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1878-79 Fort Worth City Directory
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FAHEY, Patrick, res s s Weatherford near River

FAIRCHILD, Abijah, wagon maker and blacksmith, e s Main bet Fifth & Sixth, bds W. H. Sutton

FAIRES, Scott, wks Godwin, Wilkinson & Co. Bds W. Wilkinson

FAIRFAX, Cyrus K., Proprietor El Paso Hotel, n w cor Main & Fourth.

FAKES & CO. (B. R. and W. T. Fakes and W. Turner), furniture house, furnishing goods and undertakers, 30 Houston bet First and Second, warehouse cor Main and Johnson Ave

FAKES B. R. (Fakes & Co) res n s Fifth west of Burnett

FAKES, William T. (Fakes & Co) bds B. R. Fakes

FARMER, James B., Proprietor St. Charles Hotel, e s Rusk bet Seventh and Eighth

FARMER, Samuel, Deputy Marshal, bds Ridgeway House

FAULKNER, Jeff, express wagon, res n w cor Johnson Ave and Cherry

FAULKNER, William F., cotton buyer, res e s Calhoun bet First & Weatherford

FAWCETT, Frederick, wks E. H. Keller, rooms same

FAY, Kate, waitress, Clark House

FEAR, Thomas, tinsmith Havens & Cowing, bds David L. Cole

FEEGLES, William F., printer, res cor Seventh and Throckmorton

FEELEY, Thomas, wks Dillon House

FEILD, Julian T. (Burts & Feild) res n e corner Belknap and Burnett

FEILD, R. A., medical student, bds Mrs. J. Young

FERGUSON, Claude (col), chambermaid Trans-Continental Hotel

FERGUSON, Nancy (wid), res Rusk bet Eleventh and Twelfth

FERGUSON, Robert, freighter, res s s Bluff west of Burnett

FERGUSON, Thomas E. (Porter & Ferguson) res n s Fifth west of Burnett

FERGUSON, William T., County Treasurer, office Court House res s e cor Weatherford and Jones

FIELD, E. M., clk D. Turk & Bro., rooms cor Fourth and Houston

FIELD, Henry, City Attorney, res s s Belknap bet Burnett and Lamar

FIELD, James H., attorney, office n s Second bet Houston and Main, res s s Belknap east of Elm

FIFE, William B., agent Peter Smith, res n s Fifth west of Cherry

FILMORE, Z., bds St. Charles Hotel

FINGER, George, law student, home John P. Smith

FINLEY, Elizabeth (wid) res Rusk bet Eleventh and Twelfth

FINLEY, Miss Mary, home Rev. J. S. Gillespie

FINLEY, W. Gordon, farmer, res n s Second west of Burnett

FINNEGAN, Thomas, wks T & P Ry shops, bds Illinois House

FIRST NATIONAL BANK, n e cor Second and Houston; M. B. Loyd, President; D. C. Bennett, Vice President; C. H. Higbee, Cashier; George Jackson, Assistant Cashier

FISCHER, J. J., wks El Paso Hotel

FISHER, Edward P., carpenter, res s s Fifteenth bet Rusk and Main

FISHER, John M., clk Williams Bros. and Barnes, rooms at store

FISHER, Newton, blacksmith, res north of Nichols east of Elm

FISHER, Thomas A., carpenter, res Sixteenth bet Pecan and Grove

FITZGERALD, John H., drayman, res Fifth near w city limits

FITZPATRICK, William, wiper T & P Ry Shops

FLAHERTY, Edward C., laborer, home Mrs. Mary Flaherty

FLAHERTY, Mrs. Mary (wid) Res s s Weatherford w of Burnett

FLATO, Henry N., bookkeeper W. Hunter, bds Mrs. J. Young

FLEETHAM, William, carpenter, res s s Third e of Crump

FLEISHEL, Marcus L. (M. L. FLEISHEL & Co.) res Tyler, Texas

FLEISHEL, M. L. & Co. (M. L. Fleisel, John H. McCauley and Benjamin K. Smith), lumber, shingles, planing mill yard and office Monroe bet Thirteenth & Fourteenth; mills Longview, Texas.

