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1878-79 Fort Worth City Directory
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IBECK, Julius, cook, res Pecan near Eighteenth

ILLINOIS HOUSE, Bell & Hadley, prop, e s Houston bet Eleventh and Twelfth

INGALLS, Alfred, res n s Second, e of Elm

INGRAM, George D., carpenter, res s s Fifth bet Elm and Crump

INGRAM, James A., mechanic, res e s Pecan bet Fifth and Sixth

INMAN, George, wks Thomas R. Newton

IRELAND, Dixon, tailor, bds Palace Restaurant

IRELAND, SURRATT & GRIFFIN (Archibald T. Ireland, George Surratt, Pinckney B. Griffin) carriage makers and blacksmiths, shop and repository, Throckmorton bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth

IRVIN, James M, shoemaker S. F. Blain; rooms at shop

IRWIN, Joseph, wks James Brown, bds same

ISABELL, G. R., Deputy Sheriff, res n s Weatherford bet Jones and Grove

IVERSON, Albert H., teamster, res Throckmorton n of Bluff


JACK, John, clk Porter & Ferguson, bds T. E. Ferguson

JACKMAN, George, painter Robbins & Wakelin, res s se cor Fifth and Pecan

JACKSON, Andrew (col) waiter Everts House

JACKSON, Mrs. Caroline V., res s e cor Pecan and Third

JACKSON, George, assistant cashier First National Bank, res Weatherford, near e city limits

JACKSON, George (col) res Fifteenth, near east city limits

JACKSON, Mrs. Hagar G. (col) teacher private colored school, Fifth e of Elm

JACKSON, Henry N., miller, res s s Second, e of Elm

JACKSON, James M., engineer City Mills, home W. H. Letchoorth

JACKSON, Thomas (Wise & Jackson) bds Tarrant House

JACKSON, William, grocery, res cor Seventeenth and Grove

JACOBS, Samuel, porter European Hotel

JACOBSON, Miss Bertha, home M. Lears

JAMES, Henry, wholesale and retail dealer in dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, hats &c, w s Houston bet Weatherford and First; bds Mrs. Annie E. Moore

JAMES, Thomas, res w s Main bet Seventh and Eighth

JAMISON, Joseph, foreman Mooreheads warehouse, res e s Grove s of T & P Ry

JARVIS, James J. (Tidball, Van Zandt & Co., Smith, Jarvis and Templeton); res s w cor Sixth and Lamar

JEFFRIES & GRUNDHOEVER (James Jeffries & Frederick Grundhoever) carriage makers and blacksmiths, shop n s Belknap bet Rusk and Calhoun

JEFFRIES, James W. (Jeffries & Grundhoever) res Henderson s w of T & P Ry

JEFFERIES, John S., cattle dealer, res n e cor Fifth and Lamar

JENKINS, Nicholas A., teamster, res e s Main second house e of T & P Ry

JENNINGS HYDE, Attorney, e s Main bet First and Weatherford, bds Thomas J. Jennings

JENNINGS, James G., res Fifteenth bet Pecan and Elm

JENNINGS, John A., clk T. W. Powell; rooms at store

JENNINGS, Thomas J., attorney, res w s Cherry bet Tenth and Twelfth

JENSING, William, wks and bds San Wah

JESSUP, Charles P., bartender El Paso Hotel bar, bds El Paso

JEWELL, Jennie, home W. Gordon Finley

JEWELL, Miss Melissa, home A, D. Wheeler

JEWELL,, Priscilla, home David Cook

JEWETT, William, home David Cook

JOERSS, August, watchmaker and jeweler s e cor Main and First, res same

JOHNS, Thomas M., Chemical Dyer, Cleaner & Scourer, 108 Houston bet Sixth and Seventh; res same

JOHNSON, Benjamin (col) cook Evert House

JOHNSON, Clem C., teamster, res bet Hemphill and Wheeler near T & P Ry

JOHNSON, Edward E., cashier T & P Ry; bds Waverly House

JOHNSON, Elizabeth, res s w cor Pecan and Third

JOHNSON, Gabriel, boot and shoemaker n s First bet Houston and Main and w s Houston bet

Fourteenth and Fifteenth, res w s Houston bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth

JOHNSON, Henry, blacksmith helper T & P Ry; bds H. D. Thacker

JOHNSON, Henry, res w s Houston bet Seventh and Eight

JOHNSON, Henry (col) laborer, res s s Seventh near Elm

JOHNSON, Rev. Henry (col) pastor colored M. E. Church, res s s Sixth east of Crump

