F. (Cheney & Kuhn) res Dallas, Texas

CHERRY, W. C,, tannery n e cor Grove & 1st, res n w cor 1st & Grove

CHILDRESS, Richard J., clk Clark House

CHISHOLM, Mrs. R. H., bds. European Hotel

CHISM, Howard, teamster, res n s 4th e of Crump

CHOWNING, Thomas J., teamster, res ws Throckmorton & Bluff

CHRISTIAN, Charles, carpenter, res s s 3rd east of Crump

CHURCHWELL, Mrs. Minerva (wid) res opp cemetery n e city

CITY FLOURING MILLS, 37 & 39 Bluff, Wolcott & Blandin, proprietors

CITY NATIONAL BANK OF FORT WORTH, John Nichols, President; Alfred M. Britton, Vice President; Spotswood W. Lomax, Cashier. Directors: John Nichols, Alfred M. Britton, Jeremiah Marklee, William J. Boaz and C. R. Morehead, Jr. Cash Capital $50,000. 23 Weatherford bet Main & Houston.

CLARK, A. T., western traveling agt Fort Worth Democrat; bds El Paso Hotel

CLARK, George (col) wks T & P RR

CLARK, Hines, stock dealer, bds Mr. V. M. Cummings

CLARK HOUSE, Mrs. E. Bennett, proprietress, Mrs. Nellie Clark, manager, Main St opp Depot

CLARK, Joseph (col) res e s Houston bet 1lth & 12th

CLARK, Mrs. Nellie, Manager Clark House, Main St opp Depot

CLARK, Thomas R., blacksmith, shop w s Houston bet 6th & 7th, res same

CLARK, William D., Propr Travelers Home, 59 Jones cor 2nd

CLARKSON, James S. (W. L. Pencil & Co) res n e cor 4th & Jones

CLAYTON, Miss Fannie, home J. M. Wells

CLEARMONT, Lewis, carpenter, bds Joseph H. Williams

CLEMMONS, Frank (co]) res s s lst bet Grove & Pecan

CLIFFORD, John, teamster, bds Mrs. A. Breen

CLIFFORD, Timothy, teamster, bds. Mrs. A. Breen

CLIFTON, J. W., clk Hochstadter & Co., bds Mrs. Annie E. Moore

CLINE, George, stone mason, res n s 15th bet Jones & Grove

CLINGSTEIN, Hugo, carpenter. res w s Monroe bet 8th & 10th

CLINTON, A. H., circulator, Fort Worth Democrat. rooms Mrs. Blackstone

CLIVE, George, druggist, paints, oils, &c, w s Main bet lst & 2nd, rooms same

CLOUGH, Mrs. L. V. (wid) home J. J. Jarvis

CLOWER, Thomas, printer, Fort Worth Democrat, rooms in bldg.

CLOYD, James, (Canto & Cloyd) rooms at store

COBB, Henry & Co., News Depot, n w cor 1st & Houston

COBB, William P., confectionery & news stand, nw cor Houston & 1st; res ne cor 3rd & Calhoun

COCHRAN, William, res Grove south of T & P RR

COFFEE, Gundy (col) res Grove south of T & P RR

COFFEE, James, cattle dealer, bds Dillon House

COFFEE, Matthew J., wholesale liquors & cigars, w s Houston bet 1st & 2nd, res St. Joseph, Mo.

COLDWATER, Charles H., Pres., Sect. & Treas., Eagle Colony Depot, line T & P RR e of Main

COLE, David L., carpenter, res n s 3rd bet Elm & Crump

COLE, John P., proprietor Parlor Saloon, 10 Weatherford bet Throckmorton & Houston

COLEMAN, David (col) wks Comanche Restaurant

COLEMAN, Mrs. F. J., wks and bds J. A. Morrison

COLEMAN, James, foreman H. M. Marrow & Co.