FLEMING, Patrick, second engineer City Flouring Mills, bds C. A. Daniel

FLEMING, Thadeus, tanner, vats; res s s Weatherford near Clear Fork River

FLENNER, Abraham, cabinet maker, wks Fakes & Co., bds cor Seventh & Throckmorton

FLENNER, George, carpenter, res s e cor Seventh and Throckmorton

FLETCHER, Jennie, wks J. D. Reed

FLINT, John, hide and animal inspector, res n s Nichols e of Elm

FLOURNOY, Chester C., foreman job office "Fort Worth Standard", rooms at office

FLY, Rev. Matthew D., pastor M. E. Church, South, res s e Fourth bet Jones & Grove

FLY, W. C. & CO. (William C. Fly & --Co); booksellers and stationers, wall paper &c, w s Main bet Second & Third

FLY, William C. (W. C. Fly & Co) bds Rev. M. D. Fly

FLYNN, Mrs. Stella (wid) home Dr. Wm. B. Brooks

FORBES, Thomas M., shoe maker, res Weatherford bet Taylor and Lamar

FORBUSH, Charles, rooms Cosmopolitan Hotel

FORSYTHE, E. H., cotton buyer, res s w cor Grove and Weatherford

FORTSON, John H. (col) wks Wims & Johnson, rooms same

FORT WORTH CITY CEMETERY, n e portion of city, n of Nichols

FORT WORTH CITY HALL, n e cor Second and Rusk

FORT WORTH 'Democrat' Daily and Weekly, issued every morning except Monday; weekly each Saturday, B. B. Paddock, Editor and Prop; Will F. Stewart, City Editor, office and job rooms e s Houston bet First and Second

FORT WORTH 'Evening Journal" pub. every evening except Sunday, Walton & Hohnes, Prop., R. F. Walton, Editor

FORT WORTH GAS WORKS, cor Tenth and Calhoun, Charles A. Lockwood, Supt.

FORT WORTH GRAIN ELEVATOR, line T & P RR, bet Jennings Ave & Throckmorton; R. S. Philpot owner

FORT WORTH OPERA HOUSE, over n w cor Houston & First

FORT WORTH POST OFFICE, e s Mail bet Second and Third, J. P. Alexander, Post Master

FORT WORTH "Standard," Millican, Lacy & Co., Pub. and Prop., pub. daily except Monday; weekly Thursdays; J. K. Millican, Business Mgr; Drury Lacy Editor; T. B. Sheridan, local editor; office s e cor Main and Weatherford


FORT WORTH "Tribune' Evening Daily, except Sun, and weekly Thursday, Neathery, Judd & Co., Prop. Cyrus T. Judd, Editor, Thos J. Neatherry, Bus. Mgr; office e s Houston bet 3rd & 4th

FOSHALL, Fred, boarding house, cor Fifteenth & Throckmorton

FOSTER, Richard A., guard County Jail, bds B. R. Elliott

FOSTER, Thomas, laborer, bds James Bowman

FOSS, H. L., detective, bds Dillon House

FOWLER, Asa (col) res Jennings Ave, bet Railway and Broadway

FOX, A. L., wks J. T. Leer, rooms same

FOX, William, delivery clerk, Post Office, rooms at office, bds J. C. McArthur

FRANCES, Richard, wks Godwin, Wilkinson & Co., bds W. Wilkinson

FRASER, David L., horse trader, res e s Throckmorton, bet Third and Fourth

FRASIER, Mrs. Louise (wid) res bet Weatherford & Belknap; First St. w of Burnett

FRAZIER, Henry Q., warehouseman J. H. Brown

FREEMAN, Samuel, second cook Battle House, bds same

FRENCH, Irving Richard, wks J. T. Leer livery stables, res n s Third, bet Calhoun and Jones

FRITZ, John, laundry and res Bluff e of Burnett

FROST, Charles L. (Lawrence & Frost) and Propr Waverly House, w s Main, cor Fifteenth.

FRY, S. M., manufacturer and dealer in boots, shoes and findings, cor Third and Houston

FURMAN & FURMAN (Sam Furman, Henry M. Furman), attorneys

FURMAN, Henry M., bds El Paso Hotel

FURMAN, Sam, res St Louis Ave s of Broadway


GALLAGHER, William, bartender J. F. Parker, bds same

GALLOWAY, F. P., bds Dillon House

GAMBREL, Mrs. Catherine J. (wid), res n s Belknap, bet Taylor and Throckmorton

GANDY, Thomas, res Central House

GANDY, T. Y., traveling agent, bds James B. Askins

GANT, Miss Ada, home William W. Dunn

GARBUTT, James, prop. St. Louis Wagon Yard, res n e cor Sixth and Jones

GAREY, Fred, book keeper, res e s Jones bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth

GARD, Charles H., printer "Evening Post"; bds T. J. Neatherry

GARDNER, D. B., res w s Throckmorton bet Second and Third

GARDNER. G. B. (Godwin, Wilkinson Co) bds European Restraurant

GARDNER, James (col) laborer, wks M. L. Fleishel & Co.