JOHNSON, Henry (col) wks Palace Restaurant

JOHNSON, Jacob, drummer A. Goldstein & Co,, res n s Bluff bet Jones and Calhoun

JOHNSON, James (col) lab, res e s Rusk bet Ninth and Tenth

JOHNSON, James F. (Pete), clk Waverly House

JOHNSON, James F., waterhauler, res e s Crump bet Third and Fourth

JOHNSON, James H., teamster, res bet Hemphill and Wheeler near T & P Ry

JOHNSON, James W., prop Cleburne & Fort Concho stage lines, office e s Main bet 4th and 5th res Cleburne

JOHNSON, Jules (col) barber, shop e s square bet Weatherford and Belknap, res same

JOHNSON, Mrs. L. Corillia (wid) home John A. Wims

JOHNSON, Mrs. Mattie (wid) res e s Throckmorton bet Second and Third

JOHNSON, Miles, freighter, bds J. J. Belcher

JOHNSON, Peter (Johnson & Tower) res s s Third bet Elm and Crump

JOHNSON, Sidney (col) res w s Jones cor Twelfth

JOHNSON, Stylie, home Clem C. Johnson

JOHNSON, Thomas J. (A Griffeth & Co) res n w cor Fourth and Lamar

JOHNSON, Tobe (Wims & Johnson) res Throckmorton cor Fourth

JOHNSON & TOWER (Peter Johnson, William Tower) blacksmiths and wood workers n s Weatherford bet Throckmorton and Taylor

JOHNSON, William wks James Brown, bds same

JOHNSON, William H., home Louis Reiney

JONES, David (Morten, Jones & Co) res n w cor Calhoun and Seventeenth

JONES, Isaac E (Jones & Presley) res south of Broadway near Rusk

JONES, Jesse, salesman S. P. Tucker; res n e cor Fourth and Pecan

JONES, M. E. (Twomby & Jones) rooms at office

JONES, Thomas (col), bricklayer, res w s Jones bet Ninth and Luella Ave

JONES & PRESLEY, fruits and cigars, s s Weatherford bet Houston and Throckmorton

JONES, William, wks J. P. Hampdon

JOY, George, farmer, home Mrs. Mary A. Joy

JOY, Mrs. Mary A. (wid) res n city limits, near Cemetery

JUDD, Cyrus T. (Neatherry, Judd & Co) bds Waverly House

JUDGE, Hugh, restaurant, 32 Houston, res same

JUNIOR, Charles D. (col) res Bluff bet Lamar and Burnett


KADERLIE, Miss Kate; home L. C. Guinn

KAHN & BARRO (Jacob M. Kahn and Louis Barro) fruits, confectionery, tobacco and cigars e s Main bet First and Second; groceries and liquors e s Houston bet First and Weatherford

KAHN, Isaac, merchant, res n s Belknap bet Houston and Throckmorton

KAHN, Jacob M. (Kahn & Barro) res Calhoun cor Second

KAHN, Solomon, grocer, res s e cor Calhoun and Bluff

KAISER, Aaron (Kaiser & Samuel) bds G. Mlawsky

KAISER & SAMUEL (Aaron Kaiser and Jacob Samuel) wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, hats and caps &c, Houston bet Third and Fourth

KANE, F. W., app. carpenter; bds Peers House

KANE, James J., architect; bds Peers House

KANE, Joseph, contractor and builder, res n w cor Jones and Belknap

KANE, Michael, laborer; bds Central House

KEARNES, Frederick, res east end of Belknap

KEIFFER, H., boots and shoes, 28 Houston bet First and Second

KEITH, Richard R., res Pecan near south city limits

KELK BROS (W. J. Kelk, C. T. Kelk) livery, sale and feed stable, n e cor Fourth and Rusk

KELK, Charles T. (Kelk Bros) res cor Calhoun and Third

KELK, Thomas, wagon repair shop, e s Rusk bet Third and Fourth, res cor Calhoun and Third

KELK, William J. (Kelk Bros) res cor Calhoun and Third

KELLAR, Charles, painter W. Rosenthal; bds Grand Exchange

KELLER, Ewald H., carriage and wagon shop, n w cor Main and Tenth, rooms same

KELLER, John, carpenter, bds Virginia House

KELLER, John F., watchmaker & jeweler, w s Main bet 1st & Weatherford, res n w cor First & Rusk

KELLY, Charles J (Thomas Kelly & Co) res s w cor Third and Burnett

KELLY, Frank, clk, res s s Belknap east of Elm

KELLEY, George, wks Maddox and Co.