COLEMAN, William, res 14th bet Pecan & Elm

COLERS, Felix, bds Tarrant House

COLLIER, Alfred W., printer, wks Evening Post, bds T. J. Neatherry

COLLINS, Henry (col) wks W. H. Burch. res n e cor Grove & Darnell

COLLINS, J., clk, bds Dillon House

COLTER & CROZIER (William H. Colter, Joseph A. Crozier), wholesale & retail grocers, cor Main & s s square

COLTER, William H. (Colter & Crozier) res n e cor Belknap & Grove

COMBE, Louis, teamster, Canto & Stein

COMPTON, Thomas A., clk C. L. Botto, bds same

CONNELL, James, laborer, bds J. Waterman

CONNELLEE, William Q., ice dealer. bds L. Sternkorb

CONNER, H. N. (Conner & Myers) res s s Lamar bet 11th & 12th

CONNER, JAMES, Proprietor El Paso Hotel Bar; bds El Paso Hotel

CONNER & MYERS (H. N. Conner, William Myers), books and stationery, 78 Houston bet 4th & 5th

CONSTANT, John, cook Travelers Home

COOK, A., feed and sale stable, s e cor 2nd & Calhoun; res same

COOK & BROWN (Robert W. Cook, Henry Brown) (col) groceries & provisions; cor 8th & Rusk

COOK, David, groceries and provisions e s Main bet 15th & 16th, res, cor 16th & Pecan

COOK, Huldah (col) res ss 4th east of Crump

COOK, Melvin, with A. Cook

COOK, Robert W. (col) (Cook and Brown) res ss 4th east of Crump

COOPER, Mrs. Ella, home Gideon Bloodgood

COOPER, Ezra, laborer bds James 1. Peters

COOPER, George, salesman, J. T. Ellioft, bds St. Charles Hotel

COOPER, Joseph F. (Cooper & Pendleton) res ns 4th bet Grove and Pecan

COOPER, Melton, drayman, res 8th bet Jones and Grove

COOPER & PENDLETON (Joseph F. Cooper, William S. Pendleton) attorneys, off. cor Houston & lst, upstairs

COOPER, Thomas, drayman, res 8th bet Jones & Grove

CORLEY, Larkin, bds W. G. Corley

CORLEY, William G., reporter "Evening Journal" res ss Bluff w of Burnett

CORNISH, A. L., switchman T & P RR bds U. S. Hotel

COOPER, Charles (col) res s s 4th e of Crump

COUEY, D. W., water hauler, res Belknap w of River

COURTRIGHT, Thomas I., City Marshal, res es Calhoun bet 1st & Weatherford

COVINGTON, P. Augustus, tin smith, w s Throckmorton bet Weatherford & 1st, res. same

COWEN & BUCHANAN (Edward P. Cowen, William Buchanan), lumber, laths, shingles, sash, doors and blinds, yard and office w s Jennings Ave s of RR

COWEN, Edward P. (Cowen & Buchanan) bds Clark House

COWING, E. Havens (Havens & Cowing) bds Trans-Continental Hotel

COX, James, lab, res n of Bluff, w of Burnett

COX, Manuel, painter, bds L. Sternkorb

COX, Matt (col) barber Harry Thompson, res ss 4th bet Lamar & Taylor

COZAD, John T., physician and surgeon, ws Houston bet 1st & Weatherford, upstairs, rooms at office

CRADDOCK, Young J., bartender T. S. Adams,, bds Charles Gilham

CRAFT, Richard (Thompson & Craft) res bet Belknap and Bluff, near River

CRAIG, George H., gardener, res n of Bluff, w of Burnett

CRANE C. M., bds Mrs. B. McVeigh

CRAWFORD, A. C. & S. J. (Archibald C. & Stephen J.), wholesale and retail dealers in grain, feed hay etc se cor 6th & Houston

CRAWFORD, Archibald C. (A. C. & S. J. Crawford), rooms at store

CRAWFORD, L. W. (Crawford & Wheeler) res cor Elm and 3rd

CRAWFORD, M. A,, carpenter, bds Clark House

CRAWFORD, Robert B., bds Travelers Home

CRAWFORD, Stephen J. (A, C. & S. J. Crawford), rooms at store.