GARNETT, A. W., engineer, bds Edward Long

GARRISON, George R., teamster, res s s Fourteenth bet Pecan and Elm

GARRISON, Miss Kitty, home John F. Parker

GARRISON, Miss Theresa, home John F. Parker

GARRISON W, A., bds Tarrant House

GARTH, James M., salesman Joseph H. Brown

GATES William J, waterhauler, res s of T&P Ry bet St. Louis & Jennings

GATEWOOD, George, teamster Cowen & Buchanan

GATLIN, Lewis, cook St. Charles Hotel, bds same

GAUSE, George, wks W. R. Gause home same

GAUSE, William R., feed and sale stable w s Throckmorton bet Belknap and Weatherford; res s e cor Taylor and First

GAVIN, William W., millwright, res s s Second, w of Burnett

GAWTHROP, Joseph J. W., mechanic, res e s Cherry bet Tenth and Eleventh

GAY, Charles, manufacturer & dealer tinware &c, e s Houston bet Ninth & Tenth; res e s Jones, bet Fourteenth & Fifteenth

GAY, William T., groceries and provisions, 49 Houston, bet Second and Third, res n e cor Third & Burnett

GEE, Hop (chinaman) laundry, e s Main bet Fourth & Fifth

GEIGER, Miss Mattie, bds Mrs. Ann E. Peace

GEORGE, Charles, wks Gurley & Co.

GEORGE, Franklin, second cook, Peers House

GEORGE, Henry H., clk William Cameron, bds John J. Phillips

GETZENDAUER, Mrs. J. A. (Getzendauer & Martin), res outside city limits

GETZENDAUER & MARTIN (Mrs. J. A. Getzendauer, Miss Annie Martin), millinery and ladies furnishing goods, e s Houston bet First & Weatherford, upstairs

GEWIN, Powhatan T., groceries and provisions, n w cor Houston & Twelvth res same

GIDDINGS, Charles E., clk Colter & Crozier, bds Dillon House

GILBERT Mrs. (wid), wks James H. McKay

GILL, Reuben (col) wks "Standard Office", res Grove s of T&P Ry

GILLESPIE, Rev. John S., pastor First Baptist Church, res cor Pecan & Fourteenth

GILLIAM, Charles F., res w s Houston bet Sixth & Seventh

GILLIE, Andrew E., jeweler, George E. Taylor, res Main St

GILLION, John, real estate owner, res e s Calhoun bet Second & Third

GILMAN, John, waiter, Trans-Continental Hotel

GILMORE, Zach, barber shop e s Main bet Second & Third, and n w cor Main & Second, res s s Third bet Grove & Pecan

GIVENS, James K. P. City Sexton, res n e city limits near cemetery

GIVENS, John, laborer, res opp cemetery n e part of city

GLASCOCK, Eugene R., saddler R. F. Tackaberry, res Johnson Ave w Burnett

GLENN, J. Robert, shoemaker S. M. Frd, bds Mrs. B. McVeigh

GLUCKSMAN & CO. (Paul Glucksman and Joseph B. Mahrel), wines and liquors, cigars and tobacca. 31 Houston bet Belknap and Weatherford and w s Main bet First and Weatherford

GLUCKSMAN, Paul (Glucksman & Co), res Dallas, Texas

GODWIN, David W. (Godwin, Wilkinson & Co) res n e cor Fourth and Burnett

GODWIN, Joseph S., res n e cor Fourth & Burnett

GODWIN, Wilkinson & Co (David W. Godwin, W. Wilkinson, G. B. Gardner), feed and sale stable, Concho wagon yard n w cor Throckmorton & Third

GOFF, James, wks J. T. Elliott

GOFF, Lyman B., wks T&P Ry, res second house south of Ry w s Main

GOLDBERG, Herman J. (I. Goldberg & Co.) rooms at store

GOLDBERG, Israel (I. Goldberg & Co) rooms at store

GOLDBERG I. & Co. (Israel Goldberg, Herman J. Goldberg) dry goods, fancy goods &c., w s Houston bet First & Weatherford