KELLY, John, bartender Henry Byrne, rooms at saloon

KELLY, Michael, fruits and confectionery, bet Houston and Main opp Depot; res same

KELLY, Thomas (Thomas Kelly & Co) res s w cor Third and Burnett

KELLY, Thomas & Co (Thomas Kelly, Charles J. Kelly) wholesale liquor dealers, 76 Houston bet Fourth & Fifth

KELLY, William, bartender Atlantic Gardens; rooms same

KEMPENSKY, Benjamin, clk D. Wenar; bds same

KEMPER BROS (D. C. Kemper and D. Kemper) meat market e s Main bet Fourth and Fifth

KEMPER D. (Kemper Bros) bds Mrs. B. McVeigh

KEMPER D. C. (Kemper Bros) res four miles north of city

KENDALL, A. M., livery stable; bds Egbert Polly

KENDALL, William A., painter, bds Thomas J. Neatherry

KENDRICK, William L., lumber clk T & P Ry; bds Waverly House

KENNEDY OLIVER S., attorney, n s Second bet Houston and Main, upstairs; res w s Hemphill s of T & P Ry

KENNELL, ----, teamster, res w s Monroe bet Twelfth and Thirteenth

KENNER, Rodham F., cik J. F. Elliott, bds Illinois House

KENNER, Susan (col) res Ninth bet Pecan and Grove

KENNON, Lovic G., farmer, res Belknap east of Elm

KENT, George W., fruits, confectionery, cigars, 28 Houston bet First & Second, res n e cor Lamar and Fourth

KENWORTHY, Hugh (Behrens & Kenworthy); bds Mansion House

KERNS, John M., res n s Twelfth bet Main and Houston

KERNS, Thomas, wks Maddox & Co

KIEFFER, Edward, boots and shoes, res s e cor First & Jones

KILLFAUGH, James, cistern digger, bds Mrs. Ann E. Peace

KINDER, Mathadias H., res n s Fifth bet Throckmorton and Taylor

KING, Mrs. C. A. (wid) home M. W. Wolcott

KING, Henry, salesman Henry & Underwood, res 44 Lamar bet Second and Third

KING, H. W., bds Illinois House

KING, Jacob (col) cook John C. Denny

KING, John R., res n s Belknap bet Rusk and Calhoun

KING, Richard H., blacksmith & wagon maker, n e cor Weatherford and Rusk, res cor Weatherford and Jones

KING, Samuel H., wks Mobile Restaurant

KINSEY, H. T., night watchman T & P Ry, bds Clark House

KIRBY, William, watchman City Flouring Mills

KIRKPATRICK, John, proprietor Fort Worth Custom Grist Mill, e s Main bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth, res w s Rusk bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth

KISER, John, wks Williams & Test

KLINGSTEIN, Hugo, carpenter, res w s Throckmorton bet Seventh and Eighth

KLOPMAN, Lewis, engineer, res s s Second east of Elm

KLOPPNER, Lewis, engineer, Novelty Flouring Mills

KNEELAND & HARRISON (Walter E. Kneeland, Isaac F. Harrison) land agents, office Seaton Bldg., upstairs cor Houston and First

KNEELAND, Walter E. (Kneeland & Harrison) Insurance agent same address as above, res s s Belknap near e city limits

KNIGHT, Mrs. Ida, bds Ridgeway House

KNIGHT, John A., cattle dealer, res s e cor Taylor and Ninth

KNOTT, John, res Rusk south of T & P Ry

KOHLE, 0. H., tailor A. Bohn, bds Louis Neustadter

KOUTZ, Mary, wks G. B. Hendricks

KRATTLY, Michael, subscription school, n e cor Jones and Belknap Masonic Hall bldg., res out of city limits

KRIESKY, John M., blacksmith, Ireland, Surratt & Griffin, bds A. T. Ireland

KROHN, Edward, groceries and bakery, e s Main bet First and Second, res w s Calhoun bet First and Weatherford