CRAWFORD & WHEELER, photographers, studio Houston bet Weatherford & 1st

CRAWSON, Robert J., labor, res 15th bet Elm and Pecan

CRAWSON, Thomas J., laborer, res cor Rusk and 15th

CREGIER, William, business mgr Centennial Theater, bds Joseph Lowe

CREWE, Charles H. (Charles H. Crewe & Bro); res w s Weatherford bet Taylor & Lamar

CREWE, C. H. & Bros. (Charles H. Crewe, Fred Crewe), cigar manufacturers, w s Weatherford bet Taylor and Lamar

CREWE, Fred (Charles H. Crew & Bro) res w s Weatherford bet Taylor & Lamar

CROMER, F. W., Agent Texas Express Co., office s e cor Rusk & Weatherford, re& s e cot Calhoun and Weatherford

CROMWELL, George, wks Novelty Flouring Mills

CROMWELL, Jessie, student, home W. V. Cromwell

CROMWELL, W. V., undertaker, s w cor Houston and Belknap; bds Battle House

CRONK, George W., res s s 3rd, e of Crump

CROSSLEY, N. D., auctioneer, res s s Weatherford bet Calhoun and Jones

CROTTY, Dennis, pastry cook El Paso Hotel, res e s Rusk bet 5th and 6th

CROUCH, Jordan, res s s Fourth, e of Crump

CROZIER, Andrew H., Deputy Sheriff, res s s 3rd e of Crump

CROZIER, Joseph A. (Carter & Crozier) res n s Belknap bet Grove and Pecan

CROZIER, Constable, First Precinct, res s s Third, e of Crump

CULLEN, Frank, bds John S. Thomas

CUMMINGS, Charles C., County Judge, res end of Nichols bet Elm and Pecan

CUMMINGS, Samuel M., stock dealer, res n s 2nd bet Houston & Throckmorton

CUMMINGS, Mrs. V., (wid) res w s Houston bet 11th & 12tb

CUMMINGS, Mrs. Virginia M., boarding house, n s 2nd bet Throckmorton & Houston

CUNNINGHAM, Edward L., res n of Nichols, e of Elm

CUNNINGHAM, Samuel (col) laborer, res 15th, e of Elm

CURLTON, Mrs. Florida (wid) res w s Rusk bet 9th & 10th

CURRAN, Daniel, wks Morehead's warehouse, bds Joseph Jamison

CURRAN, James, engineer, bds Joseph Jamison

CURRAN, John, wks David C. Bennett

CURRIE, John, vegetable dealer, e s Main bet 2nd & 3rd, rooms at store


DAGGETT, Charles B. (Daggett & Hatchet), bds. Mansion Hotel.

DAGGETT, Ephrain M., real estate owner, res se cor 7th & Taylor

DAGGETT & HATCHER (Charles B. Daggett, R. N. Hatcher), wholesale and retail grocers; cor Weatherford and Houston

DAHLMAN, Abe (Dahlman Bros) bds I. Dahlman

DAHLMAN BROS (Isaac, Henry and Abe Dahlman) wholesale and retail clothing and gents furnishing goods, hats, caps, boots and shoes n w cor Houston and 1st

DAHLMAN, Henry (Dahlman Bros) bds. I. Dahlman

DAHLMAN, Isaac (Dahlman Bros), res w s Throckmorton bet 1st & Weatherford

DALEY, Daniel, app. harness maker R. F. Tackaberry

DALEY, John, water dealer, res s s 4th cor Elm

DALEY, John, laborer, res Jones bet 16th & 17th

DANIEL, Chesley A., boarding house, s e cor 3rd & Calhoun

DANIELS, Lewis, carpenter, bds U. S. Hotel

DANIELS, Peter (Daniels & Rea) res nw cor 13th & Taylor

DANIELS & REA (Peter Daniels, Archibald Rea), grocers, etc. s. e. cor Houston & 13th

DARCY, Samuel J., bds John S. Webb

DARNEL, Miss Fannie, home I. M. Prince

DARNELL, Adkin, home William McLamore

DARNELL, Franklin, teamster. res Colorado, s of Elm

DARNELL, Miss Mollie, home William McLamore

DARTER, Isaac M., carpenter, res n s 2nd bet Elm & Pecan

DARTER, John, carpenter, home Wm. A. Darter

DARTER, Mary (wid) home Wm. A. Darter

DARTER, William A., county surveyor, res n s Belknap bet Taylor & Throckmorton

DASHWOOD, George H,, prescriptionist L. M. Brunswig, bds TransContinental Hotel

DAUGHERTY, William, res n s 12th bet Houston & Main

DAVENPORT, Delia, home J. J. Miller

DAVIDSON, Leopold, cigar maker S. Davidson, rooms at store

DAVIDSON, Mrs. S., manufacturer and dealer in tobacco and cigars es Main bet 2nd & 3rd, Wolfe Davidson Manager, res sw cor 5th & Lamar