GOLDEN, William, carpenter, bds Fred Foshall

GOLDSTEIN, Aaron (A. Goldstein & Co) bds G. Mlawsky [sic]

GOLDSTEIN, A. & Co. (A. Goldstein, R. Lichenstein) clothing and gents furnishing goods e s Houston bet Second & Third

GOODMAN, Frank X., carriage and sign painter with E. H. Keller, rooms same

GOODMAN, James H., steward El Paso Hotel, bds Calvin McBride

GOODRICH, Daniel A., grain and feed store, e s Houston bet Fifteenth and Ry, res same

GOODWIN, Miles B., carpenter, res, Pecan bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth

GORDON, Amanda (widow), laundry, e s Rusk bet Fifth and Sixth, res same

GORDON, J. C. (Rix & Gordon), rooms at office

GORDON, Miss Jennie, home Thomas Duross

GORMAN, A. S., canvasser Singer Sewing Machine Company

GORMAN, Francis A. S., machinist, res s s Weatherford east of Elm

GORMAN, Oscar H., blacksmith E. M. Keller, bds Pennsylvania House

GOUGE, John S., laborer, res w end Tenth near city limits

GOUGE, Joshua C., laborer, res w end Tenth near city limits

GOUGH, Rev. William M., res n w cor Burnett and Bluff

GOULD, Mrs. F. M. (widow), res 92 Rusk cor Sixth

GRACE, Michael, baggage Master T&P Ry., bds E. A. Burton

GRADE, Patrick, switchman, T. & P. Ry., bds U. S. Hotel

GRACIE, J. B., druggist, bds Junius W. Smith

GRADY, Ellis (col'd), res n s Darnell bet Grove and Pecan

GRADY, Patrick H., carriage & wagon maker & blacksmith, shop n e cor Houston and Tenth, res same

GRAHAM, Garland, stage driver, bds George W. Kurtz

GRAHAM, Mollie, wks John M. Lyles

GRAHAM, Sidney (col'd) waiter, El Paso Hotel

GRANT, Charles C., saddler R. F. Tackaberry, res bet Second & Third east of Elm

GRANT, Henry (col'd), wks Trans-Continental Hotel

GRAVES, Henry C., carpenter, res bet Jennings Ave and Hemphill south of T & P Ry

GRAVES, Samuel G., carpenter, res n w cor Broadway and Jennings Ave

GRAY, Andrew (col'd) res s s Bluff bet Houston and Throckmorton

GRAY, Andrew (col'd) waiter Trans-Continental Hotel

GRAY, George M., engineer M. L. Fleishel & Co., res e s Main bet Eleventh and Twelfth

GRAY, John (col'd) bds Frank Trebaux

GRAY, William T., waterhauler, res cor Jones and Belknap

GREEN, John, bricklayer, res n s Weatherford near River

GREEN, Matt, wks Maddox & Co.

GREEN & BEALL (S. P. Greene & J. F. Beall) attorneys, 14 Weatherford bet Main & Rusk, upstairs

GREENE, Miss Mattie, home Samuel P. Greene

GREENE, Samuel P. (Greene & Beall) res ss Weatherford east of Elm

GREGORY, H. T., carpenter, bds Tarrant House

GREGORY, Thomas, painter W. Rosenthal, bds Tarrant House

GRESHAM, Joseph, carpenter, bds W. W. Gavin

GRIFFETH, Archer (A. Griffeth & Co) res Dallas, Texas

GRIFFETH , A. & Co. (Archer Griffeth, Thomas J. Johnson and William N. Griffeth) hardware, 22 Weatherford bet Houston and Main

GRIFFETH, William N. (A. Griffeth & Co.),.res Dallas, Texas

GRIFFIN, James B., brick manufacturer, res Weatherford Road west of river

GRIFFIN, Mrs. L. R., home James A. Pierce

GRIFFIN, Miss Lulu R., home James A. Pierce

GRIFFIN, Pinckney B. (Ireland, Surratt & Griffin), res e s Pecan bet Morgan and Luella Ave

GRIGSBY, Miss Emma, res n s Fourth bet Calhoun and Jones

GRIGSBY, William (Brown & Grigsby), res Third bet Rusk and Calhoun

GRIMES, Alexander T., clk, res Fourth bet Taylor and Lamar

GRIMES, Andrew L., wood hauler, res Nineteenth near Pecan

GRISWOLD, L. D., carpenter, bds William H. McClure

GROVES, James, mechanic, bds Joseph A. Ingram

GROVES, James R., carpenter, res s w cor Pecan and Fifteenth

GRUNDHOEVER, Frederick (Jeffries & Grundhoever), res n e cor Belknap and Rusk

GUGGENHAM, Henry, wks Swarzenberg & Lesauer

GUILLOT, M., clks A. Goldstein & Co., bds G. Miawsky

GUINN, Christopher C. (col'd) bds Eugene Rollins

GUINN, James (col'd) wks Hocbstadtcr & Co.