KROUSE, Mrs. Amanda, res s w cor Weatherford and Pecan

KROUSE, Henry, clks Sam Momback, bds same

KUHN, Adam, barber H. C. C. Zeigler, bds Southern Hotel

KUHN, E. (Cheney & Kuhn) res s s Fourth bet Rusk and Calhoun

KUNSMAN, Jacob, carpenter, res e s Rusk bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth

KUNTZ, John, harness maker C. L. Howerton & Co, rooms store

KURTZ, George W., driver delivery wagon, J. H. Brown, res cor Thirteenth and Monroe

KUYKENDALL, Miss Martha A., home J. R. King


LABADIE, John, barber, res cor Taylor and Fifth

LABELLE, S. Hayden, horse trader, W. R. Gause stable, bds St. Louis Restaurant

LACY, Drury (Millican, Lacy & Co) res Belknap east of Elm

LACY, James, carpenter, res west end Tenth

LAHEY, Patrick, driver Daniels & Rea, res. e s Grove s of Ry

LAIRD, William, second cook, Trans-Continental Hotel

LAKE, William F., hardware, stoves and tinware, n w cor Second and Houston res s w cor Tenth and Monroe

LAMBORN, Cyrus W., clk Tidball, Van Zandt & Co., bds Rev. R. Logan

LANE, Carrington M., law student, 0. S. Kennedy, res w s Lamar bet Eleventh and Twelfth

LANE, Henry F., tanner, res n s Weatherford near River

LANE, Louis, wks L. N. Brunswig

LANE, Samuel, teamster, res s w cor Weatherford and Pecan

LANE, Turner H., res w s Lamar bet Eleventh and Twelfth

LANE, William A., clk D. C. Bennett, res St. Louis Ave so. of Broadway

LANEY, W. F., printer, "Evening Post," bds T. J. Neatherry

LANGE, John, musician, res w s Main bet Eleventh and Twelfth

LANGEVER, 0. B., prop. Tarrant House, e s square bet Weatherford and Belknap

LANTERY, Frank, prop, Lafayette Restaurant, n e cor Main and First res same

LASKY, Charles, Baker, Andrew Uttz, bds same

LASKY, Mrs. Margaret (wid), res Second west of Elm

LATAMORE, John, stock dealer, bds Mrs. V. M. Cummings

LAUGHTON, Nelson P., wagon maker, res line T & P Ry, east of Grove

LAWRENCE, Francis, prop. Chicago Restaurant, bet Houston and Main opp Depot

LAWRENCE, Frank, wks W. C. Lobenstein

LAWRENCE & FROST (W. W. H. Lawrence and Charles L. Frost) real estate agents, 254 Main near Fifteenth, Waverly House

LAWRENCE, W. W. H. (Lawrence & Frost), bds Waverly House

LAWSON, Charles, sample room D. W. C. Pendery's rooms upstairs

LAWSON, Rufus (col'd) drayman, res, s s Seventh e of Crump

LAWSON, William P., clk Kahn & Barro, rooms Main Street store

LAYTON, Frank L., clk I. C. Terry, rooms at store

LAZENBY, Mrs. Lucy A. (wid), res s s Fifth bet Pecan and Elm

LEACE, Charles, laborer, res line T & P Ry bet Main and Rusk

LEAKE, J. P., cotton sampler, bds C. A. Daniel

LEARS, Morris, res e s Calhoun bet First and Second

LEAZER, John W., wks Henry E. Lane, bds same

LEE, Alonzo, (Zimmerman & Lee), rooms store

LEE, J. L., printer "Evening Journal," bds Palace Restaurant

LEE, Mrs. Mary, cook Tarrant House, bds same

LEE, Mrs. M. M. (wid) dressmaker, res e s Main bet Ninth and Tenth

LEE, Shelly, wks Tobias Johnson

LEE, William, fireman T & P Ry, bds E. A. Burton

LEER, Henry, superintendent J. T. Leer, rooms same

LEER, John T., livery, sale and feed stable and carriage repository, s.w cor Houston and Seventh, undertaker warerooms w s Houston, bet Seventh and Eighth, res same