DAVIS, Anna (col) res Bluff bet Lamar & Burnett

DAVIS & HICKEY (John Davis, James Hickey) blacksmith and repair shop w s Houston bet 8th & 9th

DAVIS, James M., painter, res Henderson sw of T & P RR

DAVIS, John (Davis & Hickey) bds Daniel Saunders

DAVIS, John M, book keeper R. M. Morrow & Co., res ws Hemphill, s of T & P RR

DAVIS, Judy (col) res Calhoun bet 12th & 13th

DAVIS, Mason H., dealer in grain, etc, w s Houston bet 7th & 8th, res same

DAVIS, William H., bds Wm D. Dillon

DAY, Giles H., res n w cor Monroe & 11th

DAY, Thomas, drayman, res Weatherford rd, w of River

DAZEY, Jasper N., agent Wilson sewing machine, office se cor 2nd & Throckmorton, res Weatherford rd w of River

DAZEY, Nathan P. salesman Havens & Cowing, bds Mrs. Annie E. Moore

DEAN, Enuna (col) res 9th bet Pecan & Grove

DEAN, J. D., dealer in wagons, bds Mansion Hotel

DECELL, George, engineer, Canto & Stein, bds same

DECOURSEY, Frank, blacksmith W. C. Peters

DeHAVEN, Robert, engineer Morton, Jones & Co., bds Waverly House

DeJARNETT, Archibald M,, hide buyer, bds E. R. Ellis

DENNEY, John C., bookkeeper, William & Test; bds R. S, Philpot

DENTLER, William W., bartender, bds Henry P, Shield

DEVERE, Frank, bartender Express Saloon, bds European Hotel

DEVEREUX, Julius S., bookkeeper, William F. Lake, bds W. A. Huffman

DEWALT, John B. (col) barber John Peters, res n s Nichols e of Elm

DEWEY, Edward S., planing mill w s Jennings Ave., cor 13th; rooms same

DEWITT, Thomas, res w s Main bet 6th & 7th

DIAMOND, Ephraim, peddler, res n s 4th bet Calhoun & Jones

DICKERSON, Miss Mary, home William F. Ferguson

DIEHL, Joseph N., Ice Dealer, Ice House and Depot on line T & P RR; e of depot, office and retail depot n e corn Main & 2nd

DILLING, James, wks J. T. Leer, rooms same

DILLON HOUSE, n w cor 3rd & Taylor; P. B. Walker, Prop.

DILLON, John, bartender DeWitt C. Scott, bds same

DILLON, William D., res n e cor 3rd & Lamar

DISMUKES, George R., clk Porter & Ferguson, res w of Jennings Ave, s city limits

DISMUKES, Paul, home George R. Dismukes

DISMUKES, William C., atty, home George R. Dismukes

DIVENS, Vode, waiter Battle House, bds same

DIVET, M. J., clk George Y. Bast & Co., rooms at store

DOBBINS, Milas J., carpenter, bds James B. Askins

DOBBS, Richard J., fireman Heath, Myers & Buckley, res 19th near Pecan

DODD & CO. (George 1. Dodd & Co) stoves, tinware, house furnishing goods, w s Houston bet 1st & 23nd; res over store

DODD, Elbert T., clk J. N. Manuel & Co; res Lamar St.

DODDS, Clarence, driver Texas Express Co., rooms over office

DOEBLER, Thomas, bartender A. Zuehlke; bds U. S. Hotel

DOGGETT, Mrs. Hattie (wid) home D. C. Holiday

DOLAN, John, wks Maddox & Co

DOLAN, Patrick H., bds Waverly House

DONIFER, John (col) res n s Bluff bet Calhoun and Rusk

DONOHOE, John wks T & P RR bds E. A. Burton

DONOHOE, William, drayman, res e s Hemphill s of T & P RR

DONOVAN, Patrick, carpenter T & P RR Shops; bds E. A. Burton

DORSEY, H. E.. & Co. (Harry E. Dorsey, Noah H. Wilson) Props Empress Saloon, w s Houston bet 2nd & 3rd

DORSEY, Harry E. (H. E. Dorsey & Co) res Throckmorton bet 2nd & 3rd

DORSEY, Hobby E., U. S. Commissioner; res 57 Throckmorton, bet 2nd & 3rd

DOTY, C. carpenter; bds Illinois House

DOTY, J. A., Carpenter, bds Illinois House

DOUCIE, Charles, driver Fort Worth Street Railway; rooms at stables

DOUGHTY, James R., vegetable dealer, res cor 2nd & Evans

DOUGHTY, John R., vegetables, fruits and flowers, s s square bet Main & Rusk, res cor 2nd & Evans

DOUGHERTY, Ralph C,, proprietor Evert House, w s Throckmorton bet 2nd & 3rd

DOUGLAS, Amanda (col) home Rufus Lawson

DOUGLAS, John M., grain dealer, res s e cor 1st & Calhoun

DOUGLAS, Malcolm G., elk B. W. Haymond, res Grove s of RR.