GUNN, Lyman C., clk Morehead & Co., res n e cor Fifteenth and Pecan

GURLEY & CO, (Frank D. Gurley and Evans & Hunter of St. Louis) hides and wool, office s s Weatherford bet Taylor and Throckmorton

GURLEY, Frank D. (Gurley & Co.) res n w cor Houston and Bluff

GUTZMAN, Emile, barber, shop w s Houston bet Second and Third, bds Evert House

GWINN, James (col'd) wks Hall's stables, res n s Sixth east of Crump


HAAS, Sigmund (Hass & Veit), rooms at store

HAAS & VEIT (Sigmund Hass, Emil Veit) fruits, cigars & tobacco, w s Main bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth

HADDOX, Miss Georgie, home James H. Johnson

HADLEY, William J. (Bell & Hadley), res Illinois House

HAGERTY, John, wks Mrs. E. A. Hendricks

HAGERTY, Sallie, wks Mrs. E. A. Hendricks

HAGGE, Augusta, wks J. F. Keller

HAINES, A. C., bds Dillon House

HAIR, Miss Emily, home George E. Snell

HAIR, S. Frank, salesman Cowen & Buchanan

HALE, J. D., tinner Charles Gay, bds Planter's House

HALEY, Maggie, bds. Mrs. Josie Benoist

HALEY, Taylor, laborer, res Rusk south of T & P. Ry.

HALL, Lewis H., ctk, res w s Taylor bet First and Weatherford

HALL, M. G., fancy groceries and fruits, 2 First bet Main and Houston; rooms at office

HALL, Oscar H. (Robbins & Hall) res s s Third bet Taylor and Throckmorton

HALL, William, printer "Evening Post" bds T. J. Neatherry

HALLAM, Richard, musician, bds Charles Remington

HALSTEAD, Luther H., stock dealer, res s w cor Houston and Twelfth

HAMILTON, Francis (col'd), res cor First and Rusk

HAMILTON, Samuel B,, grocers and provisions cor Lamar and Weatherford, res same; propr Grange wagon yard Lamar bet Weatherford and First

HAMPDON, James T,, res bet Jones and Grove s of T & P Ry

HAMPTON, Albert J., farmer, res n s Nichols near e city limits

HANBY, Samuel, laborer, res w s Jones, s of T & P Ry

HANLEY, A. T., barkeeper, bds St. Charles Hotel

Hanna & Hogsett (John Hanna, J. Young Hogsett), attorneys, office n s First bet Rusk and Main

HANNA, John (Hanna & Hogsett) rooms office n s First bet Rusk and Main

HANSLEY, Peter, bds Frank Hoffman

HAPPY, Otto, carpenter, bds W. J. Allen

HARBIN, Martin, wks City Flouring Mills

HARDGRAVE, Lewis B., teamster, res s e cor Crump and Second

HARDIN, Henry, wks T & P Ry., bds H. D. Thacker

HARDIN, Johnson, wks T & P Ry., bds Waverly House

HARDIN, John R., carpenter, res w s Galveston bet Broadway and Ry

HARDIN, Miss Rosa, wks St. Louis Restaurant

HARDIN, W. A. & Co (William A. Harding, Lewis, Elser) propr El Paso Hotel cigar and news stand, El Paso Hotel

HARDING, William A. (W. A. Harding & Co) bds El Paso Hotel

HARDY & Co. (William Hardy, Lewis Paradoe), proprs Grand Exchange dining hall, s s Square bet Main and Rusk

HARDY, William (Hardy & Co) res s s Square bet Main and Rusk

HARDWICK, Andrew C., cotton buyer, office R. F. Smith & Co., bds Peers House

HARDWICK, Eugene, bookkeeper, bds Peers House

HARMAN, Harry, res opp Cemetery, n e part of city

HARMAN, John A., drayman, res w end Eleventh

HARMSAM, Barney, bricklayer, res near River n of Nichols

HARPER, Miss Betty, music teacher Mrs. Burchells school, bds J. P. Massie

HARPER & CARPENTER, proprs Decatur Stage Line, office e s Main bet Fourth and Fifth