LEGATE, S. S., carpenter, bds Richard Turner

LEGG, William I., mailing clk post office, rooms at office

LeMOYNE, ----, carpenter, bds J. Waterman

LEONARD, Amy (col'd), res s s Fifth east of Crump

LEONARD, Mrs. J. E., home John S. Jefferies

LEPPIEN, Louis, baker Zimmerman & Lee, bds Tarrant House

LIERTER, Miss Ida, bds Evert House

LESAUER, Adolph (Swarzenberg & Lesauer), rooms at store

LESUER, L. S., bds Dillon House

LETCHOORTH, W. B., printer, "Fort Worth Democrat," home W. H Letchoorth

LETCHOORTH, William H., carpenter, res s s First, e of Elm

LEWELLER, Mrs. Ann E.(wid) home Mrs. Jennie Maddox

LEWIS, Alexander A. (col'd) barber Hart & Peters, res Weatherford St

LEWIS, J. T., works W. C. Loberstein, bds Clark House

LEWIS, William, tinner, Miller & Anderson, bds Travelers Home

LEVERSEDGE, Lionel S., surveyor, bds Junius W. Smith

LEVI, Lehman, clk Joseph Sonnenberg, rooms at store

LEVY, Charles P. (Thomas S. Levy & Son) home Thomas S. Levy

LEVY, Thomas S., res n e cor Twelfth and Lamar

LEVY, Thomas S. & Son, architects and builders, n e cor Main and Fourth

LICHENSTEIN, Hart (A. Goldstein & Co) res New Orleans

LILLARD, Belle (col'd) res Twelfth bet Rusk and Calhoun

LINDA, Charles, wood worker P. H. Grady, res e s Jennings Ave bet Eleventh and Twelfth

LINDSEY, William F., miller, Novelty Flouring Mills

LITTLE, John H. (col'd) res n s Bluff bet Taylor and Throckmorton

LITTLE, Joseph, hardware clk, bds Evert House

LITTLE, William H., book keeper J. H. Brown

LITTLEHALE, Albert W. (A. W. Littlehale & Bro) res Boston, Mass.

LITTLEHALE, A. W. & Bro. (Albert W. and Frederick) hides and wool, s s Fourth bet Houston and Throckmorton

LITTLEHALE, Frederick (A. W. Littlehale & Bro), res Dallas, Tex.

LLOYD, Frank, laborer, res s w cor Grove and First

LLOYD, Frank, second engineer, Novelty Flouring Mills

LLOYD, Rush (col'd) res n s Eighth e of Elm

LOBENSTEIN, W. C., hides, peltries, wool and furs, office and warehouse s s T & P Ry bet Jennings and St. Louis Aves, res Leavenworth, Kan., James T. Hickey, agent

LOCKWOOD, Charles A., superintendent City Gas Works, office and works cor Tenth and Calhoun,bds El Paso Hotel

LOGAN, John C., musician, bds Tarrant House

LOGAN, John R., feed store, home Rev. R. Logan

LOGAN, Rev. Robert, res n e Bluff, n end Calhoun

LOGAN, William L., manager R. C. Patton, res Bluff, n end Calhoun

LOMAX, Spotswood W., cashier City National Bank, res Adams, s w of T & P Ry

LONG, Edward, engineer, res w s Third, e of Elm

LOUDON, James H., second hand furniture &c., w s Houston bet Fifth and Sixth

LOUDON, Mrs. M. M., worker in hair, res 100 Houston, cor Sixth

LOUGHREY, Rev. Thomas, pastor St. Stanislaus Catholic Church, res w s Jennings Ave bet Eleventh and Twelfth

LOVELADY, John, res n s Nichols, near City Limits

LOVEN, James R., saddler Padgett Bros., bds Mrs. Moore

LOVING, Mrs. Bettie, bds Ridgeway House

LOVING, Mrs. Elizabeth L. (wid) res w s Throckmorton, bet First and Weatherford

LOVING, John S., City Treasurer, office Court House, res n s Belknap, w of Burnett

LOVING, Mrs. Mary (wid) bds F. W. Quereau

LOWALL, H. R., hide and wood buyer, bds Peers House

LOWE, Joseph, prop. Centennial Theater, s e cor Main and Second

LOWENSTEIN, Benjamin, clk and bds H. Keiffer

LOWRY, John S., carpenter, bds U. S. Hotel

LOYD, Martin B., president First National Bank, res n w cor Lamar and Eighth

LUCKETT, Joseph N., contractor and builder, res w s Throckmorton, bet Fifth and Sixth

LUDWIG, Milton F., wks Myers & Eakle, res e s Main, third house s of T & P Ry

LUPTON, Lewis R., wagon maker, res n s Twelfth bet Main and Houston

LUSCOMB, Frank, school teacher, bds Everts House

LUSHBAUGH, C. A., carpenter, bds Mrs. Ann E. Peace

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