DOW, Matthew, carpenter, res w s Burnett bet 10th & 11th

DOWLING, Patrick E., bartender Prindle & Maas, rooms at Cosmopolitan Hotel

DOWLING, Walter, waiter Dillon House

DOWNEY, Miss E. J., wks El Paso Laundry, res e s Main bet 11th & 12th

DOWNEY, Miss Matilda, wks El Paso Laundry, res e s Main bet 11th & 12th

DOWNIE, Charles L., wholesale liquor dealer, e s Main bet 2nd & 3rd, res Henderson sw of T & P

DOWNING, Thomas, proprietor Miller wagon yard, n s Weatherford west of Burnett

DOYLE, Dow (col) waiter Evert House

DOYLE, P. J., printer Fort Worth Standard; rooms at office

DUBOIS, Henry, clk Max Elser; rooms Cosmopolitan Hotel

DUDENHEIVER, Frank, teamster, res St. Louis Ave bet T & P RR & Broadway

DUFF, Michael, teamster, res north of Bluff west of Burnett

DUFFY, James, mason; bds J. Waterman

DUGAN, Hugh, laundry, w s Weatherford bet Taylor & Lamar; res same

DUNLAP, James T., stock keeper and salesman Ellis & Huffman; bds Dillon House

DUNLAP, Miss Maggie, home A. N. Woody

DUNN, John S. (Ansell & Dunn) res cor Main & 4th

DUNN, William W., res s s 4th bet Main and Rusk

DURR, James P., cotton buyer, office R. F. Smith & Co., bds C. A. Daniels

DURR, L. M., cotton buyer, office R. F. Smith; bds C. A. Daniels

DUROSS, Thomas, groceries and provisions, bet Main & Houston off Depot: res same

DUSER, Charles, street car driver; bds St, Charles Hotel

DUTTON, H. L., agent groceries and provisions s s Weatherford bet Taylor and Throckmorton

DUTTON, Henri J., agent groceries, w s Houston bet 2nd & 3rd; rooms over store

DWYER, James, wks Mobile restaurant; bds same

DWYER, Michael, baggage master T & P RR; bds E. A. Burton

DYNER, John, bds St. Charles Hotel

EAGLE COLONY DEPOT, on line of T & P RR; east of Main; farm of 120,000 acres in Taylor County Charles R, Coldwater, President, Secretary and Treasurer

EAKLE, Oscar M. (Myers & Eakle) res Taylor bet 13th and 14th

EARL, Harry D. (Brooks & Earl); rooms at stone

EARLES, Sadie, wks August Canto

EARP, James C., bartender Cattle Exchange Saloon; res n w cor 9th & Calhoun

EASLEY, James (Easley & Hendricks) res n s Belknap west of Burnett

EASLEY, Thomas, merchant; bds Ridgeway House

EBERLENG, Herman, res cor 15th & Calhoun

EDDINGTON, Edward, carperter; bds Fred Foshall

EDDS, Samuel, cik, bds Dillon House

EDLEMAN, Thomas J., carpenter, res e s Crump bet 3rd & 4th

EDLEMAN, Newton, Deputy Sheriff; res n s 3rd bet Pecan & Elm

EDLEMAN, William T., feed stable, res e s Crump bet 3rd & 4th

EDMONDSON, Fosh (col) res s s 6th bet Calhoun & Jones

EDWARDS, Mrs. Eveline E. (wid); home William L. Holt

EGNER, John M., tinsmith, bds Z. E. B. Nash

EICHENBAUM, Harris, tobacconist; e s Houston bet Weatherford & lst; res s e cor Elm & 5th