HARPER, William, cotton and grain dealer, bds J. P. Massie

HARRINGTON, Con, cistern maker, bds St. Charles Hotel

HARRINGTON, Miss Susie, home Joseph W. Simmons

HARRY, Alvord G., dairyman, bds J. M. Mann

HARRIS, Benjamin E., book keeper Willingham Bros., bds El Paso Hotel

HARRIS, George (col'd) res s s Sixth bet Calhoun and Rusk

HARRIS, George P., receiving ctk J. H. Brown

HARRIS, Henry (col'd) waiter Waverly House

HARRIS, John (coi'd) waiter Waverly House

HARRIS, Robert B., teamster, res Belknap, w of River

HARRIS, William H., street drummer, res s e cor Grove and Fifth

HARRISON, Charles W., home John J. Harrison

HARRISON, Isaac F. (Kneeland & Harrison), bds Mrs. Joseph Young

HARRISON, John, machinist W. C. Peters

HARRISON, John J., res bet Adams and Wheeler, s w of T & P Ry

HARRISON, Stuart, bds John M. Lyles

HART, Alonzo S., barber, res Eighth bet Jones and Grove

HART, John (col'd), (Hart & Peters), barbers, First bet Main and Houston

HART & PETERS (col'd) (John Hart, John Peters), barbers, shop n s First bet Main and Houston

HART, Thomas N., res n w cor Rusk and Fifteenth

HARTSFIELD, J. M., res s s Belknap, near e City limits

HARVEY, Cynthia (col'd), res Sixth e of Elm

HASTINGS, Milliard F., bds John J. Phillips

HASWELL, George G., Propr Cattle Exchange saloon, s e cor Houston and Second, res cor Third and Burnett

HATCHER, Joseph L., book keeper, res Fifth w of Cherry

HATCHER, R. N. (Daggett & Hatcher), res cor First and Lamar

HATCHER, Samuel A., cattle inspector, res n of Nichols, near cemetery

HATHAWAY, Frank, bartender Eugene Bradford, bds same

HAUSMAN, Augustus, steward Trans-Continental Hotel, res n s Belknap bet Throckmorton and Lamar

HAVENS & COWING (Hiram T. Havens, E. Havens Cowing) hardware, stoves and tinware n w cor Houston and Weatherford

HAVENS, Hiram T. (Havens & Cowing) res n w cor Houston and Bluff

HAWKINS, Janette (wid) home James C. Short

HAYMAKER, J. W., carpenter, bds Illinois House

Haymaker, W. R., res n s Belknap, w of Burnett

HAYMOND, Benjamin W., general merchandise, e s Main bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth, res same

HAYS, Jasper, Land Locator, Post Office Bldg., e s Main upstairs; bds William G. Miller, cor Taylor & Third

HAYS, John C., clk Dahlman Bros., bds Trans-Continental Hotel

HAYTER, John R., attorney, office e s Main bet First and Weatherford; bds Peers House

HAYWOOD, Ernest B., printer "Fort Worth Standard" res cor Sixth and Jones

HAYWOOD, Lev. P., printer "Fort Worth Standard," res s w of depot

HAYWOOD, Samuel R., physician res bet Adams & Wheeler s w of T & P. Ry

HEARNE, Samuel, res Elm near south city limits

HEARNE, S. F., hide buyer Isaac Rosenfeld

HEATH, Daniel B., with Heath, Myers & Buckley, res Pecan bet Seventeenth and Eighteenth

HEATH, MYERS & BUCKLEY (Mary C. Heath, Benjamin R. Myers, Jas. D. Buckley) planing mill, dressed lumber, mill and office n s Fourteenth, bet Jennings Ave and Monroe 14EEB, William, carriage maker John Martin

HEEKS, Thomas, carpenter, bds Peers House

HEFFERNAN, Miss Elizabeth, wks James T. Hickey

HEFRON, William, wks Eureka Restaurant, bds same

HEILEMAN, J. M., foreman C. L. Howerton & Co., res Fourth near Rusk

HENDERSON, Frank, carpenter, res w s Main bet Eleventh and Twelfth

HENDERSON, Joseph M., sheriff, office court house, res Birdville, bds Tarrant House