EICHENLOP, John, teamster; bds Frank Dudenheiver

EICHOFF, William, cabinet maker Terrell & Becknam; bds U. S. Hotel

EISENHART, John, wks Edward S. Dewey, bds Jacob Arner

EITELMAN, George, helper E, H. Keller, rooms same

ELBERT, Henry, agent E, Anheuser Co. Brewing Assn; office & depot e s Main bet 1st & 2nd; bds U. S. Hotel

ELDRED, Benjamin B., machinist Willingham Bros; res Dallas, Texas

ELDRED, John, bds Dillon House

ELKINS, Anna J. (wid) res n s Belknap west of River

ELKINS, John W., laborer, home Anna J. Elkins

ELLIOTT, Benton R., jailor Tarrant County; res cor Jones & Belknap

ELLIOTT, James T., lumber, laths, shingles, sash, doors and blinds; Galveston Ave South T & P RR; and s w cor Houston & 10th; res Dallas, Texas

ELLIS & BROWN (F. S. Ellis and E. M. Brown) proprs Texas Wagon Yard, n e cor Main & 8th

ELLIS, Eutaw R., clk W. G. Randall & Bro., res w s Jones bet 2nd & 3rd

ELLIS, Frederick S. (Ellis & Brown); bds St. Charles Hotel

ELLIS, Henry G., home Eutaw R. Ellis

ELLIS & HUFFMAN (Merida G. Ellis & Walter A. Huffman) agricultural implements; office & salesroom s s lst bet Houston and Throckmorton

ELLIS, James F., res Galveston Ave south of Broadway

ELLIS, Mrs. Margaret (wid) res near river bet Belknap & Bluff

ELLIS, Merida G. (Ellis & Huffman) res s w cor 1st & Taylor

ELLISON, George, stock keeper and salesman Ellis & Huffman; bds Dillon House

ELMORE, Travis G., wagon maker, res Belknap west of River

EL PASO HOTEL, C. K. Fairfax prop; n w cor Main and 4th.

ELSER, Louis J. (W. A. Harding & Co) and telegraph operator; rooms Post Office bidg

ELSER, Max (Brown & Elser) also books, stationery, wall paper etc. 25 Houston bet lst & 2nd & news and periodical stand, Post Office; bds D. W. C. Pendery

ELWOOD, David P., farmer, bds Mansion House

EMANUEL, M. M., clk A. Goldstein & Co., rooms over Cosmopolitan Hotel

EMERY, Bettie, res e s Calhoun bet 17th & 18th

ENDER, C. B., sewing machine agent; bds U. S. Hotel

ENGLES, Willard, clk Colter & Crozier; res Blandons Hill

ENGSTRUM, Frank O., carpenter, res Pecan south city limits

ENORTH, William L., carpenter, res s e cor 4th & Burnett

ENRIGHT, Michael, Proprietor Fort Worth Wagon Yard, w s Main bet 19th & 11th; bds Charles A. Parker

EOMARY, Mrs. Ruth (wid); home Alpheus Young

ERNEST, Fletcher, freighter; res north of Bluff w of Burnett

ERVIN, James W. (Henry & Ervin) bds George H. Henry

ESMON, William T., home James M. Bailey

ESTES, Frederick, fireman City Flouring Mills

EUBANKS, Miss Charity; res Wheeler near T & P RR

EUROPEAN HOTEL, restaurant and saloon; J. F. Woodward, prop. n. e. cor Houston & 3rd

EVANS, Andrew, proprietor Denton Stage Line, office e s Main bet 4th & 5th, res Denton, Texas

EVANS, Burwell C. (Evans & Martin) res s w cor Grove & 5th

EVANS, C., bookkeeper Cameron & Co., bds Mrs. E. Phillips

EVANS, John (Gurley & Co), res St. Louis, Mo., bds El Paso Hotel

EVANS, John M., stone mason; bds James B. Askins

EVANS & MARTIN (B. C. Evans, Sidney Martin) Wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods; w s Houston bet Weatherford & 1st

EVANS, Morgan, stone mason, bds James B. Askiuns

EVANS, Richard W., stone mason, Willingham Bros., bds Dillon House

EVERS, John, laborer; home Richard Brandon

EVERT HOUSE, w s Throckmorton bet 2nd & 3rd; R. C. Dougherty, prop.

EVERTS, Gustavus A., home Mrs. E. A. Hendricks

EWING, John F. (Howser, Standley & Ewing); res s s 4th bet Pecan and Grove

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