HENDLEY, James, plasterer, bds Tarrant House

HENDRICKS, Mrs. Eliza A. (wid) res Trinity e of Elm

HENDRICKS, George B., drayman, res s s Fifth bet Cherry and Burnett

HENEGAR, James P., carpenter D. S. Brown, res s s Second bet Burnett and Lamar

HENLEY, Miss Mittie, wks C. F, Moelk, home William M. Henley

HENLEY, William M., res w s Burnett bet Belknap and Bluff

HENRI, R. C., home Zach Gilmore

HENRY, Charles, wks J. T, Leer, rooms same

HENRY & ERVIN (George H. Henry, James W. Ervin) proprs Cleburne wagon yard, w s Houston bet Seventh and Eighth

HENRY, Charles, wks J. T. Leer, rooms same

HENRY & ERVIN (George H. Henry, James W. Ervin) proprs Cleburne wagon yard, w s Houston bet Seventh and Eighth

HENRY, George H. (Henry & Ervin) res w s Houston bet Seventh and Eighth

HENRY, Samuel C., teamster, res Grove bet Seventeenth and Eighteenth

HENRY & UNDERWOOD (William Henry and Herbert E. Underwood), hardware, agricultural implements and machinery, etc. 70 Houston cor Fourth

HENRY, William (Henry & Underwood) rooms at store

HENSLEY, Miss Mollie, wks Z. Henry Postles

HENSLEY, Rebecca, wks John Downie

HICKEY, James S. (Davis & Hickey)- bds Plainter's House

HICKEY, James T., agent W. C. Lobenstein, office s s T & P Ry bet Houston and Jennings Ave, res e s Main eighth house South of T & P Ry

HICKEY, Michael, wks W. C. Lobenstein, bds Chicago Restaurant

HIGBEE, Charles H. cashier First National Bank, res s e cor Tenth and Lamar

HIGHTOWER, S. A., salesman S. P. Tucker, bds Walter Maddox

HILDEBRAND, Louis, laborer n e s Grove first house south of Ry

HILDEBRAND, William L., farmers res n s Belknap bet Taylor and Throckmorton

HILL, Azel F. (Phillips & Co), res s s Weatherford bet Taylor and Throckmorton

HILL, George W., engineer Fire Department, res n s Second bet Rusk and Calhoun

HILLER, C. F., bartender C. H. Rintleman, bds same

HINCHMAN, Acanthur (Hinchman & Anderson), res Waco, Texas

HINCHMAN & ANDERSON (Acanthus Hinchman, Zachariah J. Anderson), agents Labelle and Jackson wagons n w cor Throckmorton and Weatherford

HINES, Elijah (col) res Twelfth bet Calhoun and Rusk

HINES, James E., carpenter, res n s Second west of Burnett

HIRSFIELD, Mrs. Josephine (wid), home E. M. Daggett

HOBSON, Robert M., boots and shoes w s Houston bet Third & Fourth res n e cor Lamar & 11th

HOCKSTADTER & CO (C. M. Hochstadter, C. Scheuber), wholesale liquors and cigars, 60 and 62 Houston bet Third and Fourth

HOCHSTADTER M. N. (Hochstadter & Co) bds El Paso Hotel

HOEFLE, Ernest, wks and bds John Hoefle

HOEFLE, John, barber, shop w s Main bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth, res e s Jones bet 14th & 15th

HOEFLEIN, Babetta (wid) res s w cor Jones and First

HOEFLEIN, Frederick, home Mrs. B. Loefleim

HODFLEIN, Theodore, wholesale and retail dealer in gasoline and coal oil, chandeliers, lamps &c, e s Main bet First and Second, res s w cor First and Jones

HOELZLE, Charles W., land agent, office Clark House, bds same

HOFFMAN, Frank, laborer, res bet Belknap and Bluff west of River

HOFFMAN, John, Prop Merchants Exch Saloon, n s First bet Houston and Main; res 10th bet Taylor and Throckmorton

HOGAN, John, carriage maker, Ireland, Surratt & Griffin, bds Mrs. S. A. Wood

HOGAN, Thomas, wks Michael Enright, rooms same

HOGSETT, Mrs. H. C. (wid) home J. Y. Hogsett

HOGSETT, J. Young (Hanna & Hogsett), res cor Fourth and Taylor

HOLDEN, Francis C., driver express wagon, res Third east of Crump

HOLDEN, Grandison N., express wagon, res east end of Belknap

HOLIDAY, Daniel C., laborer, res s s Weatherford bet Lamar and Taylor

HOLLAND, George B., clk H. Meyer & Co., res s s Balknap bet Taylor and Lamar

HOLLENBERG, William, bds St. Charles Hotel

HOLLINGSWORTH, Gibson W,, book keeper Evans & Martin, bds Dillon House

HOLLINGSWORTH, John B., clk J. N. Manuel & Co., bds Dillon House

HOLLINGSWORTH, Preston, clk Evans & Martin, bds Dillon House

HOLLIS, Edward, clk Post Office

HOLLIS, Thornton F., contractor, res n w cor Second and Evans

HOLLOWAY, Henry C., manager Bivins & Venable res s e cor Fifth and Cherry

HOLMAN, Martha (col) res s s Twelfth bet Jones and Calhoun

HOLMES Arthur P. (Walton & Holmes) res Third bet Grove and Pecan

HOLMES, Stephen H., real estate, res 66 Lamar cor Third

HOLT, Payne, Deputy Sheriff, bds Ridgeway House

HOLT, William L., carpenter, res s s Second bet Pecan and Elm

HOLZMAN, Simon, confectionery, tobacco and cigars, w s Houston bet Weatherford and First, rooms over Turk Bros

HOPPER, William, owner Fort Worth and Decatur stage line, bds Mansion House

HORNER, Joseph, butcher Canto & Stein, bds Trans-Continental Hotel

HORRIGAN, Edward, shoemaker, wks S. M. Fry, bds St. Charles Hotel

HORTON & Co. (W. A. Horton, L. G. Morris) Groceries and provisions, e s Main bet Fourth and Fifth

HORTON, William A. (Horton & Co) bds L. G. Morris

HOUCK, J. W. (Simmons & Houck) rooms at store

HOUSLEY, William (col) res Eighth bet Elm and Pecan

HOVENCAMP, Amanda (col) home Charlotte Wright

HOWARD, Adelbert J., wks T. R. Howard, rooms at office

HOWARD, George (col) cook Dillon House

HOWARD, George W., wks T. R. Howard, rooms at office

HOWARD, John J., jeweler, res 75 Throckmorton bet Third and Fourth

HOWARD, Thomas R., clk Peers House

HOWARD, Thomas R., prop. omnibus and transfer line, office n e cor Bluff and Houston; rooms at office

HOWARD, Mrs. Virginia B., home Robert L. Chalk

HOWE, Robert, wholesale liquor dealer, res Covington, Ky.

HOWELL, Mrs. Lizzie, teacher private school, n e part of city near cemetery, res same

HOWELL, William, expressman, res near Cemetery n e part of city

HOWERTON, C. L. (H. M. Morrow & Co). and C. L. Howerton & Co) res Nashville, Tenn.

HOWERTON, C. L. & Co (C. L. Howerton, H. M. Morrow) saddles and harness, 2 Weatherford bet Houston and Throckmorton

HOWLAND, Mrs. Louise, home Thomas Duross

HOWSER, John P. (Howser, Standley & Ewing) res Rusk St., cor Second

HOWSER, Standley & Ewing, (John P. Houser, John W. Standley, John F. Ewing). Proprs Water works and bath rooms, Bluff Street Bet Rusk and Houston

HUBBARD, Miss Ada, home Martha Holman

HUEY, Harry, clk D. W. C. Pendery, bds same

HUFFMAN, Walter A. (Ellis & Huffman) res n e cor Second and Taylor

HUGHES, Andrew T., plasterer, res e s Calhoun bet Weatherford and Belknap

HUNT, Harry B., wks W. C. Lobenstein, bds Chicago Restaurant

HUNT, John (col) bds Sidney Johnson

HUNT, Samuel W., brick mason, res opp Cemetery n e part of city

HUNTER, W., agent for Hunter & Evans, cattle dealers, office n s Second bet Main and Houston, bds Peers House

HUNTER, William (col) porter Clark House

HURD, Henry (col) wks Occidental Saloon, res e s Main bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth

HURT, John, wks John Fritz

HUSE, Michael, water pumper T & P Ry

HUTCHINS, Linton C., bookkeeper Tidball, Van Zandt & Co., bds Rev. R. Logan

HUTCHINSON, Edward A., clk Evans & Martin, rooms at store

HUTCHINSON, George H., agricultural implements, bds Junius W. Smith

HYDE, Charles, bartender V. Robinson, rooms at saloon

HYERS, Edward M., carpender D. S. Brown; bds St. Charles Hotel

HYSEN, Lucy (col) res W. S. Calhoun bet Eighth and Ninth

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